How to Grow Mushrooms at Home: Guide to Indoor Mushroom Farming for Health and Profit by Randall Frank, Download eBook, ISBN:

March 2, 2018

How to Grow Mushrooms at Home: Guide to Indoor Mushroom Farming for Health and Profit

Learn about how you can be a part of ‘fungiculture’ and grow mushrooms at home for health and profit. This book explains how mushrooms grow, how to grow mushrooms, what mushrooms to grow, and the amazing health benefits of eating certain types of mushrooms. You will discover mushrooms are easy to grow and many have protein, B vitamins, minerals and some tout medicinal properties such as boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol, and having a positive effect on certain cancers. In addition there are tips, methods, and insider techniques for growing mushrooms and marketing them. How to Grow Mushrooms at Home is the ultimate guide to indoor mushroom farming.


This book is absolutely a must have if you would like to grow mushrooms at home, or even if you just want to know more about mushrooms. Not only does this book tell you HOW to grow them, it gives you a breakdown on each individual kind of mushroom that is out there available to grow. It covers how to grow each individual mushroom in depth, it tells you the temperature and humidity level needed for each one, and even what to look for as they are growing as well as what to look for as they reach maturity and harvest time. There are full color illustrations throughout the book, so you can easily identify each mushroom type, and for a visual person like me, that was invaluable. There are mushrooms, like the Turkey Tail and the Lion’s Mane that I didn’t even know existed and are also considered a delicacy for their unique taste. Who would have thought a certain mushroom could taste like seafood? This book is a comprehensive guide to mushrooms, it not only gives you a color photo and description, it also tells you which mushrooms are used for medicinal purposes, something I didn’t realize before buying this book–that some mushrooms have medicinal value. As another added bonus, it even tells you how to cook each type of mushroom, and what kind of taste they have, which was a real surprise and a very welcome addition to this book. If you like mushrooms, even if you don’t want to grow them yourself, you should grab this book simply for all of the information it contains about these tasty treats.
just got it today! finally a book with some decent sized print in it, easy to understand, and the page numbers all appear in the same location on the pages, no more hunting around to find where it is at !!! the cost is very low, so I can’t expect high quality color fotos on high quality paper, but for the money, this is a hard book to beat, and an excellent value !! its an easy to read, no non-sense book to growing mushrooms INDOORS, for someone’s health and Profit. it lists many resources of information and supplies and more, with the website URL. this is a very handy thing to have so you know where and who can help or supply you with products and tools needed in the business. For the money, this is worth every cent of the cost of the book ( paperback) booklet, even if the fotos and paper its written on are not top quality! so take care of your collection of books and booklets, they should last a lifetime! mine do !

  • Title: How to Grow Mushrooms at Home: Guide to Indoor Mushroom Farming for Health and Profit
  • Autor: Randall Frank
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Homesteading Publishers; 1 edition (September 22, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: |
  • ISBN-13: |
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF

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