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I Love My Wok: More Than 100 Fresh, Fast and Healthy Recipes

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  • Title: I Love My Wok: More Than 100 Fresh, Fast and Healthy Recipes
  • Autor: Nicola Graimes
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Nourish (August 15, 2017)
  • Language: English

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The wok is a tremendous tool in the kitchen, but all too often it is under-used and unappreciated. With I Love My Wok, rediscover how you can use just one pan to make mouthwatering, fresh and healthy dishes. Featuring over 100 inspiring recipes for snacks, lunches and dinners, all of which are easy to follow and simple to make, you’ll learn how to make the most of your wok.
Learn all the techniques you need – be it steaming, stir-frying, deep-frying, braising, or even smoking – to recreate exciting dishes from all over the world. Spicy curries, speedy stir-fries, healthy steamed vegetable and fish dishes, delicious dim sum, and amazing Asian soups and broth can all be on the table in no time at all. This is wok cooking at its best, and this wonderful selection of delicious and nutritious meals is the perfect addition to the kitchen bookshelf.

About the Author

Nicola Graimes is an award-winning cookery writer and former editor of Vegetarian Living magazine. She has written more than 20 books, including The Top 100 Recipes for a Healthy Lunchbox, The Big Book of Wok, The Big Book of Low-Carb Recipes, Veggienomics, The New Vegetarian Kitchen (that was chosen as one of OFM’s Top 50 Cookbooks of the Year) and The Part-Time Vegetarian for Nourish.

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Title: I Love My Wok: More Than 100 Fresh, Fast and Healthy Recipes Author: Nicola Graimes Publisher: Nourish Published: 8-15-2017 Pages: 176 Genre: Cooking, Food & Wine Sub-Genre: ,Cookbooks, ISBN: 9781848993297 ASIN: 801N77N6TD Reviewed For NetGalley and Nourish Reviewer: DelAnne Rating: 4 Stars For clarification, these recipes were originally published in 2006 in the “Big book of Wok”. Which lucky for me I neither have nor have I read before. If you do have it then beware before purchasing. Woks are not just for stir fry vegetables any more, now you can cook the entire meal, coups, rice, meat and vegetables. I love Chinese food. the problem is finding good recipes to reproduce at home. Believe me restaurant chefs do not want to give up “I Love My Graimes” Nicola walks you thru from selecting your Wok to how to season it. What tools to use with it to different cooking techniques. I actually had the ingredients on hand the night I received my book to make the Golden Purses appetizers, I had not heard of them before but the sounded delicious. The Instructions were easy to follow and I ended making 30 of them They were delicious and my family loved them. Be sure to turn your hand at the Hoisin Beef Stir-Fry Then again if you don’t care for meat their is always the tasty Thai Red Butternut Squash Curry.. No matter what you choose the dishes are always flavorful and the recipes easy to follow. Measurements are usually in British, but most have American counterparts listed as well. My rating of “I Love My Wok: More Than 100 Fresh, Fast and Healthy Recipes” is 4 out of 5 stars.

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