Camp Cooking: A Practical Handbook by Fred Bouwman, PDF Book

April 10, 2018

 Camp Cooking: A Practical Handbook by Fred Bouwman, PDF Book

Camp Cooking covers it all: from meat, to fish, to vegetables, baked goods and sauces. Fred Bouwman explains it all in easy-to-follow steps. This information has been tested and retested in the field. Much of it is just not available anywhere else and Bouwman lets his expertise run wild here. Chapters include information on building campfires that are serviceable for cooking, selecting the best camp stove, utensils, and how to pack and carry a camp “kitchen.” Bouwman also looks at the myths and the facts of safe water purification while camping, and teaches methods for safely purifying your water supply. The book closes with a great section on selecting using the wide selection of foods available to today’s camper.

About the Author

Fred Bouwman is an experienced outdoorsman, an accomplished outdoor writer and photographer, and a former professional chef. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.


We purchased this for our Daughter and Grand Daughter, for their outdoor adventures. As we’d been very busy and moved frequently when our children were growing up, we hadn’t always taken the time to show them the fine details of how or why we did something a certain way. They loved this book and several similar books,on outdoor topics, and had a lot of fun singing their fingers cooking around camp fires using ideas from this book. Our next project is sending them a book on Dutch oven cooking. Highly recommend this book!
This book covers everything from cooking utensils to actual recipes and has well thought out reasoning pertaining to everything from one person backpacking to a full on car camping situation. I already had a fairly good knowledge of camp cookery but I will be utilizing quite a bit of what is contained here. Highly recommended-
I love this book. It shows how to cook many things outside on an open fire. Foods such as Deer Heart, venison fillets, etc. How to prepair your foods; such as plucking feathers off Pheasants: what to do to clean all types of wild meats. Basically I would say this book would be great for a survival bible for cleaning, prepairing and cooking wild game.

  • Title: Camp Cooking: A Practical Handbook
  • Autor: Fred Bouwman
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Skyhorse Publishing (June 23, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: |
  • ISBN-13: |
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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