Eat to Love: sweet bites for the mouth & heart by W. Kay Wilson, PDF 0692235035

February 2, 2018

Eat to Love: sweet bites for the mouth & heart

  • Title: Eat to Love: sweet bites for the mouth & heart
  • Autor: W. Kay Wilson
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Carbon2Diamond Press (July 16, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 0692235035
  • ISBN-13: | 978-0692235034
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF

Eat to Love is not a cookbook, but pages of relational anecdotes that create moments full of tissues and laughter. Each page has plenty of provoking vignettes on relationships and strategies on how to find the right mate, accompanied by succulent savory recipes. Throughout all seasons of the author’s life, from each heart break, to each euphoric smile of love, good food has played a central role. Preparing and enjoying homemade meals provides a sense of purpose and calm, accomplishment and connection. Now in EAT TO LOVE, W. Kay Wilson, shares memories curt and poignant- and the recipes that helped to make them both palatable and irreplaceable. The author tells us about a girl’s night ‘in’ while she was deciding what she’d prepare to accommodate a group of girlfriends and brighten their spirits. She knew she would be serving wine and mixing drinks when she grabbed a bottle from the counter, and what started out as shredded chicken, with a tipsy cook turned into the recipe for Drunken Chicken. EAT TO LOVE is a stunning collaboration between the different takes on the recipe for love between two people, and between the two things Kay loves best: writing and cooking.


If you’re looking for a relationship book, this is a must have, and it also has very good recipes for very good eats.
Not only is this book filled with delicious, detailed and healthy recipes, it also provides insight from someone who has lived, laughed and survived love’s ups and downs. I found Ms. Wilson to be humorous and totally in touch with both the male and female perspective. She provides testimony on her single, divorce and newly remarried life so that all views are covered. I have tried a few recipes in the book and they were delicious! I have purchased this book for several friends who have enjoyed it immensely. Choose this book for your next book club session – it will spark laughter and conversation.
My favorite part about “Eat to Love” is the wealth of recipes available nestled between the stories of life and love. From beef lovers to vegans, there are options for every type of eater. I’m planning on tackling the grilled stuffed red snapper this summer; the recipe sounds tasty and simple enough to master.


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