Bake: From Cookies to Casseroles, Fresh from the Oven by Rachel Allen, AZW3, 0007259700

July 16, 2017

Bake: From Cookies to Casseroles, Fresh from the Oven by Rachel Allen

  • Print Length: 288 Pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins UK
  • Publication Date: October 6, 2008
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B002VL1CL2
  • ISBN-10: 0007259700
  • ISBN-13: 978-0007259700
  • File Format: AZW3


Your best friend in the kitchen, Rachel Allen, is back with a collection of delicious and easy cakes and bakes, tarts and pies, quiches and casseroles. What could be better than the smell of fresh baked bread or the joy of eating warm cookies straight from the oven? Do you pine for the pleasures of gingerbread houses and holiday delights or the warming goodness of home baked casseroles? Rachel shares ideas from both the sweet and the savory sides of baking, including quick snacks, wholesome breads and pies, exotic cakes and tarts, or easy baked meals for friends and family. This delicious resource is fully illustrated with beautiful food photography including step-by-step instructions to take the mystery out of traditional baking and pastry making. Rachel also offers troubleshooting techniques for common problems and wheat or gluten-free recipes so nobody is left out of the fun! Rachel’s friendly and expert tuition make this easy-to-use book the best friend to every home baker. Recipes include: cardamom bread; crispy bacon and cheddar bread; paper-thin crispbreads, cheese straws, and pretzels; pork, chorizo and spinach pie; beef pasties with mint, ginger, and peas; baked cheese fondue in a pumpkin; smoked salmon and leek gratin; Seville orange meringue pie; Cornish saffron cake; and lime and yogurt cake with rosewater and pistachios.


Charming Irish Desserts

I am enjoying this cookbook very much. The Irish-style quickbreads are easy and delicious and pies and cupcakes (fairy cakes!)are just as good. Rachel Allen is the delightful author of this cookbook. She comes from, or has married into, the Allens of Ballymaloe, a well-known cooking school in the south of Ireland. The north American user will not need to make the usual adjustments to reading a cookbook from an International source as Ms. Allen has made it effortless, using measurements and layouts that are familiar to us all. Her scone recipes are wonderful and while I have not yet ventured to try her yeast bread, I can’t wait to do so. Her instructions are clear and easy and she writes in a comfortable style with humour. She also ventures into the Christmas season with the usual Christmas cake, pudding and mince pies recipes. There is a section at the end of the book on icings and frostings, which I have found very useful, and she even ventures to offer an “American” frosting. For anyone who is pastry-phobic, Ms. Allen offers a clear set of definitions of the different kinds of pastry and sensible instructions on technique for each. I find the photographic illustrations to be helpful and nice to look at and in keeping with the production values of the whole book. My only cavil is one of expectation. There is a section in the book on Baked Meals and I suppose since the book title is simply “Bake” she’s within the mandate to include this. However, I find that I’m just not interested – these recipes may be wonderful, I’ll just never know. Give me more cakes, tarts, scones and goodies, please!

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