Eat More Produce: 50+ Ways to Say Goodbye to Lupus by Eva Norman, PDF eBook 1519638078

April 14, 2018

 Eat More Produce: 50+ Ways to Say Goodbye to Lupus by Eva Norman, PDF eBook 1519638078

Eat More Produce, 50+ Ways to Say Goodbye to Lupus is a recipe book that shows us how we can eat more produce, detox our body and uncover our truly healthy selves.

About the Author

Eva Norman studied Biomedical Engineering at University of Southern California. Other pursuits in health include certifications in massage therapy, personal training, health coaching, detoxification, and Plant Nutrition through Cornell University. Currently, Eva is studying for her Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. Her personal experiences with Lupus like conditions for over 15 years fueled her desire to understand how the body worked and what was going wrong. Toxic overload was the true cause of her condition and detoxing and allowing the body to heal through lifestyle changes and herbal protocols was the solution. Today she lives free of inflammation symptoms, feels great and wants to help remove suffering from others experiencing the same debilitating symptoms. Her focus is on health education through writing and social media, and providing consultation to large institutions so they may provide more meals based in fresh produce to their patrons.

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Excellent book! I recommend it to everyone. I have tried most of the recipes and they are absolutely delicious. The book is well written and the recipes are easy to follow. I love the photos, they are vibrant in color and that alone is enticing. We all need to include more fruits and vegetables in our diet. They are good for us and fight off many diseases. Having a family who doesn’t like a lot of fruits and vegetables like myself. I found that they ate everything I prepaired from this book and they really enjoyed them. I also found that incorporating these recipes into my diet has helped to stave off the negative side effects from my having an Autoimmune Disorder. I will close by saying Eva’s background as a former Biomedical Engineer, a Certified Plant Nutritionist and Detox Specialist is what made me want to try her book. Leave it to her to show you the way to a healthier way of eating.
This cook book is full of fresh, healthy, delicious recipes. So many combinations I never would have considered, but the results are so tasty. There is no doubt in my mind that eating this way would improve my health and add years to my life!
This book really broadened my view and understanding of how produce, eaten at the height of its season, can awaken all my meals with fresh flavors and healthy, nutrient dense dishes. The seasonal charts detailing what and when produce are at their peak has made me more confident about trying produce I don’t usually buy. All the best fruits and vegetables are not grown in summer, and now I know which. The soup, salad and dressing (Worth it for the salad dressings alone!) recipes are each followed by beautiful pics that show you the finished product. This book is for anyone in a food rut, for those wanting to take their plant based diet to the next level, or for those trying to include more real, fresh food to an otherwise tired, cooked plate. Eat More Produce is a must buy!

  • Title: Eat More Produce: 50+ Ways to Say Goodbye to Lupus
  • Autor: Eva Norman
  • Publisher (Publication Date): CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 14, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1519638078
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1519638076
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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