OCR Home Economics for GCSE by Anita Tull

  • Full Title : OCR Home Economics for GCSE
  • Autor: Anita Tull
  • Print Length: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Hodder Arnold
  • Publication Date: June 26, 2009
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0340983973
  • ISBN-13: 978-0340983973
  • Download File Format: pdf


This textbook is endorsed by OCR for use with the OCR GCSE Home Economics: Food and Nutrition specification. Packed with the information that students need for their course, it presents the key areas of knowledge in an accessible, uncomplicated and concise fashion.

Illustrated with photos and pictures throughout, it includes: differentiated activities to support higher and lower ability students; exam practice questions (with mark schemes) to support the food and nutrition unit; a chapter on coursework preparation (for the short tasks and Food Study task); and
up-to-date coverage of topics such as genetically modified food, fair trade issues and food legislation.

Additional material for teachers is available at a href=”http://www.hodderplus.co.uk/foodandnutrition/”www.hodderplus.co.uk/foodandnutrition/a


About the Author

Anita Tull is the author of several books including Food Technology: An Introduction and Food Technology to GCSE. Lyndsey Jackson is a principal examiner for a major awarding body. Jan Shally is also a principal examiner for a major awarding body.



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aking the planning process easy and inspired), crafting and party “Pro-Tips” sprinkled throughout, my treasured source list of the absolute best ingredients and resources, and five festive chapters of my favorite party themes explaining how to re-create them and make them your own.

I truly believe everyone has the ingenuity to create his or her own beautiful celebrations. Sometimes it just takes a bit of prodding toward that possibly cobwebbed door marked “Your Imagination.” My favorite key to that door is baking decadent, delicious cupcakes. Try it yourself, and hearken that magical world of fanciful parties where anything’s possible.

Founder, baker, party-maker, Trophy Cupcakes and Party


How to make it a magical party.

Planning a party is all about honoring someone you love, with a healthy dose of yummy food and fun decor included in the tribute. But a truly wow-worthy party—the kind that people will be talking about for years to come—is not that much more effort than one featuring a couple of balloons and a handful of streamers. Honest! Whether you’re looking to blow your guests away or simply add a little dazzle to an annual event, the steps to consider are always the same.

The secret weapon behind every epic bash is a terrific theme. The trick lies in finding ways to capitalize on that theme and take it to new, resplendent heights. So let’s get started! In this section we’ll go through the planning process step-by-step, including a worksheet and fun questionnaire that will get your imagination going, tips on selecting the theme, must-have party elements, cupcake ideas (of course!), and no-fail hosting rules. By the end of this chapter, you’ll have the basic know-how for forging ahead into party-planning land.

The first matter, though, is choosing a theme. Not just any theme, but a Truly Terrific Theme. Well, how do you do that? Truly Terrific Themes can be very straightforward, such as a favorite color, or they can be complex, such as interpreting an abstract concept. “Graduation.” “Birthday.” “Anniversary.” Those aren’t themes; they’re events. The idea behind a theme is to think beyond the event you’re celebrating. Think of your theme as the event’s headline, something that forms a clear vision to guide you through the planning process. To help you pinpoint a Truly Terrific Theme, I created a short questionnaire you can give to the guest—or guests—of honor to illuminate their likes (and dislikes) and basically figure out what makes them tick. (Planning a surprise party? You may need to perform covert operations and oh-so-casually drop these questions into conversation, or ask friends and family.) For young guests it might be easier to interview your guest of honor to gather answers for the Truly Terrific Theme Generator. For really little kids, like one- and two-year olds, ask parents to fill out the questionnaire with all of the young one’s favorite things.

The first four questions are general: who, what, where, and when? And they may be more appropriate for you to fill out rather than the guest of honor, but don’t underestimate the basics, as you might very well find your theme right there! A great location (see Location, Location, Location) or especially festive day of the year, for instance, can form the foundation for a Truly Terrific Theme.

The next questions get into the nitty-gritty, to tap into the guest of honor’s more thoughtful side. You might want to simplify, vary, or omit some of them, depending on the party girl or boy (you obviously won’t interview your one-year-old about her favorite era), but this form should cover the bases for most people. The following chapters will illustrate in more depth how to bring your theme to life, but first things first: copy or scan and print the opposite page (or visit the Printables section of TrophyCupcakes.com/book), and work on getting answers to the questions.

Once the Truly Terrific Theme Generator is filled out, you’ll have a lot of great inspiration to work with—from the guest of honor’s favorite color (see Color: Aqua Pool Party) to favorite character (see Superhero Training Camp Party). Pick something fun and unique from the list, an element that will put a big smile on the guest of honor’s face. You might even find it hard at this point to choose just one idea from all the information you’ve gathered. If you’re struggling, ask friends or family or even the honoree—most people are thrilled to be in on it!

Turn the page to see a sample of a filled-out Truly Terrific Theme Generator. If I were throwing a party for this guest of honor, I’d have lots of inspiration. I could create a party out of every single answer—or by combining a few. The theme could be built around Northwest Living (passion) with plenty of local oysters to go around. Or, why not a fab Palm Springs (favorite place) party, complete with paper lanterns hanging in every corner. To get an idea of how to make themes such as these come to life, explore the Away We Go! or Pastimes & Passions chapters.

The Five Must-Do’s for Great Parties

Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to plan the specifics of your party. You’ll find clear and easy directions throughout the book. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, delegate! (See Ask for Help.) Ask a friend, hire a neighbor, or purchase what you need from a local bakery, party shop, or online. You could even delegate all five must-do’s and still pull off a great party. Now that’s savvy party planning!


I like to start the planning with decor (including a color palette), because it creates the entire look and atmosphere of the party. Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” With all due respect to Chanel, I think of decor in the same way she thinks of fashion. Decor isn’t just the balloons you hang from the ceiling—it’s in the invitation, the props, the favors, and even the location. Decor can be simple and focused on one corner of the room, or extravagant, with the entire space transformed from top to bottom. I’ll leave it up to you how far you want to take it; the important thing is, as with fashion, to set a mood.


If you rent a venue, be sure to ask in advance what kinds of decorations are allowed. You don’t want to plan on lighting candles or taping decor to the walls, only to find out such things are a no-go on the day of the party.

Go for Color

Choose a color palette and use it shamelessly. Think invitations, napkins, balloons, plates, streamers, confetti, and favors. Add a pop of color—a bright, vivid tone that contrasts with neutrals—into your palette wherever you can.

If you struggle with choosing a gorgeous and creative color palette, books are a great resource for finding images and inspiration. When I planned my son Fleetwood’s Circus Party, I looked at five or six vintage books about circuses and found my colors there. Natural objects are also a great color source. Look at the sea, citrus fruits, a landscape, or a flower arrangement and jot down pleasing color combinations. For the Destination: Hawaii party, the colors came straight from nature, specifically tropical flowers and leaves, koa wood, and shells. Another favorite color source is fashion. Copy colors from a favorite party dress or textile print, or straight off the pages of a fashion magazine (you can find amazing color combinations in vintage fashion magazines at your local library). Need more color inspiration? Check out “The Perfect Palette” on Pinterest.


The rest of this book will give you lots of ideas, and I’m betting you’ll begin to see inspiration all around you once you have decor on your mind. In a nutshell, you want to first choose a color palette that fits your theme, and then start brainstorming design elements—such as props, papers, flowers and fabrics, lighting and accessories—that underscore your theme. Run with it and definitely have fun!

Customize, and When the Mood Strikes, Be Obsessive. Adding a special design element—anything from a simple polka dot to a monogram or a number—that guests will see throughout the party, from the invitation right down to the favors, takes decor from just plain pretty to oh-my-gosh impressive. Think about a sweet butterfly shape for a garden party, a metallic “50” for a golden anniversary, a graphic pine cone for a camping party, a beautiful monogram of your mom’s first initial for her birthday or Mother’s Day, or a retro beach ball for a summer pool party.

Location, Location, Location. Decor can be inspired (or dictated) by your party’s venue. Keeping your guest count in mind, get creative with your party location! A camping-themed party begs for a big backyard, park, or campsite (see Camping Party). A grand engagement party feels perfect in a sophisticated space such as a large home or ballroom. And a pool, skating, or ballet party will be way more fun in a local venue dedicated to the pastime.

Invitations Set the Tone. You know your color palette, your location, and your theme, so the next order of business is creating an invitation. An invite, of course, announces the who, what, why, when, and where. But even more importantly, it sets the tone for the party, gives guests a sneak peek into the revelry, provides clues on what to wear (see Dress Your Guests), and sets expectations. Be sure to find or create an invitation that represents the theme of the party, such as the gold confetti invite for our Sparkle: Engagement Party, or a handmade paper lei invitation for the Destination: Hawaii party.

I have a long-standing obsession with paper—old-fashioned paper invitations, to be exact—because there’s something special about a real-life envelope arriving at your home that e-mail cannot replace. Local paper shops offer write-in invites as well as custom options, and I love Minted.com’s adorable customizable paper invites. That being said, I do use e-mail invitations for parties—PaperlessPost.com is a favorite—because I love how such sites track RSVPs, attach maps, and send reminders. If you have time to send paper invites and the wherewithal to track RSVPs, I recommend it. If not, e-invites can be a great way to go.


You’ll want to give your guests enough time to save the date, so send invitations two to four weeks prior to the occasion. If out-of-town guests are invited, six to eight weeks is preferable.


OK, I can hear you saying, “It’s hard enough planning a party, now you want me to get crafty too?” I admit that adding handcrafted elements might seem daunting to some, but, when time allows, I always encourage that special, do-it-yourself touch, whether it’s a decor element, favors, or a game or activity. The elements made with love—and by hand—are the ones people will be talking about forever after and will cement your reputation as World’s Best Party Thrower. In each of the upcoming chapters, I offer ideas and instructions for classic and simple, but impressive, crafts that will take your party from ordinary to outstanding!


The guests have arrived—now what? You need to decide what will happen at the party. If your party is about being social—mingling, eating, and drinking—then music is the only addition I’d recommend. Music not only sets the mood, it can also make or break an event. Therefore, choose wisely. (See How to Make a Playlist.) For a really special celebration, a DJ or live band is always a hit.

Also consider activities. If the event is for kids, what are they going to do for three hours? On a sunny day, a big backyard might be all you need. When that’s not the case, you’ll want to come up with a themed game, craft, or activity for the group. Hire a magician or face painter, plan outdoor games like three-legged races and a beanbag toss, or throw the party at a pool, skating rink, or somewhere with a built-in activity.

Favors and gift bags are small tokens given to guests to show appreciation for their attendance. They’re a thoughtful way to say thank you and leave guests with one final, special touch to remember the event by. For a kid’s party, you might want to have a goody bag filled with cute trinkets (parents usually appreciate toys or healthy snacks over candy-filled bags, though I’m not a big fan of cheap plastic toys that end up in landfills). For grown-ups, a take-away could be a small plant, a jar of homemade jam or other treat, or a small container of candies for the ride home.

Now that all your elements are in place, use the Trophy-Worthy Party Planner to keep track of details. Copy or scan and print the planner (or visit the Printables section of TrophyCupcakes.com/book) so you’ll have it with you when you shop for supplies.


Naturally, the guest of honor’s answer to “favorite food and drink” should provide some great ideas for menu planning. But not every party is thrown to honor one special person (and their favorite food might not be a crowd-pleaser), so consider what foods will enhance your theme and be a hit with guests. Take into account the guests’ ages and the time of day. Sometimes certain snacks and foods are simply a must dictated by the theme. For example, my Camping Party features s’mores and grilled hot dogs, while the Destination: Paris party naturally lends itself to French cheeses and champagne.


To encourage party flow, place the food, drinks/bar, and dessert table in three separate areas.

Basically, the thoughtful host or hostess doesn’t let guests go hungry. A few food stations strategically scattered around the party space, or a nice big buffet, will allow people to nibble as they please. I offer food and drink suggestions for all the parties in the book.

How to Make a Playlist

Think about making a party soundtrack. Music is essential to getting guests in the spirit and creating the mood you envision. To get on the right track, ask yourself a few questions:

What kind of mood do I want to create?

Mood is key. Whether you want an upbeat dance party, a mellow get-together, or a sophisticated gathering, you’ll need to start by finding a few songs or artists that represent the mood.

Once you have a few songs in mind, find more music with the same vibe either in your own music library or online. There are lots of fantastic services to help you find music similar to the songs or artists you’ve zeroed in on. Try out iLike.com, the iTunes genius feature, Pandora.com, TheFilter.com, or TasteKid.com.

What’s the theme of my event and how can music add to that theme?

If you’re throwing a thematic party, think about how you can use music to enhance the experience. For example, for our Destination: Mexico party, we created a playlist that consists of hip Latin American tunes and Latin-influenced indie rock. Other themes work similarly. For a superhero party, download a bunch of movie soundtracks from classics like Superman. This will add to the drama and to the theme! For something like a baby shower, think about the guest of honor’s preferred style of music, and play it softly in the background.

Do I want people tapping their feet and dancing, or do I want something subtle that fades into the background so guests can talk the night away?

The volume and popularity of your tunes will be key here—whether you are creating a dance-party or just adding some ambience. For a festive affair like a birthday or cocktail party, you’ll want to turn the volume up fairly high so guests feel the fun the moment they walk in the door. Hold off on playing sing-along type of tunes (such as popular Top 40 hits) until you really want people up and dancing.

Now that you’ve got a playlist plan, load twenty or more songs (based on how long your party will last) onto an iPod (or your device of choice), and hit “play.”


For me, cake in some form is a nonnegotiable element of every party. I simply love cake and its history. Did you know that cake has been around for almost as long as flour itself? And that sweet, flour-based, baked desserts have been associated with celebrations for almost as long? The ancient Greeks offered cake to their gods, and medieval bakers made festive fruitcakes that lasted for months. Most sources say cupcakes were invented in the United States, in the early nineteenth century, as a way to bake individual cakes in small pottery cups. Um, genius! Although I still sometimes serve traditional cakes and other desserts at my parties, cupcakes are, obviously, my favorite. They’re so easy to serve, and they make party-perfect canvases for any theme’s flavors and decor.

A Hawaiian-themed party, for example, looks (and tastes!) better with Piña Colada Cupcakes, hand-piped with swirls of Coconut Rum Buttercream topped with a maraschino cherry and a little paper umbrella. A Casablanca Party deserves Casablanca Cupcakes—Moroccan-inspired orange-and-almond cupcakes topped with rose-kissed buttercream. I provide scrumptious recipes for themed cupcakes in every chapter.

Five No-Fail Tips for How to Be the Quintessential Trophy Hostess

Before you send the first invitation, let’s review a basic tenet of parties: hosting. I like to call the perfect party planner a Trophy Hostess, but feel free to switch that up, depending on your gender!

Know Thyself. Stay within your comfort zone. Don’t get elaborate if planning is overwhelming your time or creeping beyond your budget. Some of the best parties I’ve attended have been simple and low-key with just one or two well-thought-out details. Be realistic about your time and resources, and your party will be a hit. Bigger is not always better.

Know Thy Guests. A wonderful hostess makes guests feel welcome and comfortable from the moment the invitation arrives, all through the event, up to the moment they walk out the door. The invitation is courteous, letting guests know what to expect: what to wear, whether to bring gifts or not, where and when the party starts and ends, and what will be served.


Well prepared

Generous (glasses are kept full and enough food is available for all)

Always making sure guests feel welcome and comfortable

All about having a fabulous time at her or his own parties

A Trophy Hostess plans every detail based on the guest of honor and the guests. Toddler parties should be planned around naptime. Tweens will probably want to choose their own music. Friends and the guest of honor might want to participate in the planning in some way, and a Trophy Hostess doesn’t get territorial. But overall, manage your expectations for guests in terms of preparation and participation. You don’t want the party to be a cause of stress for others.

Ask for Help—or Delegate, Delegate, Delegate. There are plenty of reasons to enlist the help of others. Maybe “spare time” isn’t in your vocabulary. Perhaps you love crafting but don’t fancy yourself a baker. Don’t worry. Focus on what you’re good at (and what you have time for), then delegate the rest for party success.

For larger affairs, enlisting a caterer or professional entertainment may be in order.

Many artists, crafters, party planners, and detail-oriented folks tend to be control freaks (I’m 100 percent guilty). We have huge ideas and think it will be easier to do everything ourselves. If you’re one of these people, know this: the chance of having a successful party—and one that you’ll actually enjoy—is exponentially higher when you have help on board.

Be Prepared. Coordinating the details ahead of time and finishing advance preparation will make for a stress-free day. For example, I prepare favors or goody bags as far in advance as p


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