My Sweet Vegan: passionate about dessert by Hannah Kaminsky, MOBI, 0979128617

July 3, 2017

My Sweet Vegan: passionate about dessert by Hannah Kaminsky

  • Print Length: 184 Pages
  • Publisher: Fleming Ink
  • Publication Date: December 3, 2007
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B003VYC3SO
  • ISBN-10: 0979128617
  • ISBN-13: 978-0979128615
  • File Format: MOBI


Do words such as creamy, luscious, and decadent sound like impossibilities without the use of eggs and dairy? Would you love to find delicious desserts that are worthy of serving to all guests? Well look no further, as this full-color cookbook will satisfy any sweet tooth, and leave people asking, Are you sure this is vegan?

My Sweet Vegan is a truly amazing collection of original recipes produced and photographed by Hannah Kaminsky. Enticing people into the kitchen, Hannah displays a wide array of desserts, including her:

– Triple Threat Chocolate Cheese Cake
– Coconut Creme Pie
– Golden Glazed Donuts
– Orange Dreamsicle Snack Cake
– Butterscotch Blondies
– Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie
– Brilliant Berry Parfaits
– Pumpkin Toffee Trifle
– Award-Winning Mocha Devastation Cake

Insisting that her creations must have the potential to impress all taste buds, every recipe has been taste-tested and approved by both vegans and non-vegans alike. For ease in preparation, each recipe includes simple, well-detailed instructions and a photo representing the actual finished product. So go ahead and enjoy a thick slice of Silken Chocolate Mousse Cake, everyone deserves a little indulgence now and then!


Best Dessert Cookbook

I own a ridiculous amount of cookbooks, vegan, vegetarian & otherwise and I bake at least every other day. This is without a doubt one of the best cookbooks for baking ever written. I’ve tried at least 20 of the recipes and have only been disappointed with the Lemon Lime Sunshine Bundt cake; it was pretty sweet & more dense/sticky than I envisioned. That said, it was far from a ‘bad’ recipe I’ve tried in other books, just not up to the caliber of her others. I’ll admit, I haven’t tried the brownie recipes (I was amazed there was a 2 star review & had to check it out), but now I’ll have to try them for myself. My omnivore friends have started using vegan products because they tried the things I baked & got their own copy of the book. The Joy of Vegan Baking is excellent as well; ingredient weights are given, which would be great in this book.

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