Acid Reflux Diet and Cookbook For Dummies (For Dummies Series) by Michelle Beaver, 1118839196

Acid Reflux Diet and Cookbook For Dummies (For Dummies Series)

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  • Title: Acid Reflux Diet and Cookbook For Dummies (For Dummies Series)
  • Autor: Michelle Beaver
  • Publisher (Publication Date): For Dummies; 1 edition (September 2, 2014)
  • Language: English

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Get rid of GERD for good

Is your heartburn making you dread meal times? No matter howdelicious a feast is before you, the prospect of that burning pain,nausea, and even vomiting can be enough to make you turn away.Heartburn is a symptom of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, commonlycalled acid reflux, and the pain is caused by stomach acid damagingthe tissue in your esophagus. It’s more than a minorannoyance—GERD is a precursor to esophageal cancer, and itaffects over 50 million Americans. There are medications to treatGERD, but what most sufferers don’t realize is that a few simplelifestyle changes can help your medication work better—or getyou off medications completely.

Acid Reflux Diet & Cookbook for Dummies is yourroadmap to ending GERD for good. In it, you’ll find lifestyle anddiet modifications that prevent symptoms from occurring in thefirst place, as well as explanations about the mechanism of thecondition and how and why these modifications help. The bookcontains over 70 practical recipes, plus tips on navigating grocerystores, restaurant menus, and the holiday season. You’ll gainvaluable insight on the small, easy changes that can make a bigdifference, and get answers to questions like:

  • Is your posture and sleep position working against you?
  • Can chewing gum really help or hurt?
  • What supplements may work just as well, or better than,prescriptions?
  • How does eating more often help prevent symptoms?

Whether you’ve tried every treatment available and still haven’tfound relief, or are hoping to avoid prescription medicationcompletely, Acid Reflux Diet & Cookbook for Dummies is aclear, comprehensive guide to getting rid of GERD.

From the Back Cover

Learn to:Make delicious meals that are easy on your systemTreat the causes and get reliefSimplify grocery shopping and decipher nutrition labelsMake simple substitutes for forbidden foodsPut an end to acid reflux—and take your lifebackWant to get rid of GERD for good? Whether you’ve triedevery treatment available or are hoping to avoid prescriptionmedication, Acid Reflux Diet & Cookbook For Dummiesoutlines the lifestyle and diet modifications that prevent symptomsfrom occurring, as well as explanations of the condition and howand why these modifications help.Know your triggers — keep track of what you eat, grasphow certain foods cause your reflux to flare, and makelife-changing alterations to your dietGet on the road to a reflux-free lifestyle — find thelatest information on acid reflux, understand what it is and whyit’s bad, and discover how you can revamp your diet andlifestyle to beat itAcid Reflux 101 — understand how your digestive processworks, identify what causes acid reflux, and find out how acidreflux is diagnosedAny way you slice it — find trusted and compassionateguidance on surgical procedures that treat acid refluxMake special considerations — handle reflux whenyou’re pregnant, help your child cope with acid reflux, andsuccessfully manage reflux as you ageOpen the book and find:More than 70 healthful, tasty, reflux-friendly recipesSavvy tips on navigating the supermarket and eating outHow and why acid reflux beginsThe diet and lifestyle changes that can bring you long-lastingreliefComplications associated with acid refluxTen simple ways to change your eating habitsHow changing your sleeping position can offer instantresults

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About the Author

Patricia Raymond, MD, FACG, is one of the most respectedvoices in patient education on digestive health, including acidreflux. Michelle Beaver has served as editor-in-chief orassociate editor for magazines that serve surgeons, endoscopicnurses, nephrologists, and primary-care physicians.

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Great book with lots information

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