Gluten-Free Made Easy As 1,2,3: Essentials For Living A Gluten-Free Life by Angela McKeller, PDF eBook

April 13, 2018

Gluten-Free Made Easy As 1,2,3: Essentials For Living A Gluten-Free Life

Disclaimer: This is the BEST gluten-free survival guide and no one will want to be without it. Though it does contain amazing recipes, it is also a guide on how to live a gluten-free life of indulgence and freedom and includes recipes that will bring back delicious comfort foods you miss. Sound impossible? It’s not!

Celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity bring a lot of emotions to the surface for many people; shame, confusion, frustration, and a sense of loss, to name a few. Author, Angela McKeller has written a book that not only helps you overcome these negative emotions by helping you gain control of what seems out of control, but by also providing this easy-to-follow “road map” of information in a book the size of a guide that will easily fit into your purse or glove box. No carrying around a bulky text to help you figure everything out! No one will know what you’re reading, you can easily hide it away in moments, and strangers won’t be able to easily guess what you’re reading through!

This book is a unique, survival guide that will help you navigate the gluten-free path from A to Z, and includes 22 AWESOME recipes.

What to expect:

* A brief explanation of the link between gluten and autism/mood disorders

* How to handle gluten-free for the little ones, as well as the ones off to college

* A list of ingredients you need to avoid

* Understanding gluten-free certification and USFDA approved

* A list of brands that will help with grocery shopping

* Meal planning services that will help you get the ball rolling

* Gluten-free shopping tips helping you save money on what you need

* How to maintain a balanced diet

* How to maintain a safe, mixed household of gluten-free and non-gluten-free folks

* How to handle social gatherings

* How to eat out safely

* A list of safe restaurants, and much more!

The recipes range from a variety of Southern comfort food classics to everyday, healthy foods, and even desserts, that will make this journey easier, less stressful, and certainly tastier.

In “Gluten-Free Made Easy as 1,2,3”, Angela McKeller shows you that there is, indeed, life after a diagnosis of Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. In this easy to read book, based on McKeller’s personal experience of blowing the chance of a lifetime to work with Southern Living, you’ll learn how to not only survive the diagnosis, but how to thrive! She teaches you how to take the fear out of the diagnosis. Get your health back. Serve food that makes everyone go “Mmmm!” instead of “Hmmm…” and eat food you LOVE again. Gluten-free isn’t a life sentence!

Get the book, get your health back, and quickly get your life back! Don’t wait!

About the author: Angela McKeller is an award winning recipe writer, cookbook author, and has been appeared on The Food Network, ABC’s Carolina Kitchen and Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “Georgia Cooks”. She has been featured in many publications and online e-zines, such as CBS’ Mancave Daily, MORE Magazine, Augusta Magazine, Points North Magazine, Skirt Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and many more.


This is a wonderful book for people beginning their Gluten-Free lifestyle. I have learned so much and was amazed by how wonderful the recipes are, and substitutions that can be made for flour. Highly recommend!” ~Jennifer D., well-known healthy recipe blogger at”What a gem in the gluten-free world! Delicious recipes, a slew of resources, answers to your gluten-free questions – a MUST for your gluten-free repertoire. I don’t hesitate in recommending it to my clients.” Marisa V., The Food Sensitive Foodie at

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About the Author

Angela McKeller is an award winning recipe writer, cookbook author, and has been appeared on The Food Network, ABC’s Carolina Kitchen and Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “Georgia Cooks”. She has been featured in many publications and online e-zines, such as CBS’ Mancave Daily, MORE Magazine, Augusta Magazine, Points North Magazine, Skirt Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and many more.

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I am not on a gluten-free diet. However, my nephew is, and my sister has a wheat allergy, so when they have visited, I have encountered the issue of needing to be sensitive to gluten. In fact, as a sufferer from sulfite and nitrite allergies, I truly understand how tiny portions of a substance hidden in foods can have a huge impact! In fact, I have suffered in many instances when cross contamination of bacon on a grill and my hamburger occurred and I ended up in the emergency room gasping for air. First of all, I love the attitude here in this book – living gluten-free doesn’t mean giving up things, it means eating wonderfully, just using different ingredients. In fact, I particularly appreciate that the recipes included in the book weren’t just written from a group of “gluten free recipes” but that much thought went into the preparation and actual testing of them. And not only did the author/cook test these on herself, she tested them on friends. Second, this isn’t just a recipe book. Think of it as a map into a strange territory, one that you might have been forced into without a choice. As with any tourist area, having a local map out the area for you is extremely helpful. In this case, the author discovered that she had gluten sensitivities and writes the entire book from a first person experience. She guides you on your first shopping expedition, and she gives you lists of things to avoid, but more importantly, she gives you a wonderful list of things that you can use! Obviously, in today’s world, there are many (expensive) boxes out there with gluten-free brownies, cookies, etc. But when you make your own, you have the pleasure of having fresh cooked food by your favorite chef – YOU! I have read many gluten-free books and truly appreciate both the information and recipes provided here as well as the sound advice!
As a person making a gradual transition to the Paleo Diet, I am in an almost constant search of books that discuss Paleo, gluten-free, and low-carb recipes to add to my own growing inventory. This book garnered my interest because it contains two words that I look for in any cookbook now: gluten-free and easy. I have come to realize that just because you decrease or cut out gluten doesn’t mean that cooking will be easy! One of the interesting things (and I think helpful) things about this book is the open and balanced discussion about the gluten-free lifestyle. A lot of books I have encountered launch right into recipes after a brief (if any) overview, which often leaving me confused and a little irritated. In the beginning of the book, the author takes the time to explain: Dietary issues that might cause you to consider/or not consider eating gluten-free How to shop on a gluten-free lifestyle and what to look out for (in terms of ingredients) to ensure you are eating gluten-free food What the gluten-free diet may lack and how to make sure you get those nutrients How to integrate a gluten-free diet into your social lifestyle How to prevent gluten cross-contamination The rest of the book covers recipes, along with hints and commentaries, for several foods that I believed were outside the realm of a gluten-free diet, including: Gluten-Free Pigs in a Blanket Gluten-Free Chicken Strips with Honey Mustard Thai Chicken Salad with Creamy Soy Ginger Dressing Chicken Parmesan Gluten-Free Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Peanut Butter Cookies and yes, Birthday Cake! Overall, I found the book an extremely helpful guide for someone who is either making the decision to eat gluten-free or who has already made the decision and needs help. The book does have a focus on people who have gluten intolerance; however, it has applicability for anyone who wants to decrease or eliminate the amount of gluten in their diet. With this book, you will have a nice set of recipes along with the knowledge and Internet resources to get started or advance on the gluten-free path. It was a very unique cookbook that I will believe I will turn to often as I transition further into Paleo. The only thing that I wished the book might improve on was the number of recipes. There are a lot of recipes, but adding a few more would probably help novice gluten-free and Paleo cooks like myself a little bit more.
As anyone dealing with gluten allergies or Celiac Disease knows, the ability and ease of socializing is very challenging if not seemingly impossible. But this author clearly understands the issues well, and I really enjoyed the chapter on socializing when you also need to avoid gluten. The rest of the book is filled with excellent information on dealing with the disease as well, but since we are in the holiday season where food is a huge part of the fun, that chapter was most helpful to me right now. There are several recipes included in the chapter for great appetizer/finger foods I can take to the next party and enjoy having something special to eat that others will enjoy at the same time even if they don’t need a gluten-free diet. I am still laughing at the suggestion to post a sign with your own gluten-free contributions to parties or potlucks and will enjoy using the funny notice of “This Fork is ONLY for Gluten-Free; Move It & Deal With ME!” If light-hearted and self-deprecating humor can be a part of coping with the disease, it sure does cut down on shame or embarrassment in public socializing situations! If you are on the “special” life path of gluten allergies, you will find all the information included in the book to not only be helpful, but also very supportive in dealing with a complicated and confusing medical issue.

  • Title: Gluten-Free Made Easy As 1,2,3: Essentials For Living A Gluten-Free Life
  • Autor: Angela McKeller
  • Publisher (Publication Date): CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 17, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: |
  • ISBN-13: |
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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