Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook: Savory Spices and Bold Flavors of South Asia by May Abraham Fridel, PDF Book,

March 17, 2018

Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook: Savory Spices and Bold Flavors of South Asia

The Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook brings the taste, aroma, and health benefits of basic and exotic Indian spices into the kitchen for those with diabetes or prediabetes, or those simply looking to eat and feel better. Delicious Indian dishes that are packed with flavor and fiber-rich ingredients are simpler than you think, and the quick, easy-to-make meals have all been adapted to meet the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. Emphasizing a healthy eating philosophy, this cookbook helps the home cook make non-processed meals from scratch in no time at all.

Each recipe has been carefully crafted to deliver authentic and bold Indian flavors while using practical techniques and tips for the modern cook who doesn’t have the time nor the complicated tools used in traditional Indian cooking.

This collection is a culinary trip through the flavors and spices of India.

About the Author

May Abraham Fridel was born in the Indian state of Kerala, one of the spice centers of the world, and comes from a family of spice merchants. With this rich culinary heritage, she learned to cook classic Indian dishes from her family. This is her first book with the American Diabetes Association.

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As a home cook with several diabetic family members, we are constantly searching for healthy and flavorful foods to serve at family gatherings. The author’s experience with spices comes through in this book with her unique and flavorful combinations of spices. The spice combinations are often flexible enough to be enjoyed with a variety of different proteins or simply paired with vegetables as a vegetarian option. Until purchasing this book, we didn’t have much experience with Indian spices and flavors. We’ve enjoyed a number of dishes featured in this book and we look forward to continued expansion of our culinary palette!
Very authentic Indian recipes that are full of flavor. The recipes are effectively tweaked to accommodate dietary restrictions for individuals with diabetes. Great tips for alternates and the book provides sources for ingredients. So this book is also very helpful to those who are just getting their feet wet with Indian cuisine.
Easy to follow recipes and lots of flavor.

  • Title: Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook: Savory Spices and Bold Flavors of South Asia
  • Autor: May Abraham Fridel
  • Publisher (Publication Date): American Diabetes Association (May 31, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: |
  • ISBN-13: |
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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