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April 15, 2018

Money, Taste, and Wine: It's Complicated!

“It’s complicated!” That’s a simple way to describe the sort of relationship that seemingly defies simple explanations. Like a love triangle, money, taste, and wine are caught in a complicated relationship affecting every aspect of the wine industry and wine enthusiast experience. As wine economist and best-selling author Mike Veseth peels back the layers of the money-taste-wine story, he discovers the wine buyer’s biggest mistake (which is to confuse money and taste) and learns how to avoid it, sips and swirls dump bucket wines and Treasure Island wines, and toasts anything but Champagne. He bulks up with big-bag, big-box wines and realizes that sometimes the best wine is really a beer. Along the way he questions wine’s identity crisis, looks down his nose at wine snobs and cheese bores, follows the money, surveys the restaurant war battleground, and imagines wines that even money cannot buy before concluding that money, taste, and wine might have a complicated relationship but sometimes they have the power to change the world. His engaging and enlightening book will surprise, inform, inspire, and delight anyone with an interest in wine—or complicated relationships.


The more it costs, the better the wine. That is the most common mistake made by wine buyers, according to Veseth, author of Wine Wars (2011) and blogger for Wine Economist. Veseth bring his love of wine and knowledge of economics to bear in this thoroughly enjoyable examination of how to satisfy the wine palate and the wallet. Perceptions of wine come from context and expectations, such as the occasion and the location. Palates are confused by labels, fancy wine-tasting venues, even placement on the store shelf. Veseth details the economics of winemaking as well as the psychology behind the wine market from the perspectives of the winemakers, the wine consumers, and investors and the connection between perceptions of quality and price. Drawing cultural references from movies and books, he debunks wine snobbery and offers advice on choosing based on personal tastes and finding treasures in wine stores, supermarkets, and big-box retailers. This is a humorous, engaging, and commonsense look at the tricky triangulation between money, taste, and wine. (Booklist)Everyone knows stories about people who prefer a bottle of swill to a $1,000 wine or a blindfolded aficionado waxing poetic about an old Bordeaux that turns out to be a warm white Burgundy. Wine economist Veseth takes readers on an entertaining romp through the wine world, which often bucks common economic theory. Veseth warns readers ‘not [to] expect this to be a linear journey.’ The book’s 14 chapters are organized into four sections: ‘Buyer Beware,’ which examines the disconnect between price and quality; ‘Get a Clue! Searching for Buried Treasures,’ on where values lie; ‘A Rosé Is a Rosé? Money, Taste, and Identity,’ about labeling and identity; and ‘What Money Can (and Can’t) Buy,’ on extrinsic value, sales, restaurants, perception, and much more. The book is readable and packed with corny humor. Endnotes and an index may appease scholars, but the book is really pitched to general readers and consumers looking for deals. . . .Summing Up: Recommended. General readers, professionals. (CHOICE)Of all the wine blogs in the wide, wide blogosphere, one that I look forward to reading the most is Mike Veseth’s Wine Economist. There’s nothing else quite like it—a blend of economic insight . . . and often irreverent winespeak. (Lettie Teague The Wall Street Journal)Veseth writes about how the complicated relationship between money, taste and wine runs the wine industry. He peels away layers to reveal the wine lover’s biggest mistake: confusing money and taste. (Seattle Times)Mike Veseth appears to be on a mission . . . in discussing aspects of the wine world in a language ordinary mortals can understand. . . . He is so adept at making complex issues fun and accessible. This book should appeal to wine consumers and professionals intrigued to understand more about the issues behind the product itself. (Harpers Wine & Spirit)”A caffeinated writing style [and] catchy themes…make the book a quick and lively read.” (Wine Spectator)Money, Taste, and Wine is a great read: entertaining, informative, and heartfelt. Like Wine Wars it is packed with economic and historic insights into the world of wine. At times I found myself laughing out loud and also reaching for my notebook to jot down facts and add (wine and non-wine) books to my reading list. (Caro Feely, Feely Wines and French Wine Adventures)Written in Mike Veseth’s inimitable style, Money, Taste, and Wine goes down as easily as the finest pinot, will make you laugh, and will fatten your wallet. If you’ve ever suspected that wine’s pricing is rigged, fumed at stratospheric restaurant tariffs, or want to be amazed at how the revolution in global trade has affected your favorite drink, then look no further than this book. A must for any consumer of the fruit of the vine. (William Bernstein, author of Birth of Plenty, A Splendid Exchange, and Masters of the World)With his usual wit, wisdom, and whimsy, the ebullient Mike Veseth (aka The Wine Economist) unravels the complexities of what he calls the ‘unhealthy love triangle of money, taste, and wine.’ For anyone with taste who is remotely interested in discovering hidden, undervalued vinous treasures and willing to learn a little about themselves along the way, this insightful book is a must read. Having fought the good fight in Wine Wars and tickled the imagination in Extreme Wine, Mike’s insights into the vexed relationship between Money, Taste, and Wine could be subtitled ‘choose your wine and those you share it with carefully.’ (Michael Hince, HinceOnWine, Australia)I laughed out loud reading Mike Veseth’s Money, Taste, and Wine. He has such a humorous and down-to-earth style when writing about wine, and his new book involves hilarious romps through supermarket aisles, restaurants, and discount stores to find a good deal on wine. It also has its serious points, providing invaluable information for wine lovers in analyzing their own palates and expectations. A definite read for all wine enthusiasts, wine students, and wine newbies. (Liz Thach, Master of Wine, Professor of Wine Business & Management, Sonoma State University)

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About the Author

Mike Veseth is professor emeritus of international political economy at the University of Puget Sound. He is editor of the award-winning blog The Wine Economist and author of several books on the business and pleasure of wine, including the best-selling Wine Wars, Extreme Wine, and Aroundthe World in Eighty Wines, which received the 2018 Gourmand International award for “Best U.S. Book in Wine and Spirits Tourism.” He’s currently working on his next book when he isn’t traveling around the world with his wife, Sue; speaking to wine industry groups; and looking for great wines and great wine stories.

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Mike Veseth combines enology and economics in the same space. He points out the conundrums we all face walking down the wine aisle or reading down a restaurant wine list. It is complicated but this book does help you learn a bit more about yourself and why you like what you like. It also could save you buckets of money on your next trip to the wine shop. What makes a ” Goats do Rome” different from a “Cote du Rhone”, Mike will walk you through it. His approachable style is much less textbook and more relaxed. A perfect read going into the Christmas wine gifting season.
I’m a wine guy, not really an economics guy. But this book is written is a way thats easy for even an economics-novice can understand. Very interesting!
Very entertaining book, reads very easy, lots of good info. Gets you an insight on the world of wine. Very recommended.

  • Title: Money, Taste, and Wine: It’s Complicated!
  • Autor: Mike Veseth
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (August 4, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1442234636
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1442234635
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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