Dining at The Ravens: Over 150 Nourishing Vegan Recipes from the Stanford Inn by the Sea by Jeff Stanford, Download Free PDF Books

January 11, 2018

Dining at The Ravens: Over 150 Nourishing Vegan Recipes from the Stanford Inn by the Sea

  • Title: Dining at The Ravens: Over 150 Nourishing Vegan Recipes from the Stanford Inn by the Sea
  • Autor: Jeff Stanford
  • Print Length:
  • Publisher (Publication Date): BenBella Books (February 9, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0175P5NR2
  • ISBN-10: ,
  • ISBN-13: ,
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF


At The Ravens, dinner is more than just a meal. It’s a feast for your spirit.

Located on the Mendocino coast at the only vegan resort in the United States, The Ravens Restaurant at the Stanford Inn by the Sea embodies a mindful, compassionate, and sustainable dining experience in an enchanting and unforgettable setting. Now in Dining at The Ravens, Jeff and Joan Stanford, the Inn and restaurant founders, bring the Ravens culinary experience into your home.

Teeming with beautiful photographs, Dining at The Ravens features more than 150 delicious vegan recipes and shares the charming history of the Inn and restaurant, cooking tips for perfect recipe execution, and even inspiration for creating your own garden.

Discover one of the restaurant’s most popular breakfast dishes, Citrus Polenta with Braised Garden Greens and a Creamy Toasted Cashew Sauce, and many others, such as:

Ravens Sea Palm Strudel
Indian-Spiced Polenta Napoleon
Mushroom Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Burger
Ravens Spicy Peanut Curry Sea Palm
Sweet Summer Corn Bisque
Peach Huckleberry Cobbler

Pull up a seat and find out why vegans and non-vegans alike flock to The Ravens for an extraordinary dining experience.


“Terrific. . . . This book is the newest generation of vegan cooking. Gone are the days when vegan food was boring and dull. This cookbook will inspire even the biggest skeptic to try something new.”—The Washington Book Review”Cooking from this book promises to be both a visual and gustatory delight.”—Foreword Reviews“Finally, something different in the world of vegan cookbooks! While 30-minute weeknight meals have their place, sometimes you just want to roll up your sleeves and cook the comforting, delicious kind of food you’d get at a bed and breakfast. . . . From homemade breads, to luxurious sauces and mains, to brunches you’ll want to share with friends—it’s all here. And it’s all healthy, whole, and compassionate.”—Matt Frazier, vegan ultramarathoner and author of No Meat Athlete“From one of the most magical places on earth comes the cookbook every guest has been waiting for. . . . Now, everyone can enjoy the inn’s spectacular cuisine—from the Citrus Polenta and Ravens Caesar Salad to the Seasonal Wild Mushroom Crepe and my favorite dessert of all time, the Pecan Torte. If heaven exists in the form of a hardcover cookbook, this is it.”—Colleen Holland, publisher of VegNews Magazine”The recipes in Dining at the Ravens are a perfect mirror to the experience of staying at Stanford Inn: comforting, familiar, magical and delightfully surprising. The tantalizing array of tastes showcased in this book are diverse enough to seduce the most seasoned gourmand, yet simple and approachable enough to be enjoyed by new fans of plant-based cuisine.”—Jason Wrobel, Celebrity Vegan Chef and host of How to Live to 100 on Cooking Channel“There is no place like the Stanford Inn by the Sea. Joan and Jeff have built an amazing business rooted in compassion, sustainability and wellness . . . This book is an extension of their ideals and vegan lifestyle, and the delicious recipes show that living this way is enjoyable and enriching.”—Gene Baur, president and cofounder of Farm Sanctuary “When I stayed at the Stanford Inn by the Sea, everything was breathtaking . . . But what made it truly remarkable was the food at the Ravens Restaurant. I hope that one day you too will be able to visit this extraordinary place. In the meantime, the next best thing is bringing Ravens to your home. The recipes in this book prove that indulgence and nourishment perfectly commingle.”—Joshua Katcher, adjunct professor at Parsons The New School, editor at TheDiscerningBrute.com, and founder and creative director of BraveGentleMan.com”The inspired recipes within these pages showcase how accessible and sumptuous plant-based eating can be. And now you can bring the sublime experience of dining at The Stanford Inn into your own kitchen. From inspired gourmet dishes to wholesome comfort food, there’s something here for everyone—and it’s all amazingly delicious and cruelty-free!”—Jenny Brown, cofounder and executive director at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and author of The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals

About the Author

Jeff and Joan Stanford came west to Carmel California to find careers in education, agreeing to help manage a small inn while looking for work. Jobs were scarce, the United States was in recession, and they found themselves enjoying their guests and rehabilitating the property they managed. Looking to the future, they chose to continue inn-keeping, and by 1980 they were in Mendocino starting a family. Joan ran the front, while Jeff remodeled the inn and created their certified organic farm on the site of what had been known as the China Gardens during Mendocino’s logging era.The Inn allowed both of them to return to their former interests. Passionate about early education, Joan trained as a Montessori teacher which led her to discover the power of art to transform human experience. She enrolled in psychology at Sonoma State University and received an MA, specializing in Art Therapy. Today she is a registered art therapist, collagist, and educator.Jeff recognized that the “state of realization” that so many sought in the movement of the 1970s and 80s must come from a new relationship with life, beginning in the kitchen, where decisions affect the practitioner and the planet. He became vegetarian as a first step to honor all life, not only the lives of his family, friends, and pets. He and Joan sought to create an inn that sat softly upon the earth. They created one of the first “green” bed and breakfast inns without realizing they were doing so.Understanding that their Inn was a destination, Jeff and Joan wanted to provide the highest quality food to their guests, which Jeff began cooking in the early 1990s. The restaurant followed their philosophy serving a whole food, plant based dishes designed to rival the cuisine found at the highest rated restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. They discovered that many cooks can create great food, and they created a co-creative kitchen where all are invited to comment and tweak dishes. The final arbiter is Jeff, but the process is dynamic and assures that each person in the kitchen can express their creativity.


This is the BEST VEGAN cookbook! We have eaten at the “Ravens” in Menodino MANY times and were anxious to try several of their “Signature Meals”! I am not at all disspointeded and GREATFUL they shared!! I did have a list of 10-12 items that I was unable to find locally in OHIO.. so ordered on Amazon and recieved in 2 days. Normally I find 2-3 recipes that I love in a cookbook and so far I am 5-5! Can’t wait to try more! Live in OHIO and have a second home in MENDOCINO. Thanks again for SHARING!!

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