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January 7, 2018

Am I Really Hungry?

  • Title: Am I Really Hungry?
  • Autor: Jane Bernard
  • Print Length: 266 pages
  • Publisher (Publication Date):
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B005JEDRC0
  • ISBN-10: , 1461098769
  • ISBN-13: , 978-1461098768
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF

Am I Really Hungry? by Jane Bernard is the last diet book you’ll ever have to buy! Am I Really Hungry? is a liberating guide for everyone who’s tired and frustrated with traditional diets. Instead of calories and rules, you get 10 tools to depend on for eating intuitively. It’s “good-bye” dieting and “hello” long term-satisfaction with your body and yourself. End yo-yo dieting. 

Learn to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re not. No inner critic. No calorie counting. No forbidden foods. With this revolutionary book learn to recognize signals in your life that keep you in control. Am I Really Hungry? reveals how intuition connects the pleasure of eating with the satisfaction of being in sync with your body. Gain insights into how emotional reactions to eating interfere with real needs and learn to use intuitive tools to put an end to confusion created by old habits. Connect with your intuition, get satisfaction and look great.


Intuitive Scribe–I love that!!! Your book is marvelous, liberating and down right easy to read. I love it!!!!  ~ Lynn This book addresses our biggest eating problems, frustrations and desires, then helps us  make smart choices for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. ~Betty JoNow, I can attend social situations without the fear of losing control and binging because I “blew it”. Since nothing is forbidden, there is no guilt associated with your food choices. I find myself reading and rereading this amazing book as I continue learning how become more and more in tune with my body.  ~Ellee KI can recognize, now, what I’m truly hungry for….be it social contact or food and the kinds of foods I want! I eat for health and energy. I have gone from eating out of boredom, loneliness, anxiousness and frustration to having an active social life both with new friends and volunteering.   ~LadyBGood

From the Inside Flap

Every policeman, fireman and doctor trusts their intuition to be reallyclear about what’s happening. To stay your healthy weight, it’simportant to be really clear about what’s happening when you’re eating.That’s how you know what to eat and when you’re satisfied. This book,based on interviews with dieters and intuitive eaters, is the guide youneed to connect with your intuition and overcome years of dieting habits that sabotage your body.As you become an intuitive eater youwill stop binging, learn to to eat when you’re hungry and recognize when you’re satisfied. There is no guilt, forbidden foods or caloriecounting. When you depend on your intuitive tools it’s the end ofobsessive eating. You’ll stop being a victim of emotional habits anddesires. Once you recognize physical intuitive cues you can count on,you’ll stop dieting for good.The chapters in this book are fullof tips and insights to deal with social stress and personal doubtsabout eating and diet. Clear ways are shown to finally shed longingrained habits that make you feel defeated.  Intuitive eating is being in sync with your body and your heart. You are the expert and yourintuitive source of strength and constant support is always available.Additionally there are great recipes in this book and chapters about enjoying sensual eating, beauty and balance, and fashion. Intuition is an inner guidance system you were born with. Use it and you’llachieve your body goals. You may start reading this book because youwant to lose weight. You’ll walk away shedding more than pounds!

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The common sense insights in this book have saved me from the self-defeating spiral of dieting. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter and tried them all. The approach in his book is the first I’ve been able to stick with because she makes it easy. Jane Bernard’s tools have changed my life. Thank you, Jane!

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