Brew Like a Pro: Make Pub-Style Draft Beer at Home by Dave Miller, PDF, EPUB 1612120504

April 16, 2018

Brew Like a Pro: Make Pub-Style Draft Beer at Home

Make your best beer ever! Legendary brewer Dave Miller brings a lifetime of professional experience into your home. With complete plans for a system that requires just 18 square feet and full of small-batch recipes, Brew Like a Pro reveals the secrets of truly great draft- and pub-style brewing. Learn to make classic all-grain beers that stay fresh in kegs for months, eliminating the need for bottling. This clear, concise guide is sure to take your homebrewing to the next level.

From the Back Cover

Enjoy Refreshing Draft Beer — at Home! Elevate your homebrewed beer to new levels of quality and consistency. Dave Miller has been a homebrewer and a professional brewmaster; he has firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of a pub brewery and a unique understanding of how to adapt pro techniques for home use. Follow Miller’s advice on setting up an efficient all-grain home brewery and a draft system for serving fresh, cold beer, and you’ll be brewing like a pro in no time — no bottling required!

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About the Author

Dave Miller is the author of Brew Like a Pro and Dave Miller’s Homebrewing Guide, published by Storey in 1995. He was a brewer at Blackstone in Nashville from 1994 to 2008. During his tenure there, Blackstone’s beer won 14 Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup medals. In his retirement, he has returned to the world of homebrewing. He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Homebrewers Association.

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This is one of my top 3 favorite homebrewing books, and it’s probably the most underrated (along with “Bock” from the Classic Beer Style series). This book fills a gaping void in the most popular homebrewing literature, which is a focus on system engineering, process, and equipment rather than recipe design and beer styles. Miller provides clear, detailed explanation of the all-grain system process and provides valuable guidance for establishing a homebrewery. This is one of the few (only?) books that describes the process using a pump and other sophisticated, commercial-level techniques. Miller puts a premium on beer clarity, which at first I bristled at. Why spend so much time and devote so many words to brewing clear beer? Well, as any advanced homebrewer knows, if you want to impress anyone with your homebrew–whether it be a beer judge or just a discerning friend–it needs to be clear. So I really appreciate his focus and emphasis on this crucial step. Miller recommends kegging your beer from Day 1, and offers explanation of kegging equipment and process. This section of the book is also very helpful, but I’ll just note that I don’t agree. As a 10 year homebrewer myself who tried kegging at one point, I much prefer bottling and find it to be a much easier process, not backbreaking work like he makes it out to be. Cost is a concern for most homebrewers when setting up a system. However, Miller is a self-described cheapskate, so his recommended equipment and set up won’t break the bank. To me it gives this book more legitimacy that he doesn’t expect advanced all-grain homebrewers to use all kinds of stainless steel bling; rather, it’s the process that matters.
The author presents a thoughtful analysis of home brewing. The book begins with brewery design and provides a general overview of a commercial pub brewery. Large scale design considerations are then applied to smaller scale home breweries. Space, utilities, safety, materials and other issues are given a thorough, cost-benefit analysis. The next section examines the process variables faced by home brewers and provides tips on constructing a home brewery to facilitate measuring and controlling the different stages of brewing in order to consistently produce great beers. In addition to metrics such as pH and temperature, the author discusses the rate of temperature increase in a step mash and flow rate during sparging and knockout. The book concludes with an illustrated guide to projects and a few of the author’s favorite recipes. Selecting the smallest font size fixed the table formatting issues on my kindle.
I was introduced to this book by a co-worker who had never brewed a batch of beer. I have been an all-grain brewer for a few years and was very impressed by his knowledge of homebrewing even though he had never brewed a batch of beer. I asked him where he learned about brewing and he showed me this book. There are some things that I would have liked to have seen covered in this book like how to calculate your water but it is still a pretty thorough book. I use Dave’s technique of 1 week primary, 1 week cold crash but I don’t filter my beer like he suggested nor do I force carbonate (uses too much co2). I use gelatin instead and carbonate at 15 psi for 5 days and it works great. I love the brewing philosophy of kegging beer from day one and brewing with all grain instead of extracts. This truly is a great book for making real craft beer at home. Take my advice. Buy this book.

  • Title: Brew Like a Pro: Make Pub-Style Draft Beer at Home
  • Autor: Dave Miller
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Storey Publishing, LLC (December 4, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1612120504
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1612120508
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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