EPUB Book, The Best Bisquick Cookbook by Gordon Rock, Baking, Desserts, Recipes

May 14, 2018

 EPUB Book, The Best Bisquick Cookbook by Gordon Rock, Baking, Desserts, Recipes

The Best Bisquick Cookbook: 40 Fuss-Free, Meal, and Dessert Recipes – Save Time & Save Money! by Gordon Rock

  • Print Length: 108 Pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publication Date: April 23, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1717345956
  • ISBN-13: 978-1717345950
  • File Format: EPUB

Do you want to save time in the kitchen but still prepare homemade nutritious meals for your family? Then open the box!

For fast, fuss-free meals and desserts choose Bisquick, the ultimate time-saving store cupboard staple.

What’s more, as it’s a pre-mixed baking mix, it means you don’t need to stock up on flour, shortening, baking powder, and salt for lots of home baking recipes.

Cooking with Bisquick is simple, and what’s more, as this cookbook will show you, its use isn’t just limited to cakes, pancakes, biscuits, and pies.

It’s a perfect coating for beer battered fresh fish, ideal for stuffing peppers, and the ultimate topping for strawberry cobbler. You can even use it to make a chocolatey mug cake in just 5 minutes!

In fact, it’s one of the most versatile ingredients you can use.

The Best Bisquick Cookbook has 40 easy-to-read recipes for sweet and savory dishes that are perfect to serve to your family; morning, noon, and night!

Open the box! And discover this magical mix.


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