Save the Deli: In Search of Perfect Pastrami Jewish Delicatessen by David Sax, EPUB, 0151013845

May 9, 2016


Save the Deli: In Search of Perfect Pastrami, Crusty Rye, and the Heart of Jewish Delicatessen by David Sax

  • Print Length: 340 Pages
  • Publisher: Mariner Books
  • Publication Date: October 19, 2009
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0039808ZM
  • ISBN-10: 0151013845
  • ISBN-13: 978-0151013845
  • File Format: EPUB


David Sax’s delightful travelogue is a journey across the United States and around the world that investigates the history, the diaspora, and the next generation of delicatessen.

David Sax was alarmed by the state of Jewish delicatessen. As a journalist and lifelong deli lover, he watched in dismay as one beloved deli after another closed its doors, only to be reopened as some bland chain restaurant laying claim to the cuisine it just paved over. Was it still possible to save the deli? He writes about the food itself—how it’s made, who makes it best, and where to go for particular dishes—and, ultimately, what he finds is hope: deli newly and lovingly made in places like Boulder, Colorado, longstanding deli traditions thriving in Montreal, and the resurrection of iconic institutions like New York’s 2nd Avenue Deli. No cultural history of food has ever tasted so good.


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