Domesticity: A Gastronomic Interpretation of Love by Bob Shacochis, PDF, ISBN 1595341919

March 1, 2018

Domesticity: A Gastronomic Interpretation of Love

Bob Shacochis, author of the critically acclaimed novel The Woman Who Lost Her Soul, and National Book Award winning-author of such books as Swimming in the Volcano, Easy in the Islands, and The Next New World, hones his nonfiction skills in this tour de force romp through the worlds of eating and eroticism. Domesticity is an irreverent exploration of the sweet and sour evolution of the enduring romance between author and lover. In this relationship, Shacochis stays at home and cooks, all the while reflecting on the ups and downs of a romantic partnership, the connection between heart and stomach, and how the crazed lust of youth evolves into inevitably settling down and, well, simply making dinner.

Shacochis’s delectable musings on monogamy, emotional and physical separations, dogs, career changes, the stress of the holidays, the aesthetics of food, moving, sex and seafood, friendships, writings and the angst over who is going to do the dishes are deftly folded into seventy-five recipes, half of them of the author’s own creation. Guilelessly hilarious, and ever entertaining, Domesticity is Shacochis’s celebration of a life spent in proximity to the boiling point. Guilelessly hilarious, and ever entertaining, Domesticity is a celebration of a life spent in proximity to the boiling point, a “prose stew” of audacious candor, a culinary valentine for lovers of literature.

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I can?t believe I?m only the 2nd person to review this book! Bob Shacochis was an instructor at a writing conference I attended about 5 yrs ago in Santa Fe. He was sexy, charming, dangerous, engaging, a great reader/teacher ? and I bought this book because the woman I was sharing a room with had the major hots for him and was too shy to buy it and ask for him to sign it herself. It?s absolutely wonderful, laugh out lout funny, provocative, and the recipes sound totally yummy. When asked to write a regular food column by GQ magazine, Shacochis was told he could write ?anything as long as you tag a recipe onto the end.” He wrote wickedly honest autobiographical anecdotes on his life with his Miss F, his ?common-law wife of 17 yrs.? Shacochis equates food with sex in outrageous examples that I don?t want to quote for fear of spoiling the pleasure for new readers. Do NOT buy this if you?re looking for a cookbook. Many of the recipes are written like essays, and Shacochis clearly assumes a certain comfort in his readers with not only the kitchen but also the BBQ, the hibachi, the Coleman stove, the open fire on a beach, and strange little kitchen gadgets in Italy. But whatever. This is one thoroughly enjoyable book. Even if you never intend to use a single recipe from within its pages, buy it just for the joy of reading parts of it aloud to your spouse in bed at night. Who knows? It may lead to more than the intention to cook up some gumbo.
BRILLIANT stories of live and love, each with a great recipe. Highly recommended!
Culled from his columns for GQ magazine, this collection deals with many kinds of appetite, though it all starts with food: 75 recipes intertwined with Shacochis’ ruminations on love, life, and the style with which one should conduct both. Insightful & hilarious, this book will whet your palate & provide the recipes which will quench your hunger, all the while entertaining you with cautionary tales of the author’s own wayward slouchings toward the title state: Domesticity with his soul-mate, Miss F. From meatloaf to ceviche, from artful teasings to true, commingled love, let Shocochis be your guide. You’ll at least get a memorable meal out of it

  • Title: Domesticity: A Gastronomic Interpretation of Love
  • Autor: Bob Shacochis
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Trinity University Press (January 7, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0684196425 | 1595341919
  • ISBN-13: 978-0684196428 | 978-1595341914
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF

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