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Flat Belly Cookbook For Dummies

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  • Title: Flat Belly Cookbook For Dummies
  • Autor: Tara Gidus
  • Publisher (Publication Date): For Dummies; 1 edition (October 28, 2013)
  • Language: English

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The fast and easy way to get a flatter belly

Tens of thousands of Americans have changed theirbodies—and their lives—with the help of the recipes andguidelines developed to eliminate body fat. Flat Belly CookbookFor Dummies includes an overview of the belly fat; groceryshopping and pantry stocking tip; delicious, nutritious, and evenkid-friendly flat belly recipes.

All 125 recipes are carefully developed by America’s Belly FatFighter to make sure every meal includes just the right amount ofbelly-flattening monounsaturated fatty acids (or MUFAs), found innuts and seeds, vegetable oils, olives, avocados, and darkchocolate, so you can mix and match meals to suit your taste.

  • Explains the importance of replacing sugars, saturated fats,and trans fats with whole grains, lean proteins, and fiber
  • Teaches you how to effectively structure your diet, practicegood nutrition, and drop belly fat at the same time
  • Includes 125 flat belly recipes

If you’re looking to shed fat and tone your midsection throughdiet and exercise, Flat Belly Cookbook For Dummies has youcovered.


In true For Dummies style, the book is text only, but nevertheless is clearly laid out, kid-friendly and each recipe is easy to follow. (Healthista, November 2013)

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From the Back Cover

Learn to:Understand the Belly Fat DietMake 100+ delicious recipes developed by America’s Belly FatFighterChange your body — and your lifeThe easy way to shed fat and tone your midsectionIf you’re looking to shed fat and tone your midsection throughdiet and exercise, look no further. With the help of over 100delicious and nutritious recipes, developed by America’s Belly FatFighter, Flat Belly Cookbook For Dummies will make sure eachand every meal includes just the right amount of belly-flatteningmonounsaturated fatty acids (or MUFAs) to help you change your bodyand your life.Wrap your mind around belly fat — understand what bellyfat is, why people develop belly fat, and the health consequencesof too much belly fatEmbrace the belly fat–burning lifestyle — get anintro to the Belly Fat Diet, grasp the principles behind why itworks, and incorporate the Belly Fat Diet into your daily lifeMake a plan — find the Belly Fat Diet plan that’s best foryou: the Turbo-Charged Plan, the Moderation Plan, theGradual-Change Plan, or the Maintenance PlanOpen the book and find:Belly fat–blasting superfoods (and foods to avoid)How to make sense of food labelsTips for stocking your kitchen with the right kinds offoodsDelicious recipes for every meal of the dayKid-friendly meals, slow-cooker meals, and comfort foodsBelly-flattening spices and seasoningsTimesaving kitchen gadgets

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Lot’s of good recipes and info. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far!

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