Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook: Over 125 Satisfying Recipes for a Healthy Paleo Diet, EPUB, 1623155061

September 1, 2017

Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook: Over 125 Satisfying Recipes for a Healthy Paleo Diet by Rockridge Press

  • Print Length: 168 Pages
  • Publisher: Rockridge Press
  • Publication Date: July 7, 2014
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00LT9SP58
  • ISBN-10: 1623155061
  • ISBN-13: 978-1623155063
  • File Format: EPUB



From the Publisher of New York Times Bestsellers Paleo Slow Cooker and Paleo for Every Day

Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook gives you more than 125 simple, inventive snacks that will satisfy your family and help you power through the day. With classic paleo snack recipes and special recipes for kids, athletes, protein, breakfast, parties, dessert, and people on the go, Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook will round out your daily meals and make you excited about sticking to your healthy paleo diet.

Let Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook add delicious variety to your menu, with:

– 125+ paleo snack recipes including Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cherry Chunk Bars, and Paleo Jambalaya
– 10 extremely easy recipes that take less than 5 minutes to make
– 16 easy swaps for harder-to-find ingredients
– 13 kid-friendly recipes to keep the kiddos happy
– Handy nutritional information, prep time, and cook time for each recipe

With simple recipes and healthy ingredients, Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook will broaden your culinary repertoire and make your paleo diet even more empowering.


Palatable Paleo Snacks

So FINALLY someone “gets” that even those among us (umm, not me) who subscribe to the Paleo way of eating enjoy snacking on something to tie us over until mealtime, but we don’t have the time to prep yet another recipe. Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook (Rockridge Press, 2014) shows us easy solutions to satiate our snacketites (okay, so I made up that word with snack + appetite) without feeling we need to concoct something tedious and/or time consuming. With more than ten dozen recipes, Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook delivers exactly what its name advertises—recipes for Paleo snacks that are easy to prepare—and while these snacks are easy to prepare, don’t misconstrue that as meaning they are bland. In fact, after preparing only a couple of these recipes, you will likely scratch your head and wonder what your taste buds have been missing all these years…these recipes are THAT flavorful. Take for example the recipe for Tropichips, which shows us how to bake and season a trio of green plantain, yucca root, and sweet potato. This not only was flavorful as is, but is a recipe you can also add to. I added a dash of cayenne pepper, and found this recipe very satisfying. I support the recommendation to use a mandoline for extremely thin slices, which yield crispy results. Another recipe that my family enjoyed was the Dr. Seuss Eggs, a version of deviled eggs that I was—quite honestly—not excited to try. They were surprisingly good, and we actually ate those for brunch instead of as a snack. My family has not adopted a strict Paleo diet by any means, but we embrace many Paleo recipes. I was very happy to receive a free copy of Easy Paleo Snacks Cookbook, and even more pleased at the amount of delicious—and easy!!!—recipes it contains.

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