EPUB eBook, Sweet and Salty Crepes by Michele Ross, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch

May 22, 2018

Sweet and Salty Crepes: Delicious, Savory, Paleo, Keto, Fast-making recipes (Easy Baking Book 1) by Michele Ross

  • Print Length: 61 Pages
  • Publisher: World Publisher
  • Publication Date: May 20, 2018
  • Language: English
  • File Format: EPUB

The home cook crepes are a very easy dessert that can be cooked even by teens. If you are a fan of low caloric but at the same time, savory and delightful treats – crepes are the best choice. The book will open the secrets of the most fluffy, soft, and tender crepes from France. You will find the recipe for every holiday, special occasion, and busy day. There is nothing better than a sweet treat for breakfast, dinner, or lunch. You will be wondered what a huge number of the French crepes can be cooked in an easy and simple way.
The book has divided into the chapters so it is not complicated to find the certain recipe fast. Paleo and Keto crepes will bring a fresh note to your diet. The healthy way of life is very important nowadays, you can do sport and fight with extra weight but it is easy to do when you have useful recipes for delights and can cook them every day!


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