Cuisine of the Sun: A Ray of Sunshine on Your Plate by Francois de Melogue, PDF eBook 0692537473

April 14, 2018

Cuisine of the Sun: A Ray of Sunshine on Your Plate

Chef François grew up in a luscious world shaped by the celebration of the table from his very beginnings. It was natural that his path would eventually lead from hanging off his Maman’s apron strings and learning to cook her free-spirited style into some of the nation’s most memorable restaurants. As a beloved culinary Renaissance man, François de Mélogue is an extraordinary chef, respected culinary historian, creative food photographer, whimsical food blogger at, and now, cookbook author. 

Cuisine of the Sun is a savory collection of over 60 classic and reimagined Provençal recipes peppered with anecdotes that will cast a ray of sunshine onto your plate. It’s a beautifully photographed, edible love letter to the South of France. Savor rustic dishes like Olive Tapenade, Marseille Fish Soup and a Rosé scented Daube of Lamb that will transport you back to the French countryside. 

Through his inspired collection of recipes, de Mélogue now emerges as a leading proponent of both contemporary and traditional renditions of the flavorful cuisine from the south of France and surrounding regions. Your mouth will water as you join his family’s epic picnic of a simple grilled Loup de Mer with Artichokes Barigoule or foraging through the woods looking for mushrooms to cook in a fragrant mixture of duck fat, garlic and herbs. Close your eyes and be transported to the old port in Marcel Pagnol’s Marseille by the scent of his Mussels steamed in Pastis with Spanish Chorizo, Leeks and Piquillo Peppers. Delight in his wildly popular Artichoke Tarte Tatin or his exhilarating version of the classic fish stew Bourride he lovingly calls Provencal Sunshine. Every dish is a reflection of the moment; an edible photograph of Francois’s mind. Delight in desserts that sweetly cross the fence between American and French cultures like Salted Caramel Apple Beignet, Brown Butter Fig Tarts and even his version of Julia Child’s classic dense Chocolate and Almond Cake. 

Lush photography coupled with tender childhood reminiscences, and classic and reimagined Provençal recipes make Cuisine of the Sun, A Ray of Sunshine on Your Plate perfect for those who love food and jubilate our relationship to it. This is not just another cookbook, but an invitation to take a seat and join in the celebration of life from a true foodie’s perspective.


“This is my kind of cookbook; somewhat challenging, vibrant in nature and spirit, colorful photos throughout, free spirited …all while exploding with seasonal flavors at each turn of the page. If you’re the kind of foodie who shows up at a Farmers Market, draws in a deep breath and is hopeful beyond belief astonished by the scope of choices then THIS is to the book for you. This is not a book for the lazy. Good food takes time. It requires some patience, a sense of your own direction and confidence in your own taste preferences despite the recipe laid out in front of you. Slow down and be the slow food movement you admire.” -Examiner

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This is a wonderful cookbook that celebrates fresh foods and Chef Francois de Melogue’s passion for the cooking of the South of France. This is not a cookbook for everyday cooking; rather, it’s for those times when a meal is something to be savored and remembered, when the ingredients can be lovingly selected at the farmer’s market and the end result a burst of complex, savory sensations in the mouth. The Roast Chicken is simple to prepare but if you adhere rigorously to Chef’s Ten Commandments it will result in perfectly succulent, tender meat throughout. Throw in some Shepherd Vegetables and you have a meal. The seafood soups are amazing, with rich, savory sauces and a melange of flavors from the sea. I can’t wait to work my way through the review sample I received.



  • Title: Cuisine of the Sun: A Ray of Sunshine on Your Plate
  • Autor: Francois de Melogue
  • Publisher (Publication Date):; 1st edition (December 15, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 0692537473
  • ISBN-13: | 978-0692537473
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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