Cheat Your Way To Gourmet Eating by Carolyn Humphries, PDF, 057203069X

Cheat Your Way To Gourmet Eating

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  • Title: Cheat Your Way To Gourmet Eating
  • Autor: Carolyn Humphries
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Foulsham & Co Ltd (May 30, 2005)
  • Language: English

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This is clever, classy cheating. It short-cuts so much time and effort in the kitchen that real cookery becomes very easy indeed. The food that you serve from this book will be put together in minutes, but arrive at your table looking like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen. Here are brilliant combinations of convenience foods and fresh, nutritious ingredients that will improve your quality of life and health. Simply buy in the store cupboard ingredients and you are off – five star eating in minutes.Time and effort has been removed from these classics of the kitchen.

About the Author

Carolyn started her career at the top working as Head Chef for a restaurant but eventually switched to journalism where, in 1977, she was able to combine her love of food with her flair for words when she became Deputy Cookery Editor for Woman magazine. Over the years she has freelanced for numerous women’s, parenting, education, food and lifestyle magazines as well as for PR companies specialising in food, nutrition and health. She has written over 40 books and has taught both cookery and journalism at further education level. She has written many books for Foulsham and sold over 92,000 books in 2006 alone.

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