ManBQue: Meat. Beer. Rock and Roll. by John Carruthers, PDF eBook 0762451173

April 14, 2018

 ManBQue: Meat. Beer. Rock and Roll. by John Carruthers, PDF eBook 0762451173

ManBQue is the next griller’s Bible for those in their 20s and 30s. Dedicated to meat, beer, and rock n’ roll, it starts with the basics: how to grind, assemble, and grill a perfect burger and how to season, sear, and rest a perfect strip steak. Then it moves on to other staples—perfectly cooked wings, slow-roasted BBQ, and handmade sausages. There are also suggestions for monster sandwiches and mouthwatering tacos. Once you’ve got that under control, it takes on all the weird stuff: the pig tongue and beef hearts, snails and, yes, even salad.

Along the way there are beer pairings, explaining the different styles and the basic principles of putting a bottle with whatever comes off the grill. Not content with simple descriptions, ManBQue worked with craft brew experts to tell you why that IPA goes so well with your lamb burger and which bock you should be dousing your brisket in.

But ManBQue is more than a cookbook, it’s a community; it’s a grilling and lifestyle organization that grew into a global society with thousands of followers. Once a month the members cast aside their daily responsibilities for good food and company. In this spirit, the margins are filled with stories of what you’re eating, which ManBQue member invented it, and how that insanely delicious process occurred. By the end, you too will be shouting “MANBQUE!”


About the Author

John Carruthers is the managing editor of, and a writer/editor for a Chicago-based national physicians’ organization. When he’s not testing recipes, writing about food, or talking loudly to others, he’s generally at a bar just down the road. He currently lives in Chicago with his wife, their gigantic grill, and a cat that acts like a dog.Jesse Valenciana is the founder of ManBQue and spends his days expanding the ManBQue empire and converting others to the cause via (symbolic) meat baptism. He serves as the public face of ManBQue and works his magic not just on the grill, but in convincing people to open their grills, homes, and bathrooms to 50 or 60 people on weekday nights for MEATings. He lives in Chicago.

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PROS: – The book has really vivid pictures, which makes following the recipes easier when you’ve been eating rum ham in the sun all day. – After receiving this book in the mail, I grew 4 inches taller. – David Lee Roth is a regular at most Man-B-Que events, although he’s usually asked to leave within a few hours. CONS: – NOT recommended for people in relationships, as the food you make will be so impressive that members of the opposite sex will not stop until they can have you for themselves. – David Lee Roth may show up at your house unexpectedly. And he’ll expect YOU to have drugs on hand. What is this, 1984? I cannot recommend this book enough. Once you master all of these delicious meat creations, maybe…MAYBE…you can have your picture in this book eating a chicken wing.
I deserve commision! I originally order this book for a valentines day gift basket for my son-in-law. When I received this and the Eat Street books, I had to have the set for my husband. Both men were thrilled. We have since tried several recipes, all with 5 star reviews! After talking about the books at work, several of my co-workers have ordered also! They are equally impressed! The baby back ribs and the new york strip recipes are absolutely delicious! Highly recommend. Keep up the good work! Yum!
I’ve been friends with the author since High School. He’s a great guy that is hilarious, works hard, and deserves success. Even if I didn’t know him personally I would love this book. ManBQue is laugh out loud funny and can be enjoyed even without stepping near a grill, but don’t do that. Get near a grill ’cause every recipe I’ve made from this book has been freaking delicious and BLOWS PEOPLES MINDS. Most of the recipes take a fair amount of prep and shopping time but can be dumbed down if you want to save time. It is all worth it though because everything I’ve made from this book has gotten a HOLY LORD THIS IS DELICIOUS response. This book steps well outside of any cookie-cutter recipe book and is definitely worth it. High quality product from a good person at a good price. Get it.

  • Title: ManBQue: Meat. Beer. Rock and Roll.
  • Autor: John Carruthers
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Running Press Adult; 1 edition (April 22, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 0762451173
  • ISBN-13: | 978-0762451173
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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