Nutrition For Dummies

  • Full Title : Nutrition For Dummies
  • Autor: Carol Ann Rinzler
  • Print Length: 408 pages
  • Publisher: For Dummies; 5 edition
  • Publication Date: May 31, 2011
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470932317
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470932315
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Get the facts on good nutrition, slim down, and feel great

You’ve been hearing it since you were a little kid: “You are what you eat.” But unlike most adages you’ve long since debunked, this wise saying is true! Good nutrition is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifelong good health?no matter how you slice it.

Nutrition For Dummies is a one-size-fits-all guide to nutrition for anyone who may have fallen asleep in health class, wants to brush up on what they already know, or is looking to keep up-to-speed on the latest guidelines and research. It shows you how to manage your diet so you get the most bang (nutrients) for your buck (calories) and gives you the skinny on how to put together a healthy shopping list, how to prepare foods that are good for the body and soul, and ten easy ways to cut calories.

  • More than 20% new and updated information for this edition, including the truth about feeding your brain, vitamin D supplements, and energy drinks
  • Coverage of the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines For Americans report
  • Other titles by Rinzler: Controlling Cholesterol For Dummies

An apple a day may not necessarily keep the doctor away, but with the simple guidance of Nutrition For Dummies, you can be on your way to living a happier, healthier ever after.


From the Back Cover

Get the facts on good nutrition, slim down, and feel great

You’ve been hearing it since you were a kid: “You are what you eat.” And this wise saying is true! This one-size-fits-all guide to nutrition shows you how to manage your diet so you get the most bang (nutrients) for your buck (calories) and gives you the know-how to put together a shopping list, prepare healthy foods, and easily cut calories.

  • The skinny on nutrition — dig into the basics on nutrition and get the know-how to judge the value of nutrition information in the real world

  • The pros of protein — get the facts on where you can get protein and what it does for your body

  • Get vitality from vitamins — find out why vitamins, minerals, and plain old water are absolutely essential for your health

  • Process the facts on food processing — get the 411 on food processing and find out how cooking, freezing, canning, and drying food affects its nutritional value

  • Nothing to sneeze at — discover why some food gives people allergies, how food affects your brain at every stage of life, and how food may interact with medical drugs

“Clear, well-written, and thorough, Nutrition For Dummies is an extraordinary resource, a must-read for people who care about their health.”
Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY)

“Before you eat your next meal, read this book.”
Dr. Manfred Kroger, Professor of Food Science, Pennsylvania State University

Open the book and find:

  • How your body turns food and beverages into the nutrients you need

  • The amount of nutrients you need to be in tiptop shape

  • Rules on dietary supplements

  • The lowdown on carbohydrates

  • Ways to balance hunger and appetite

  • Tips to assemble a healthful diet

  • How to use nutritional guidelines to plan a meal

  • Foods that may prevent or relieve symptoms of heart disease and cancer

Learn to:

  • Read and understand a nutrition facts label

  • Determine which carbs and fats are “good” — and which are not

  • Grasp the truth about vitamin supplements and energy drinks

About the Author

Carol Ann Rinzler is a noted authority on health and nutrition and is the author of more than 20 books on food and health, including Controlling Cholesterol For Dummies. She has contributed to The New York Times, Redbook, Family Circle, and the New York Daily News.

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