Beer is For Everyone!: Of Drinking Age [pdf, epub] 9781944937355

Beer is For Everyone!: Of Drinking Age

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  • Title: Beer is For Everyone!: Of Drinking Age
  • Autor: Em Sauter
  • Publisher (Publication Date): One Peace Books (October 10, 2017)
  • Language: English

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It’s a great time for America’s beer drinkers. Craft beer is more popular than ever, and more breweries are cropping up every day. But you can’t tell a pilsner from a bock? An IPA from a witte? Confused by whiskey-like barrel aged beers and crisp, fruity saisons? Are you thirsty, but not sure where to start?

Start Here. This book will take you through the main elements that make beer what it is, from malt to hops to water, and introduce you to fantastic brews around the country that highlight the diverse styles and ingredients of the beer world. From where to find it to what glass to put it in, you’ll learn everything you need to know (and then some!). Time to get drinking, and remember–Beer is for Everyone!

About the Author

Em is an Advanced Cicerone™ and recipient of Saveur Magazine’s best beer coverage award. She was one of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s top 40 tastemakers under 40 in 2016 and has judged many beer competitions including the Great American Beer Festival. In her spare time, she reviews beers on her website, “Pints and Panels.” She really likes beer.

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I’ve been drinking beer for a long time, but admit to having only the haziest of reasons why I like one style over another. No, I didn’t think “one beer tastes like any other”, but I just didn’t know WHY they tasted differently. This book goes a long way in explaining why! It’s full of interesting information, from beer’s start (Yay, Sumerians!), to what goes in it, to what you should drink it in (“pairing” a beer and glassware…who knew? Not me) and so much more. Don’t be fooled by the cartoon style; that’s a big part of why it’s entertaining as well as informative without being heavy-handed. I really enjoy this book.

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