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September 25, 2017

Home Sausage Making, 4th Edition: From Fresh and Cooked to Smoked, Dried, and Cured: 100 Specialty Recipes by Charles G. Reavis

  • Print Length: 376 Pages
  • Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • Publication Date: August 22, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1612129854
  • ISBN-13: 978-1612129853
  • File Format: EPUB



Preface to the 4th Edition
Part One: The Basics
1. Sausage 101
2. Essential Techniques

Part Two: The Sausages
3. Pork Sausages
4. Beef, Lamb, and Veal Sausages
5. Combination Sausages
6. Game Sausages
7. Poultry Sausages
8. Seafood Sausages
9. Vegetarian Sausages

Part 3: Cooking with Sausage
10. Sausage for Breakfast or Brunch
11. Sausage Starters
12. Sausage for Lunch or Dinner

Metric Equivalents and Conversions
Spice Weights and Measures
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Like the first person to eat an oyster, history’s first sausage maker
is anonymous. But we owe this person a great debt, for sausage is
up there with wine and cheese and bread as one of the world’s
greatest foods. It’s more than just a way of preserving meat and
using up the scraps — just consider all the myriad ways you could
do that and not end up with sausage. It’s also intrinsically
satisfying in its shape and form and texture (or mouthfeel), which
somehow cuts across all walks of life to please every type of eater —
omnivore, pescatarian, poultry preferrer, and vegan alike — and
manages to be an ideal vessel for flavor in all its forms. How else to
explain the popularity of sausages that venture far from their
origins, be they made with pork, beef, oysters, alligator, or tofu.
Just think: Sausage has been made for centuries in a great many
cultures and countries around the world, with great variation and
ingenuity in taking advantage of local conditions and ingredients.
This book is well suited for sausage makers of all skill levels. If
you have never made sausage before, this book will walk you
through the steps to do so successfully and confidently. With even
minimal equipment, anyone can make a simple fresh sausage: It’s
sort of like meatloaf stuffed into a casing (or, much more simply,
formed into a patty). If you choose the traditional route, invite
family and friends to pitch in; creating an assembly line of the
various steps will make the process (from butchering to grinding to
stuffing and cooking) that much easier and more enjoyable.
Even the more experienced sausage makers will find inspiration
among the recipes for 100 different types of sausages —
everything from classic fresh pork or poultry sausages to old-world
cured and smoked specialties, and in this edition, a selection of
sausages with up-to-date flavor profiles. Game sausage using elk,
venison, boar, and rabbit (among other creatures) will please
hunters — even those of the armchair variety. (Come to think of it,
that first sausage maker might well have been a hunter faced with
hundreds of pounds of woolly mammoth, yards of intestines, and
the prospect of a long winter and an expansive family to feed.)
There are also sausages made with seafood as well as utterly
delicious ones that are vegetarian.
Once you get the hang of sausage making, there’s no turning
back. You’ll find excuses to put your skills to excellent use anytime
you can. Befriend a local farmer and you’ll have a steady supply of
quality pastured meats with which to hone your craft. Let your own
ingenuity be your guide in improvising on the basic formula,
knowing that you’re in good company.
The years since this book was first published have seen an
explosion of interest in ethnic foods and flavors. People have
focused on sausage as both an old-fashioned favorite and a
satisfying food with great flavor possibilities. In retail markets,
sausage sales have boomed, and the number of home sausage
makers has also risen, inspired by the resurgence of old-world,
small-batch products that are popping up at farmers’ markets and
specialty grocers across the country. People want sausage that is
both tasty and healthful, and that is made with meat that is
responsibly raised. When you make your own sausage, you can
ensure that your product also passes muster.
In this edition, contributions from sausage makers in the
United States have resulted in added recipes for ramp and caraway
pork sausage, venison and lamb cevapi, and Moroccan goat
sausage, just to mention a few. We hope these recipes inspire you
to try your own variations.
— Evelyn Battaglia and Charles Reavis

Home Sausage Making is the most comprehensive go-to reference on the subject — and the re-designed fourth edition is better than ever, with 60 percent new and updated recipes, the most current guidelines for popular charcuterie techniques such as dry curing and smoking, and more. Step-by-step photos make the process accessible for cooks of all levels, and 100 recipes range from breakfast sausage to global favorites like mortadella, liverwurst, chorizo, salami, kielbasa, and bratwurst. Recipes for using wild game, chicken, seafood, and vegetables ensure there’s something for every taste. An additional 100 recipes highlight creative ways to cook with sausage.

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