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November 23, 2017

Listen and Lose Weight: The Breakthrough Hypnosis Program for Permanent Weight Loss by Glenn Harrold

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  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Publication Date: October 28, 2007
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Welcome to Listen and Lose Weight: The Break-

through Hypnosis Program for Permanent Weight Loss.

This book and hypnotherapy CD will help you lose

weight and maintain a new healthy lifestyle. The fact that

you have bought this book means you are determined

to reach this goal. Maybe the reason you have not pre-

viously succeeded in achieving your weight loss goal is

because you did not address the underlying root causes of

your weight problems. There is always a root cause driv-

ing any bad habit or problem, and being overweight and

unfi t is simply an accumulation of bad habits. This book

and hypnotherapy CD will give you the tools to change

those habits forever, providing the catalyst for permanent

changes to improve your health and well-being.

Listen and Lose Weight is not a rigid weight loss pro-

gram or plan that you must adhere to. Rather it covers

everything you need to help you create a new, holistic

approach to eating and exercise. I’m not a fan of one-size-


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x Preface

fi ts-all programs because in my experience each person’s

reason for being overweight is unique. My goal with this

book is to cover all issues connected with weight control

and to help as many people as possible achieve their goals

by using psychological reprogramming techniques and

motivational guidance.

Learning new skills on both a conscious level and

an unconscious level can facilitate changes in behavior

very quickly. This is how hypnotherapy works, and you

will learn many techniques to help you release negative

conditioning and program your mind with positive new


When I discovered hypnosis and how effective it can

be in changing patterns of behavior, it changed my life.

For many years I worked as a musician. In my teens I

played bass in a punk band that morphed into a pop band

that went on to have an all-too-brief taste of success in

the early 1980s. Later on I made a living playing covers

in pubs, bars, hotels, and restaurants. One of these gigs

was a show in a club where we shared the bill with a stage

hypnotist. I had always been fascinated by the power

of the mind, and, after watching the show, I decided to

learn hypnosis.

However, I didn’t want to learn hypnosis just to make

people do whacky stuff. I was drawn to hypnosis because

of its potential to heal. This is the difference between

stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The former uses hyp-

nosis largely to entertain while the latter uses hypnosis to

help and transform. Once I became qualifi ed in hypnosis,



I went on to build a busy private practice and have gained

great personal satisfaction from helping people overcome

their problems. I have treated thousands of clients and

have dealt with every kind of stress-related problem and

all types of phobia. I have helped people lose weight, stop

smoking, overcome fears, overcome sleep problems, and

build their self-confi dence and self-esteem.

After gaining this invaluable grassroots experience, I

drew upon my musical background and began making

hypnosis CDs, primarily to support my work with my cli-

ents. The combination of my hypnotherapy experience

and recording knowledge enabled me to make effective

CDs, which I sold in many stores. Then I started my own

publishing company to market and distribute my mate-

rials. I had no marketing or publishing experience but

simply used my self-hypnosis skills to help me succeed in

business. At the time of writing this book, my hypnosis

CDs have sold 500,000 copies worldwide and are one of

the world’s most downloaded self-help audios.

With Listen and Lose Weight, I have used my experi-

ence to create a book and CD that contain everything

you need to help you lose weight, build self-esteem, and

develop a powerful, lasting motivation to take full con-

trol of your health and well-being. I wish you all the

very best and hope that Listen and Lose Weight will be the inspiration you have been seeking.

Best wishes.

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Iwould like to thank my editor at McGraw-Hill,

Johanna Bowman, for her hard work and attention to

detail; Jan Warran-Smith at Diviniti Publishing for her

copyedits and guidance; my wife, Aly Harrold, for her

advice and for being my sounding board for ideas; and all

the staff at Diviniti Publishing for their support.


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How Hypnosis Works

There is a misconception that you are out of

control when under hypnosis. The truth is you

are very much in control and in a position to

empower yourself while under hypnosis.

If you read through Listen and Lose Weight carefully,

practice the self-hypnosis techniques, and listen reg-

ularly to the hypnotherapy CD, you will achieve any

weight loss goal you set for yourself. This will happen

without struggle or confl ict. You will simply learn to

reprogram your mind to eat healthily and exercise more.

The two crucial elements to achieving weight loss

are: Eat smaller amounts of healthy food and exercise regularly.

Simple, really! How great would it be if this were easy?

Well, it absolutely can be. I want you to know that you


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Listen and Lose Weight

truly deserve to be healthy, happy, and in good shape.

This is your right, and you are going to learn to embrace

these new beliefs on a deep level. When you do this, you

won’t need to diet or struggle anymore. Instead, you will

automatically accept that you are a healthy eater and in

control of your weight. By taking back control in a com-

pletely natural way through learning to reprogram your

thoughts, you can genuinely learn to love healthy food

and exercising, while teaching yourself to dislike sweet,

fattening junk food and high-calorie drinks. When you

absorb and assimilate these beliefs on a deeper uncon-

scious level, staying in control of your weight becomes

natural and easy.

In my hypnotherapy practice the most common prob-

lem I help people with is weight loss. Having helped

thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals in

one-on-one sessions and via my weight loss CDs and

DVDs, I have a good understanding of the role the

unconscious mind plays in losing weight. Have you ever

started on a new weight loss program with great enthu-

siasm and resolve, only to slip back three months later

into those old, destructive eating patterns? The only way

to guarantee lasting change is to reprogram your mind.

Even the very best weight loss programs only teach you

to eat healthily and to exercise on a conscious level.

It is said that the conscious part of our brain accounts

for about 10 percent of our minds. It seems an awful waste

to me that we cart this big brain around but then fail to

make full use of it. Well, you are going to learn to tap into

How Hypnosis Works


the creative, resourceful part of your brain and use more

than the standard 10 percent. The key is using the inner

worlds of meditation, visualization, and self-hypnosis.

This is where your innate power and creativity reside.

As you can see, working with a weight loss program on a

superfi cial, conscious level will not create lasting change.

To succeed in the long term, you also need to work at a

deeper, unconscious level.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore.

You want to lose weight and feel good while you do so.

Therefore, enjoying the whole process is important.

When you reprogram your thought processes through

hypnosis that is exactly what will happen. You will feel

good about yourself and learn how to develop a powerful new self-esteem and a real motivation to exercise. Having a holistic approach to your health is the key to mak-

ing a lasting change to your weight.

How Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis Work

Throughout this book there are a number of self-

hypnosis techniques and visualizations designed to help

you focus on different weight loss issues.

Don’t let the thought of being under hypnosis scare

you, as it is often misunderstood. When you experience

hypnosis you are simply in an altered state of conscious-

ness. When you go to sleep at night and you drift between

consciousness and unconsciousness it feels natural, but as


Listen and Lose Weight

you drift asleep your brain waves are actually slowing.

When you go into a hypnotic trance the same thing hap-

pens, although you are still aware of your surroundings

even as you drift into deeper states. It can sometimes feel

as though very little is happening and that you can open

your eyes at any time and be wide awake. This is true, but

you can still achieve lasting changes even from being in

the lightest trance.

Being in an altered state of consciousness or in a hyp-

notic trance is actually something you will experience

naturally many times in your life. For example, just before

you fall asleep each night and before you are fully awake

in the morning you are in a

trance state that everyone on

We all experience

the planet experiences. These

hypnosis at least

morning and evening trance

states are called the hypnogogic

twice a day. The

and hypnopompic states. Day-

hypnogogic and hyp-

dreaming is another naturally

nopompic states are

occurring trance state that is

familiar to all of us. Now you can

natural trance states

learn how to create those states

that occur as you are

at will to empower yourself and

waking up and drift-

develop a healthy lifestyle.

ing off to sleep every

Imagine an iceberg with the

tip above the water and the huge

morning and night.

bulk below the surface. This is

often used to describe the con-

scious and unconscious minds. We spend most of our time

in our conscious thoughts and only sporadically tap into

How Hypnosis Works


our unconscious mind when we daydream or get creative

ideas. The only other time we spend in our unconscious

thoughts is when we are sleeping, when our conscious

mind has switched off. Learning to connect with your

deep unconscious mind by focusing your thoughts can

help you in so many different ways to achieve goals, fi nd

your creativity, or overcome diffi culties.

When you start to use the self-hypnosis and visualiza-

tion techniques in this book, don’t worry if you feel you’re

not doing it right or not going deep enough into a trance.

Affi rmations and visualizations are a remarkably effec-

tive reprogramming method, and they will still make a

big impact on your inner thought processes. Just by clos-

ing your eyes, breathing deeply, and really focusing on

the affi rmations as you say them, you will begin to make

signifi cant positive changes in the way you think and feel

about your health and well-being.

Don’t get concerned about achieving a certain depth of

trance. Absorbing suggestion is the crucial element in therapy-based hypnosis, and this can be achieved easily even in very

light alpha trance states. The most important part of hypnosis is focusing your attention on a specifi c goal while you are

relaxed and receptive to changes.

Using Hypnosis to Help You

Realize Your Goal

Hypnosis can help you achieve your weight loss goal by

changing patterns of behavior on a deep level, which


Listen and Lose Weight

will bring about lasting changes. This will help you cre-

ate new healthy habits that will become a permanent

part of your life. As I said earlier, working on a weight

loss goal on a purely conscious level will not bring about

lasting changes. Working on a deeper, unconscious level,

however, allows you to create new core beliefs that stay

with you.

When you close your eyes, relax, and practice going

into a deeper trance, you will be drifting into an altered

state of consciousness. So be aware of the occurrence of

this gentle shift in consciousness when you are practicing

self-hypnosis and going into a trance. Hypnosis is often

subtle. It is not the sudden deep trance at the snap of the

fi ngers that you may have seen performed by stage hyp-

notists. This type of high-profi le theatrical induction can

create a misrepresentation. In most normal sessions, the

induction into deeper hypnosis is gradual and controlled

by the person under hypnosis.

How to Use This Book and CD

Don’t worry if some of the techniques included here

seem a little unusual to you; with practice you will

soon get the hang of them. You don’t need to use every

technique, just use the ones that apply the most to your

situation. However, some techniques such as the future

visualization technique (Chapter 2), the motivation

technique (Chapter 4), and the releasing negative con-

How Hypnosis Works


ditioning technique (Chapter 5) are very important and

will apply to everyone. Use the techniques in the book

that are most relevant to your situation. If your biggest

problem is that you eat too much sugary food, then give

more attention to the techniques that help you break free

of this habit.

The CD that accompanies this book was created spe-

cifi cally to reinforce the book’s content. The unique

techniques and subtle sound effects have been carefully

created for maximum impact. I recommend that you lis-

ten to the CD through headphones while lying down so

you can absorb all the positive suggestions and affi rma-

tions on a deeper level. I also suggest that you start using

the CD as soon as possible because the two thirty-minute

hypnotherapy sessions on it for weight loss and exercise

motivation will give you a great start. Once you feel you

are in control, you can use the CD to reinforce your goals

whenever you feel the need.

Track 1, “Lose Weight Now,” will help you release

negative conditioning, build your self-esteem, create a

powerful future visualization, and develop healthy eat-

ing patterns. Track 2, “Feel Motivated to Exercise,” will

help you become much more active and build a powerful

desire to exercise regularly. When you have a deep-rooted

belief that you love exercising, losing weight and maintaining fi tness becomes effortless. If you want to focus

more on weight loss, healthy eating, and self-esteem, lis-

ten regularly to Track 1 on the CD. If you want to focus

on building a strong exercise motivation, use Track 2


Listen and Lose Weight

more often. If you want to focus equally on both areas,

you may want to alternate tracks each day. (For more

guidelines on how to use the CD, see Appendix A.)

The background sound effects on each hypnotherapy

track have been created in certain keys and frequencies,

and they help to guide you into a deep state of mental and

physical relaxation. In this very receptive and relaxed

state, you will be given a number of posthypnotic and

direct suggestions to help you free yourself from poor

conditioning, build your self-esteem, and lose weight.

Toward the end of both tracks, you will be instructed

to repeat special hypnotic affi rmations to help you create

a new healthy lifestyle. When you repeat these affi rma-

tions, say them with conviction

and believe they are a reality.

The stronger the feelings

The stronger the feelings you

you create, the more

create, the more effective the

affi rmations will be. So really

effective the affi rma-

put your heart and soul into

tions will be. So really

embracing these positive new

put your heart and soul


into embracing these

In addition to using your

feelings and emotions, the other

positive new beliefs.

key to absorbing hypnotic sug-

gestion is “compounding.”

This means that the more you hear the suggestions on

the CD as well as use the self-hypnosis techniques in this

book, the quicker your unconscious mind will get the

How Hypnosis Works


message. You will then respond to the suggestions auto-

matically in your everyday life.

There are also a number of echoed background affi r-

mations on both CD tracks, which pan from left to right

in your headphones. This deeply relaxing and powerful

method of delivering multiple suggestions simultane-

ously to the unconscious mind can facilitate positive

changes very quickly. At the end of each recording, you

will be gently brought back to full waking conscious-

ness with a combination of suggestion and music. There

are also a number of positive subliminal suggestions,

which are embedded in the fade-out music and facili-

tate the overall effect. These subliminal suggestions are

the same as the affi rmation phrases on pages 150 and

151 of Appendix B.

There are no hard and fast rules as to how long the CD

should be used. The hypnosis CD works differently for

each individual. It is impossible to give an estimate for

the number of times you should use it, but after listen-

ing a few times you should begin to notice some posi-

tive changes. The positive changes may be instant and

dramatic or a gradual, subtle progression into new pat-

terns of behavior. For maximum effect, listen to the CD

on a daily basis until you feel you have achieved your

goals—in this case, eating healthily and exercising reg-

ularly. You can also continue listening even after you

reach your goals because doing so helps reinforce what

you have learned.


Listen and Lose Weight

If you fall asleep listening to the CD but still hear

the count to ten at the end of the track, you have prob-

ably been in a deep trance throughout. In this state

you will still absorb all the suggestions on an uncon-

scious level. If you don’t hear the count at the end, you

have probably drifted into a deep sleep at some point.

In this case, you will absorb the suggestions only to

the point where you went into a deeper sleep. If this

happens, avoid listening when you are tired.

Your Power of Choice

There are many reasons why people develop poor

eating habits, but it is important to remember that

you have power of choice. You can choose right now

to make changes to the way you eat and exercise.

Whatever has happened in the past, you no longer

need to let that poor conditioning or bad experience

control your life. There are a number of techniques

in this book and on the CD to help you overcome

negative conditioning. It doesn’t make sense to allow

events from your past to mess up your life now. You

can go forward from here with a clean slate and learn

to believe that you deserve to be f it, healthy, and in

good shape.

How Hypnosis Works


Say that to yourself now: “I deserve to be f it,

healthy, and in good shape.” If it feels good when you

say it now, then that’s f ine. If at this point aff irming

this phrase feels uncomfortable, don’t worr y—after

reading this book and using the CD, you will be

saying and believing it and feeling ver y good as you

do so.

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Supercharging Your

Weight Loss Goal

Visualizing your weight loss goal and creating a

clear image in your mind of how you will look and

feel when you reach your goal is very important.

Hypnotherapy can help anyone achieve permanent

results. The only people who can’t be helped are

those who don’t want help. Sometimes people refuse help,

preferring to wallow in their own self-pity and neglect,

which is usually a result of negative conditioning in their

past. But, if you have the desire, you can overcome any

bad conditioning. It comes down to how much you want

it, and you have to be truthful. If someone is overweight

and doesn’t want to change, then there is little anyone can

do to help. The desire to change has to come from within.

If you have that spark of desire, then anything is possible.


Copyright © 2008 by Glenn Harrold. Click here for terms of use.


Listen and Lose Weight

You are going to learn to build a powerful and lasting

inner desire to lose weight and become fi t and healthy.

You are not going to discuss it with anyone or try to

impress others when you lose a few pounds here and

there. This journey is for you and you alone. You are

going to learn to remain disciplined and focused.

Write down the three main

reasons why you are now

“To lengthen thy Life,

choos ing to lose weight and

lessen thy meals.”

become fi t. Perhaps you want

—Benjamin Franklin

to lose weight for your health

or be cause you want to be more

active with your children. If it helps, close your eyes and

think about your priorities and why it is important for

you to lose weight and become fi t.

Now write down the three main things you would

really love to change, for example, to have more energy,

to have a better body shape, or to feel more attractive.

Whatever they are, write down the most important

things that apply to you.

Supercharging Your Weight Loss Goal


Now that you have clarifi ed your reasons for choos-

ing to lose weight and the things you aim to change, you

can move forward with these

in mind. When you genuinely

You are going to learn

have the desire to lose weight,

you can begin to create new

to build a powerful

healthy routines and incorpo-

and lasting inner desire

rate into your daily life many

to lose weight and

of the techniques that you will

become fi t and healthy.

learn in this book. This can

be very enjoyable because you

will be empowering yourself on a deep level, which can

also have a positive impact in so many other areas of your life.

Defi ning Your Goal

Next you need to determine your weight loss goal. What

is your ideal healthy weight? Think carefully about your

ideal target weight and don’t put a limit on your goal.

Even if you weigh 300 pounds, it is possible for you to

reach a weight of 170 pounds. Take a moment now to

decide on your ideal target weight.

Once you have a clear weight goal in mind, focus

on a future date by which you will reach your target

weight. Be realistic at this point, because losing weight

too quickly can be counterproductive. Most diets fail

because of one simple fact: your mind takes time to

adjust to a new self-image. So if you lose a lot of weight


Listen and Lose Weight

too quickly, your mind may not adjust to your physical

changes at the same speed. It may not recognize your

new image because it hasn’t

caught up. This can create con-

“To climb steep hills

fl ict and have a detrimental

requires a slow

effect, which in the long term

pace at fi rst.”

can result in weight fl uctua-

—William Shakespeare

tions and a failure to reach and

maintain a healthy weight.

Always remember that for a lasting result, the best and

most natural way to lose weight is slowly and steadily.

If you are 170 pounds now and your target weight is 140

pounds, allow yourself a comfortable six months to achieve

this target. If you have a greater target—for example, to go

from 250 pounds to 150 pounds—then allow eighteen to

twenty-four months to achieve this because you are look-

ing to shed about a third of your body weight and will

need to do so carefully. The message is not to rush; think

of this as a holistic journey in which you are empowering

your mind and body more and

more every day.

The best and most natu-

When you have decided

ral way to lose weight

upon your ideal target weight

and time frame, write it down.

is slowly and steadily.

This is a key step, so please don’t

overlook it. Spend a few min-

utes now on setting a realistic goal. Write: On [future

date], I will weigh [your ideal target weight]:

Supercharging Your Weight Loss Goal



, I will weigh


Write your goal on several pieces of paper and put

them where you will read them each day. Good places

are next to your bed or bathroom mirror, for instance,

because you need to see your goal regularly. You can

even add your goal to your mobile phone or post it in

your workspace or car. The more you see and read your

goal, the better. The key to hypnosis and reprogram-

ming your mind is compounding new beliefs through

repetition. Seeing your future date and weight goal

every day in print is important, because it compounds

your determination and desire to achieve your goal

every time you read it. Again, it is crucial to stay focused

on your goals.

All of these small steps are going to add up to a pow-

erful, lasting solution, which will give you total control

of your weight like never before. It will completely take

the struggle out of the equation. After using the CD

and self-hypnosis techniques, your habits will start to

change. You may fi nd yourself automatically turning

down the offer of cake or chocolate, or you may feel

an inner pull driving you to take up a healthy activ-

ity. When you add all of the small steps and techniques

together, I guarantee things will change easily and

effortlessly. When you create a program that confi rms

you are a fi t and healthy person, this is exactly what you

will become.


Listen and Lose Weight

Using Your Creative Mind

Using visual imagery is a very powerful way of absorb-

ing beliefs into your unconscious mind. Regular visu-

alization will help you remain focused and change your

mind’s perception of your self-image, which will make

changing habits easier. Be creative and make your visu-

alizations colorful and elaborate, with as much detail as

possible. Immerse yourself totally in the visualizations; use all of your senses to make them realistic and, most

important, put your feelings strongly into it. When

you see yourself at your target weight looking and feel-

ing great, go into detail and see all the things that have

changed for the better now you are at this new weight.


You can use visualization techniques to prepare your-

self for future events, such as an exam, a sporting event,

public speaking, or business and social occasions. I

always feel for people when they blow a big opportunity

through nerves or anxiety. Learning these techniques

can help absolutely anyone overcome anxiety in pres-

sure situations.

Supercharging Your Weight Loss Goal


When you visualize a future event you can even run

the images in your mind like a short fi lm using as much

detail as possible. For instance, if you are going to a

wedding in six months, see yourself looking fantastic

in a great new outfi t. Envision yourself at the wed-

ding having a wonderful, happy time. Feel your clothes

against your skin, and notice how good you look and

feel. Make the whole picture bright and clear, and use

as many of your senses as you can—the more vividly

you use your imagination the better. Most important,

always see yourself in a completely positive light—

looking good, feeling in control, and expressing your-

self clearly and confi dently.

Visualizing Your Goal

Your next building block is to visualize yourself at your future target weight. A key ingredient in mind programming is that the human mind doesn’t distinguish between

what is real and what is imagined, so when you create a

visualization, your mind will accept it as a reality. Stud-

ies have actually proven that even by visualizing exer-

cise workouts, your body will respond and show signs

of increased conditioning and muscle toning. A scien-

tifi c study at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio

found that volunteers who took part in mental workouts

fi ve times a week where they visualized lifting weights

actually increased their biceps by 13.5 percent on aver-


Listen and Lose Weight

age. And, their gains lasted for three months after they

stopped the mental exercise regime.

By using the creative power

of your imagination and visu-

“Imagination is

alizing yourself at your target

more important

weight shape and size, your

than knowledge.”

unconscious mind will believe

—Albert Einstein

that this is a reality now. When

your mind adjusts to a new

body image in this way, you will then take unconscious

steps to create the physical reality. This is why losing weight by using self-hypnosis and visualization is so

easy—it takes the struggle out of the process.

The following technique is a good starting point in

learning to program yourself with positive thoughts and to

familiarize yourself with going into a gentle trance. Self-

hypnosis is a very powerful state of mind and something

anyone can use at any time. While you will be reprogram-

ming your mind when you use the CD, you can also build

the future visualization technique into your daily routines.

You will learn more about hypnosis throughout the

book. Once you are more experienced in the ways of self-

hypnosis, you can revisit this script and develop this tech-

nique, which is about creating a strong intention so that

your mind has a clear image of your ideal weight shape

and size.

Stop at this point and read the future visualization tech-

nique script through a few times until you know what to

Supercharging Your Weight Loss Goal


do. Then practice this visualization every day—ideally

for twenty-one days. Then you can refresh it every now

and again. As with all things, practice makes perfect, and

you will fi nd that the more you practice the deeper you

will go and the better you will get at making the visual-

ization real. You can spend as little as ten minutes creat-

ing the images and feelings, or you can spend longer if

you prefer. The key is repeating the visualization each

day so that you strengthen your new mental program.

You may fi nd creative ideas will come to you once

you have begun to practice the future visualization tech-

nique. It may be that you get new ideas to exercise more

a day or two after you try future visualization. Practice

this technique often, especially at the beginning of your

journey. You will fi nd that your images and feelings

become more positive each time you do so.

Future Visualization Technique

Go to a quiet darkened room where there are no distractions.

Take a moment to get in a comfortable position, close your

eyes, and focus your attention on your breathing. Begin breathing slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through

your mouth in a circular breathing motion. Breathe away any

tension left in your body with every slow breath out and allow yourself to relax more and more.


Listen and Lose Weight

Continue this breathing pattern a dozen or more times and

clear away any unwanted thoughts so that your mind becomes

still and quiet. Simply focus on the stillness of the moment.

With your mind still and quiet, imagine going forward in

time, into your future to the date that you have set to reach

your target weight. Stay deeply relaxed and focus on this point in time.

As you go forward into the future, visualize yourself at your

target weight looking slimmer, fi tter, and healthier. Amplify the positive feelings and make the image big, bright, and clear.

See yourself at this new weight standing in front of a full-

length mirror dressed in a brand-new outfi t. You look so good and feel so attractive and confi dent at this new shape and size.

Use all of your senses to make it real. Feel the clothes brush against your skin; notice the pleasant aroma of the new cloth-ing. Run your hands down your slim physique and praise your-

self as you do so.

Now accept on every level that this is what you deserve.

Hold this picture in your mind and affi rm to yourself silently or out loud:

– I love being fi t and healthy.

– I love being in control of my weight.

Accept that you have lost any need or desire for sickly sweet, fattening food and that you love looking so attractive and feeling so healthy at this new weight. Take a moment now just to

really enjoy this positive feeling.

When you do this, these feelings and images will sink into

your unconscious mind and become a part of your inner reality.

Supercharging Your Weight Loss Goal


Your unconscious mind will see this positive image of yourself at your ideal weight and accept it as real, which will help you work toward your goal with ease.

When you are ready to fi nish, allow your mind to clear by

slowly counting up to ten, open your eyes, and come back to

full waking consciousness. When you reach ten, every part of

you will be back in the here and now.

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Using Self-Hypnosis and

Affi rmations for Lasting Results

Feel the affirmations as you repeat them—draw

them inside you and let every cell in your mind and

body resonate with positive feeling and emotion.

The key to your success is in reprogramming your

old thought patterns. If you can exercise regularly

and eat healthily, you will lose weight. It is as simple as

that. Now imagine if this were easy to do, as though it

were second nature to you. Imagine you had no desire

for sweets, chocolate, French fries, soft drinks, or

any other fattening foods. These are foods your body

doesn’t need or want, and you can easily live a perfectly

happy life without ever thinking about them again.

This is an easy mind-set to create, and I will show you

how in this chapter.


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Listen and Lose Weight

Do you remember the fi rst time you learned to do

something new, for example, drive a new car? You may

have driven for years, but learning all about a new, unfa-

miliar car can be frustrating. How do you turn on the

lights or the windshield wipers? Is the gas tank fi lled

from the left or right side? Programming the clock and

radio the fi rst time can take a while. The fi rst trip or two can be diffi cult. But then you learn where everything is

and how it all works, and the mechanics become almost

an automatic, unconscious process.

You can use that same inherent learning ability to teach yourself to love exercising and healthy food. You can learn to love feeling fi t and healthy and to fi nd fattening food repulsive. What ever

“It is health that is real

your weight loss aims, you can

wealth and not pieces

reprogram your mind in spe-

of gold and silver.”

cifi c ways to help you to achieve

—Mahatma Gandhi

your goals. Learning these new

habits is a matter of repetition.

The more you visualize and absorb these affi r ma tions,

the quicker you create the new inner belief. It is also very

enjoyable because you will be creating very relaxing men-

tal states that benefi t your general health and well-being.

How Affi rmations Work

A goal is a specifi c target that you set for yourself to

achieve within a fi xed time frame. An affi rmation is a

Using Self-Hypnosis and Affi rmations for Lasting Results 27

statement of intent that you repeat to yourself over and

over again. Affi rmations should be words and phrases

that are stated in a clear and concise way with a positive

emphasis. Whenever you use your affi rmations, feel as

though you are drawing the words inside you, as though

you are teaching the inner part of yourself a new belief.

You must always state affi rmations in the present tense

and focus on them as if they are a reality now.

The wording of your affi rmations must be decided

upon before you begin a self-hypnosis session, and you

must work on only one goal at a time. For example, don’t

work on releasing a fear and losing weight in the same

session. While you can use a number of affi rmations in

one session, they must all relate to the one chosen goal for

that session.

When deciding beforehand on your affi rmations,

always state them as if they are a reality and in the present.

This is very important because your unconscious mind

will believe exactly what it is told. For example:

Do not say: “I want to be fi t and healthy.”

Do say: “I love being fi t and healthy.” Or, “I am fi t and healthy.”

You could use the word feeling if your preferred sense is kinesthetic (feeling). For example:

Do say: “I love feeling fi t and healthy.”


Losing weight is all in your head!

Imagine if the first step to losing weight were as simple as listening to a CD. The truth is, simply imagining a fit and healthy you while in a deeply relaxed state will lay the foundation for lasting change. With two 30-minute self-hypnosis programs on CD, Listen and Lose Weight and its accompanying audio hypnosis CD will help you learn to reprogram your mind on a deep, subconscious level. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes second nature when you:

  • Create new positive patterns of behavior
  • Form a lasting desire to eat healthily and remain fit
  • Build strong self-esteem and inner confidence
  • Program your mind to achieve your weight-loss goal without struggle


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