Indian Housewife’s Recipe Book by Laxmi Khurana, PDF, 0716020785

March 11, 2018

Indian Housewife's Recipe Book

Laxmi Khurana is an Indian housewife living in the UK. Her recipes have been handed down to her through the generations, and admired by her family and friends. Here, in her classic curry cookbook, she makes them available to everyone, so you can re-create authentic Indian meals for all the family – from starters to raitas, chutneys and pickles to sweets, as well as the ever popular curries – all with minimum fuss and maximum satisfaction that this is the real thing.

? Recipes for traditional ‘family’ dishes, not normally served in Indian restaurants
? Uses ingredients and spices that are widely available
? Simple, economical dishes that anyone can make

Some reader reviews:

‘The recipes are very simple and clear to follow. They produce the best curries I have ever made. The ingredients can all be found easily in any supermarket.’

‘It doesn’t require you to pre-prepare 6 basic sauces first. Just pick up the book and cook.’

‘Good, honest and easy everyday cooking for those of us addicted to Indian food.’

About the Author

Laxmi Khurana is an Indian housewife living in the UK. The recipes which she features in this book have been handed down to her through the generations.

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Every recipe has been a stunner so far. We get a recommendation from someone who is on their third copy from using it multiple times a week.
A treasure of a book. If you can’t stand heat, though, be warned. After several attempts my husband went from a whole pepper, to half a pepper, to none, and it’s still plenty spicy with just the spices.
Like, the previous reviewer, I too have used and loved this recipe book for almost twenty years. And I second everything she’s written about it. It appears very simple and unassuming, but that belies the excellence of the recipes. My old book is looking a bit ragged, so I came to Amazon in hopes it was still available. Very happy to see it is, and that Laxmi Khurana has another follower.

  • Title: Indian Housewife’s Recipe Book
  • Autor: Laxmi Khurana
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Constable & Robinson; 3rd edition (July 20, 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 0716020785
  • ISBN-13: | 978-0716020783
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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