Matt Kramer, True Taste: The Seven Essential Wine Words, PDF 1604335688

April 13, 2018

 Matt Kramer, True Taste: The Seven Essential Wine Words, PDF 1604335688

There’s a world of words to describe wine, but only seven you need to know to understand it.

Wine is one of the most written about beverages in our history, with dictionaries dedicated solely to the words and phrases used to describe it in the ever-expanding world of self-professed wine connoisseurs. Now, the “great demystifier of wine” (Booklist), highly acclaimed wine expert Matt Kramer, explains in a lucid, accessible and conversational style that there are only seven words that you really need to remember to enjoy wine with anyone.


“This provocative book on the language of wine […] is lively and readable, especially when [Kramer] pokes fun at winespeak.” (The Wall Street Journal)“Identifying those seven [words] — and describing their significance — is the greatest value of Kramer’s contribution in this book […] Kramer has added to our toolkit, whether we’re new to the exercise or are experienced practitioners.” (Forbes)“You’re never sure where Kramer’s going next, but you know you want to be there with him.” (Wine Spectator)“Matt Kramer’s timing is terrific […] Just as wine-tasting notes are being criticized in several quarters as too florid and esoteric—and thus irrelevant—[Kramer] released a compact and polite polemic that calls for a realignment in the way that writers, merchants, sommeliers and others talk about wine.” (Mike Dunne, Dunne on Wine)“It’s a book every serious wine drinker should read.” (Don Winkler, Wine Review Articles)“Folks will find a combination of solace and inspiration in Kramer’s book, starting from its very premise.” (Alder Yarrow, Vinography)“This is an important work that deserves being read more than once […] dense with ideas and insight.” (Tom Wark, Fermentation: The Daily Wine)

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About the Author

Matt Kramer is one of the world’s most distinguished and insightful writers on wine and writer of the classic book Making Sense of Wine. The multi-published author is also a regular contributor to Wine Spectator.

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I’ve read a lot of wine books. What sets this one apart is the different view it takes which I appreciate. I work in a tasting room part time and you hear all sorts of things – mostly the latest and greatest fads when it comes to wine. It’s very true that these days, its popular to describe wine in terms of flavors – and that’s not bad necessarily – but this book gives you insight into how wine has been looked at in the past and how its so much more than a flavor. I loved the spitting comments and the new vocabulary on wine tasting that I can employ. I highly recommend this easy and enjoyable read.
interesting take on describing wines, useful.
A great read. Very understandable.

  • Title: True Taste: The Seven Essential Wine Words
  • Autor: Matt Kramer
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Cider Mill Press (June 9, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1604335688
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1604335682
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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