Food and Nutrition, P.K. Newby, MP3 / Audiobook, 0190846631

  • Print Length: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Publication Date: September 5, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0190846631
  • ISBN-13: 978-0190846633
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From gluten-free to all-Paleo, GMOs to grass-fed beef, our newsfeeds abound with nutrition advice. Whether sensational headlines from the latest study or anecdotes from celebrities and food bloggers, we’re bombarded with “superfoods” and “best ever” diets promising to help us lose weight, fight disease, and live longer. At the same time, we live in an over-crowded food environment that makes it easy to eat, all the time. The result is an epidemic of chronic disease amidst a culture of nutrition confusion-and copious food choices that challenge everyday eaters just trying to get a healthy meal on the table.

But the exhilarating truth is that scientists know an astounding amount about the power of food. A staggering 80% of chronic diseases are preventable through modifiable lifestyle changes, and diet is the single largest contributing factor. And we also know the secrets to eating sustainably to protect our planet.

In Food & Nutrition, Harvard- and Columbia-trained nutrition scientist Dr. P.K. Newby examines 134 stand-alone questions addressing “need to know” topics, including how what we eat affects our health and environment, from farm to fork, and why, when it comes to diet, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts-and one size doesn’t fit all. At the same time, Newby debunks popular myths and food folklore, encouraging readers to “learn, unlearn, and relearn” the fundamentals of nutrition at the heart of a health-giving diet. Her passion for all things food shines through it all, as does her love of the power of science, technology, and engineering to help create healthier diets for ourselves, and a more sustainable future for the planet we share.

About the Author

P.K. Newby, ScD, MPH, MS, is a nutrition scientist and gastronome whose multidisciplinary training spans the biological, social, and public health sciences, creating a unique and refreshing perspective when thinking about today’s food problems and their potential solutions. She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Harvard, where she is an award-winning educator. Her mission is to help people live their healthiest, most delicious lives.

P.K. Newby, ScD, MPH, MS (“The Nutrition Doctor”; is a scientist, science communicator, and gastronome whose mission is to harness her passion for science and food to create a healthier and more sustainable world, deliciously, in all the ways she can—while cutting through all the junk-science and nutrition nonsense out there. Dr. Newby is one of the world’s experts on total diet: when it comes to what you eat, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. She’s also on the faculty at Harvard University, where she’s an award-winning educator. Her passion for nutrition stems from a life-long love affair that include two years as a cook in a vegetarian café. She loves whipping up fabulous dishes that celebrate globally inspired, plant-based cuisine—and was one of the “best undiscovered cooks” and last woman standing with domestic goddess Nigella Lawson on ABC’s “The Taste”. Follow her on social media and salivate over culinary creations on her blog “Cooking & Eating the PK Way”. Her hobbies include traveling, yoga, marathon-ing, reading, and entertaining. And, of course, eating and drinking with family and friends.



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