The Food of Oman: Recipes and Stories from the Gateway to Arabia by Ariana Lindquist, EPUB, PDF, 1449460828

September 7, 2016


The Food of Oman: Recipes and Stories from the Gateway to Arabia by Ariana Lindquist

  • Print Length: 288 Pages
  • Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
  • Publication Date: October 13, 2015
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00YWJ3I1S
  • ISBN-10: 1449460828
  • ISBN-13: 978-1449460822
  • File Format: EPUB, AZW3, PDF


This is a rare find in a cookbook: A new cookbook author, writing about the foods from a tiny country that has not seen much coverage. It’s an honest endeavor and a lot of work has gone into it. It is somewhat amazing, actually, and if you are at all interested in Oman, you should consider picking up this book. I can’t imagine that you will be disappointed.

You can get a great idea of all that this book contains by clicking through the “Look Inside” feature on this product page. The book is written by an American female soldier who had her first glimpse of the Middle East via the first deployment into Iraq when she was in her teens. She fell in love with the area, its people, its ways, its food—it is obvious to see that in this book she has created. There is love and respect here on every page. And, oh wow!, did this girl soldier “blossom” into an articulate, knowledgeable, astute adult!

After the military, she got her college education and eventually earned her master’s degree in food studies. She specialized in Arab “foodways”. Before her first trip into Oman, she worked at Saveur magazine and traveled to the Middle East at every opportunity. So, it comes as no surprise that this book covers quite a lot of ground — you will see that also as you browse through the pages. She eventually made a trip to Oman, and her enthusiasm finally found its foundation. For a tiny country, there is a lot of detail and info in this book—and plenty of intriguing, interesting and beautiful photos. And we get to see it through the eyes of a respectful and reverent expert.

The book has a very personal flair to it, the words are written in a personable style that is pleasant and never arrogant.
There is more information and more story-telling and more explanations of dishes, than there are recipes. But the recipes that are included are important and carefully chosen—and there are plenty of them, too. One hundred titled recipes that I counted. Then there are recipes within recipes for marinades and sauces.

–Bedouin Whole Charred Fish has an ingredient list of only three items. Yet it is the technique that is important, plus it works with any whole mild-tasting saltwater fish. There is plenty to surprise and delight, and this author aims to share her knowledge and wants to teach us all.

— loved the rice recipes. There are plenty to choose from—and it’s all about the rice and the spices, with the chunks of meat, fish, vegetables seemingly just tucked in for extra flavor and nutrients. I loved the curry recipes, too: Peppery Fish Steak Tomato Curry, two squid curries, (especially the Spicy Zanzibari Squid Curry) and a coconut shrimp curry.

–The Slow-Cooked Coconut Beans is worth trying. It is made with kidney beans, tomatoes, garlic, onions, coconut milk and Scotch bonnet chiles. There is a Coconut Creamed Spinach with tomato, onions, serrano chile, coconut milk and cumin.

–There are surprising sweets and wonderful beverages to sip.

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