Foodie goes Primal: A Low Carb Cookbook by Heidi Visser, PDF eBook

April 14, 2018

Foodie goes Primal: A Low Carb Cookbook

My passion for food and eating it has evolved into a passion for eating well; enjoying food that not only satisfies the soul, but also nourishes the body in a healthy and nutritious way.
All my recipes are low carb, or LCHF {Low Carb High Fat} and most of them also Paleo, as this is how we eat at home.
This is not a diet book, nor is it a book that aims to give nutritional guidance or eating plans, it is a source of fabulous, easy to prepare and family-friendly LCHF meals.
This book is all about the enjoyment of food – in its real form – and to show you that you can eat well and healthy without compromising on taste or pleasure.
All the dishes are low carb and real – nothing processed; no sugar, wheat or other nasties.
Our own personal ‘diet’ – or rather lifestyle – stems from a combination of following a Paleo, Primal and LCHF lifestyle.
We want to feel good and be healthy – and still enjoy food!


As a bachelor I love this book and it will certainly work well for on-the-go mums and families as well. Real yummy (and very different) recipes in this book and easy to prepare & to top it all they’re healthy as well. Preparation methods easy to follow and great graphics too. Heidi has managed to breath a fresh breeze of air into this book with her witty way of presentation. Very Nice!
Best Low Carb Recipe book ever.


  • Title: Foodie goes Primal: A Low Carb Cookbook
  • Autor: Heidi Visser
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  • Language: English
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  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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