Live Your Best Life by Charmaine Strachan, PDF eBook

April 14, 2018

Live Your Best Life

Hi everyone, welcome to Show and Tell, the launch of Live Your Best life ebook. This book discusses nutritional facts about the super foods used, also vitamins, minerals, an A La Carte Menu, recipes and pictures. After each recipe, there is a suggestion on ways how to life your life. One menu featured is a Veggie Tuna Pizza make of a flax seed crust topped with a mayo dressing, tuna fish, zucchini and cheese. The Green Eggs and Turkey Ham is made with eggs prepared your way, then topped with an avocado sauce and served with turkey ham. Please try the Sardines with Pasta in a Mustard Dressing made with pasta tossed in a Mustard dressing and topped with sardines. Any citrus flavored beverage will compliment this dish. Included in the deserts is coloado, a recipe that someone from Colombia with me and is crushed ice topped with sweetened milk, syrup and fresh fruits. You can tailor this dish by using unsweetened fruit juice. These menus can be adjusted for as low or no salt, low glycemic, gluten free, fat free, egg whites or whatever your health needs are. So I have no not only included menus and recipes but included suggestions on how to Live Your Best Life. My suggestions for doing this is Loving GOD, also your neighbor, prayer, laughter, a balanced diet, taking vitamin supplements, exercising, drinking water, eating super foods or pulse, and helping others who are less fortunate that you are. For this ebook, I have seasoned, marinated, prepared these dishes and the garnish is some practical ways for a healthy life. I suggest you Live Your Best Life with Purpose at all times.





  • Title: Live Your Best Life
  • Autor: Charmaine Strachan
  • Publisher (Publication Date): BookBaby; 1 edition (December 22, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: |
  • ISBN-13: |
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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