30 Under 300: healthy, unique recipes under 300 calories by Kimberly Capella, PDF, EPUB 1518612652

April 11, 2018

30 Under 300: healthy, unique recipes under 300 calories

This book offers 30 healthy, unique recipes made with natural ingredients and no sugar. Each recipe is under 300 calories, includes step-by-step baking directions, nutritional information, and vibrant pictures. The recipes are made with simple ingredients that you can find almost anywhere.

Need motivation to eat healthy? No problem! This healthy baking cookbook contains easy-to-understand directions as well as uplifting quotes to make you feel great.

Have a particular dietary need? I’ve got you covered – in 30 Under 300, there are dozens of desserts, including gluten free desserts, vegan baking recipes, dairy free recipes, egg free baking, and more.

Don’t have a full kitchen set? No worries – 30 Under 300 includes kitchen hacks and baking tips to make baking a breeze, regardless of your setup.


  • 30 healthy baking recipes all under 300 calories
  • simple ingredients and easy-to-understand directions
  • recipes under 5 ingredients
  • recipes under 5 minutes
  • dairy free recipes: dairy free cookies
  • gluten free recipes: gluten free bread
  • vegan baking recipes: vegan cake
  • kitchen hacks, ingredient substitutions, and baking tips
  • nutritional information for every recipe
  • vibrant pictures
  1. Weightloss: If you’re seeking to lose weight, these low-calorie alternatives will help you achieve that.
  2. Dietary Restrictions: Have a particular dietary need? Nearly every delicious recipe caters to dairy free and gluten free desserts needs, with vegan options available. Every recipe is sugar free.
  3. Overall Health: Just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and need some new recipes and motivation-al quotes? This book will help you achieve total well-being.
30 Under 300 isn’t just for those with food allergies (although all of our recipes are sugar free and there are plenty of dairy free, gluten free, and even vegan recipes), but for people who just love a good snack, whether you’re from the East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, Canadian or just enjoy good, American desserts (minus the guilty calories!).

I really hope you enjoy this baking recipe book. It’s a labor of love and I hope you find it useful on your healthy eating journey.         


“30 Under 300 is so much more than a cookbook, it is the ultimate resource for anyone and everyone who cares about their health.” -Leah Moldowan, wellness blogger “This book definitely inspired me to go home and experiment in the kitchen.”-Susanna Backman, personal trainer and nutritionist”This cookbook is easy to follow and conveys the message that eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor! “-Nicolette Stramara, recipe developer

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Having already been a big fan of Kim’s recipes, I was super excited about this cookbook and it DEFINITELY did not let me down! I loveeee that the ingredients are all things that I would have on hand. No having to go to the store and buy 6 varieties of gluten free flours. No long hours soaking nuts or cooking beans, no crazy equipment needed, and there’s even a section of recipes to conquer in 5 minutes or less 😉 With recipes for brownies, fudge, muffins, biscotti, parfaits, in flavors like red velvet, carrot cake, almond joy, PEANUT BUTTER, and more, there is literally something for EVERYONE in this book! With the fact that they are all allergen friendly with dairy free, gluten free, vegan and customized options, I seriously can’t imagine not finding something to love in here.
I can’t say enough amazing things about this book!! First, the recipes are so simple, yet SO delicious. Ingredients can be found at every grocery store, and most are probably already in your kitchen. Healthy, easy, and flavorful. What more could you ask for? Second, the pictures!! The food looks completely drool-worthy….it makes it SO HARD to decide what to make next!! Next, the book is so fun to read through. There are little quotes throughout the book, and each section has its own quirky introduction. It really makes it feel like you’re talking to the author about the recipes! It’s well organized based on number of ingredients, simplicity, and type of baked good. Extremely well-done, and definitely my new favorite cookbook!
Kim is starting a revolution with this cookbook. Kim approaches health and wellness in such a balanced, optimistic way and that attitude is conveyed in the book. You know how the classic logic goes… if something is healthy then it is probably boring and unimaginative. Kim has taken this claim and turned it on its head. All of the recipes in this book are so innovative; Kim helps to show that one does not have to sacrifice flavor or even creativity when prepping a healthy treat. I am so glad I get to call Kim a good friend. She has an amazing story and it is conveyed in such a genuine way with this book. I am so excited to see where the release of this book takes Kim. Cheers to 30 Under 300!

  • Title: 30 Under 300: healthy, unique recipes under 300 calories
  • Autor: Kimberly Capella
  • Publisher (Publication Date): CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 20, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1518612652
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1518612657
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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