Five Seasons in the Kitchen, Avital Sebbag, epub, 9655505847

  • Print Length: 212 pages
  • Publisher: Avital Sebbag
  • Publication Date: May 23, 2016
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9655505847
  • ISBN-13: 978-9655505849
  • Download File Format: epub


“Five Seasons in the Kitchen” is an exciting culinary journey along the paths of vegan cooking that lead to the heart of Avital’s world – 
her kitchen. Whether chopping, kneading, stirring or baking, Avital is master of this gloriously humble realm in which her profound 
love and respect for the fruits of the earth mark her every move. This book contains 75 nutritious, rich and delicious recipes inspired 
by Zen and ancient principles of nutrition.


A few years ago I hadthe amazing opportunity of staying at Avital’s home for a few days. Avital is avery vibrant and generous woman! For me, looking at a photo of one of her foodcreations is similar to looking at Avital, so full of crisp vitality. I was alittle concerned that the menu would not contain enough protein or lack taste,but what I experienced was a significant change in how I experienced food – howit was prepared, how it tasted, and how it felt in my body.
Like many of us, I fearthat raw and vegan dishes will leave me hungry or dissatisfied. By the time myvisit was over, I felt nourished, energetic and grateful to Avital forintroducing me to a healthier way of eating.
Zen practice teaches usto rest in the moment in order to allow our mind to pen to our innate wisdomand compassion. To rest in the moment does not require any altering of ourconsciousness or striving for some other state of being. Zen teaches that wealready contain the seeds of enlightenment and all we need to do is wake up injust this moment. This awakening allows us to see the beautiful grace andsymmetry of this world.
Avital’s book is aperfect example of Zen being brought forth into nutrition. Rather than alteringand adding to our food, artificially coloring it or cooking the life out of it,Avital shows us how to allow food to be celebrated and honored for what it isin its natural state. We could exchange the word ‘food’
for the word ‘mind’. Wemeditate to see our original mind. We eat healthy food in order to return toour original balanced and healthy self.
Soeng Hyang
Head Teacher Kwan UmSchool of Zen

For non-practicing people, food controls the body and the body controls the mind. For practicing people, the mind controls the body and their body controls their food. Eating healthy food just for myself is OK but it will not lead to wisdom. It can be another form of attachment to my body. Eating wisely for others becomes Great Love, Great Compassion and the Great Bodhisattva Way.

Dae Bong Sunim

Zen describes food in terms of the exquisite harmony and utter simplicity in which individual foods are arranged on the plate to express perfection. For me this was one of my first experiences of Zen – even before I began to practice Zen, I experienced it through the senses. By becoming aware of how food tapped my sense of smell, taste, touch, sound and sight, I experienced that very special “Zen ambience.” In this book, Avital has meticulously collected and prepared exquisite recipes to share with us, recipes that engage all the senses and create a unique Zen ambience. Being a sincere student of Zen, I am sure Avital experienced the truth of each of her recipes and has chosen the very best for all of us to share and enjoy. 

I wish all of us Zen appetite!

Jo Potter, Ji Do Poep Sa Nim

If you are looking for a book to significantly improve the quality of your life, your health, and your vitality, I highly recommend you read Five Seasons in the Kitchen and be in touch with Avital so your life can be the best life possible.

Joshua Rosenthal

MScEd, Founder/Director, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

From the Author

This book marks a mile stone on my journey toward an understanding of heathy nutrition and its place in our lives. It is an opportunity for you, dear readers, to glimpse the wonders of a wholesome lifestyle, and to develop an awareness to the mental and spiritual benefits of

well-balanced nutrition by experimenting with delicious, easy-toprepare recipes.

This book motivates change. And change means taking action. Faced with a vast amount of information and approaches to healthy eating, you are probably wondering “What is the right way?” The truth is, there is no “right” way.

I believe with all my heart that we are all creatures of the universe whose earth, seas and skies provide us with the physical, mental and spiritual nourishment we need. That said, we must recognize the values of nature’s abundant offerings, and come to know how we can best benefit from them.

We must be attuned to nature, to the changing of the seasons, and with each season, to the assortment of foods it provides. I have been practicing Zen meditation for years, and have visited many Zen monasteries around the globe. During these visits, I found myself drawn to the kitchens, the beating hearts of these establishments, where humble, tasty foods are prepared – foods that satisfy the body, while preserving the ecosystem. The practice of awareness is enhanced when foods are lighter, and so for me Zen cooking is a way to develop the essence of my existence – to contribute to the world by nurturing and nourishing myself and those around me with healthy foods, and by practicing a wholesome, happy, serene and loving lifestyle.

In 1998, I gave birth to my eldest son, the first of five boys. Motherhood radically changed my perspective on life, and deepened my desire for a well-balanced way of life in an ecologically sound environment. As a result, I embarked on an exciting exploration into the wonders of anthropological nutrition, shiatsu, Chinese medicine and Eastern philosophies. It was on these journeys that I came to understand that we are all one with the world, and that nature provides us with all we need to be healthy and happy. It is my hope that this book will encourage you to appreciate nature’s gifts, to understand the importance of preserving them, and most importantly, to live your life the best way you can – after all, you too are a gift of nature.

Avital Sebbag is an certified natural therapist, specializing in nutrition and ancient Chinese medicine. This book is the culmination of a life time’s work as a vegan chef, Zen teacher and practitioner and a mother of five children. Avital has worked and taught in the field for many years. She specializes in nutrition and ancient Chinese medicine, using various schools of thoughts, sources and physical methods. Avital’s credo is that nutrition awareness plays an important and contributing role in the healthy functioning of the body’s systems. Dietary change is used as a central and important tool in combined therapy. We are active online – and on social media:



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