Multiple Flavours of Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine by Annapurna Chak, PDF, 1482839806

Multiple Flavours of Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine

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  • Title: Multiple Flavours of Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine
  • Autor: Annapurna Chak
  • Publisher (Publication Date): PartridgeIndia (January 13, 2015)
  • Language: English

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When Kashmiri Pandits congregate, the conversation invariably veers towards food where recipes are discussed but some secrets also withheld. A favourite dish is invariably best cooked by someone in each family. Some families moved out of Kashmir over two hundred years back and settled in Lahore, Delhi, UP, etc. Their cuisine incorporated aspects of Awadhi cooking and differed from similar recipes of the valley. This book highlights this particular cuisine and includes many traditional dishes and also some that would surprise everyone. Keeme ki Barfi and Zaminkand ke Shahi Tukre will just add the extra sparkle to any chef’s repertoire while the traditional Shufta and Kabargah will instantly make any Kashmiri Pandit’s mouth water. The collection of recipes is a treasure trove from Annapurna’s own experience and from knowledge handed down from generations in the family. Each recipe has her special flavour and tried and tested over the years. The reader gets a window into the Kashmiri Pandit cuisine with the added benefit of being able to try them out with simple instructions and useful tips. The book, amongst other recipes, includes both vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes, some special rice recipes, a low-calorie section, and something for those with a sweet tooth.

About the Author

Annapurna was born into a Kashmiri Pandit zamindar family in Cuttack in Odisha. Her mother was from Lahore and was an accomplished hostess with her own recipes of traditional dishes. Festivals provided the occasions a variety of special dishes while their everyday food was strictly traditional Kashmiri Pandit dishes with the accent on nonvegetarian. Annapurna, married to Sumant, a retired railway officer, has lived in many parts of the country and travelled extensively abroad. They now live in Gurgaon and have a wonderful family with two married sons, loving daughters-in-law, and three lovely grandchildren.

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Thanks Mrs Chak – this magnum opus has been a godsend for our dining table! Each recipe we’ve tried has been a real treat. There is a lot of variety here and we look forward to making our way through the whole book:)

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