EPUB eBook, Women’s Health Perfect Body Diet by Cassandra Forsythe M.S., Diets, Health, Weight Loss

May 14, 2018

 EPUB eBook, Women's Health Perfect Body Diet by Cassandra Forsythe M.S., Diets, Health, Weight Loss

Women’s Health Perfect Body Diet: The Ultimate Weight Loss and Workout Plan to Drop Stubborn Pounds and Get Fit fo r Life! by Cassandra Forsythe M.S.

  • Print Length: 384 Pages
  • Publisher: Rodale Books
  • Publication Date: December 23, 2008
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1605298972
  • ISBN-13: 978-1605298979
  • File Format: EPUB

Carrying the trusted Women’s Health name and featured on the Today show and in Time magazine, this diet combines a customized eating program with a body-shape-specific exercise plan. Women all over the country are discovering how it transforms their bodies in record time. Keys to the plan’s success include:

– customization for a woman’s hormonal balance, body shape and current weight, individual metabolism, personal goals, and lifestyle
– two types of balanced-macronutrient diets- Greens and Berries (slightly lower in carbs, higher in fats) and Grains and Fruits (lower in fat, higher in carbs)-with tests to show a woman which type she needs
– glucomannan, a natural, soluble fiber that when used properly makes one feel full faster, stay satisfied longer, and consequently eat less
– 2 weeks of meal plans, more than 80 easy-to-prepare recipes using glucomannan, and 73 exercises

Thanks to Women’s Health Perfect Body Diet by Cassandra Forsythe, MS, every woman has the tools to achieve her personal best and make her own body the best it can be.


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