Patrick Calhoun, Mexican Craving: 9 Easy Steps to Cooking Authentic Mexican at Home, PDF eBook

April 12, 2018

Mexican Craving: 9 Easy Steps to Cooking Authentic Mexican at Home

People are going to look at you differently after you read this book. They’re going to wonder what your secret is. And they’re going to ask for your Mexican food again, and again, and again.

Why? Because this book is different.

Most cookbooks throw dozens of recipes at the reader and hope a few stick.

But authentic Mexican cooking has time-honored techniques that have direct impact on the final flavor of the dishes. These techniques are glossed over in other Mexican cookbooks, leaving the reader with dozens of ingredient lists that lack know-how.

Mexican Craving tackles this trend by using 9 Easy Steps to ensure you have everything you need to make truly authentic Mexican dishes.

Author Patrick Calhoun lived in Mexico for two years, soaking up all the bits and pieces of the world’s most distinct cuisine. This knowledge has been distilled into a friendly, step-by-step primer that’s loaded with hundreds of color photographs to help accelerate the learning curve.

And the best part? It can be easy when it’s done right.

Your dishes will not only taste better than the fare at your local Mexican restaurants, they’ll also be healthier.

Spend 2-3 hours reading this book and your standard for measuring Mexican food in your area (and even in Mexico) will soon be based on a simple question you can ask yourself: “Is it as good as my own?”

You can start your journey to the heart of Mexico today by scrolling up to purchase Mexican Craving.


I’ve reviewed many cookbooks, and I tend to be highly critical of them, for there are many BAD cookbooks. This one is delightfully different. The bulk of the book isn’t a collection of recipes, but a cooking school. Most everything in Mexican cooking relies on seven sauces, he says, and if you learn the *techniques* to make these sauces, you’ll make food that others will rave about. Good cooks don’t cook from recipes, measuring things to the microgram, they are using agricultural prodeucts that vary according to the weather and soil whem they were grown, and Mr. Calhoun teaches you to cook by guess and by golly to adjust to these natural ingredients and to your family’s tastes. Not only is this the way to cook *any* cuisine, Mr Calhoun is so enthusiastic about these foods that the book is worth reading even if you have no intention of ever cooking anything, and no intention of ever eatng Mexican food. Paramount ought to option this book and turn it into a movie! What about the sauces and the foods Me Calhoun’s book produces? Well, I don’t eat out often, but there IS a tacqueria one block away that makes fantastic tripe tacos. If I learn to make better ones and become dissatisfied with their offerings, I won’t have a convenient place to hide away to when cabin fever hits. i recently bougt a Victorio cast iron tortilla press and a 5-pouned bag of masa harina, bought them before I got this cookbook, and the press is sitting on my table, staring at me,challenging me. This is a terrible book, torturing me this way! If your favorite Mexican joint is less convenient in nasty winter weather, I recommend this book highly.
I’m from Michoacan Mexico one of the states that has some of the best Mexican dishes and where the Carnitas are originated. Each state has it’s own ways to cook certain foods and some put more or less ingredients on certain Mexican dishes than others, but ultimately each state become together to have the best Mexican dishes there are in Mexico. I like how this book starts by a simple story, I was reading it and in my mind I could see Mimi(the girl he talks about) cooking her best dishes in a huge kitchen. If a book transports you and makes you think about the place, things or food you are reading about be sure that is a book worth reading. Each recipe on this book is very well written and well explained. There are no hidden ingredients or the super complicated ones that you can’t even find in the stores. This book starts from the basics salsas, soups, tortillas and some main dishes. Although there are some dishes that I personally do them differently but that doesn’t take any deliciousness of any Mexican dish. I highly recommend this book if you truly want to cook or taste some good Mexican food. I received this book free in exchange for my truthful review based on my own opinion and experience.
I just finished reading Patricks Book, BIG MISTAKE, IT IS SUNDAY MORNING, NOW I AM FRUSTRATED AND STARVING FOR EVERYTHING HE HAS IN THE BOOK, AND MY CUPBOARDS ARE BARE! I Really LOVE this Book ! I am 1/2 Mexican, and the way Patrick describes everything here is absolutely 100% Correct ! It takes me back to Mexico and my Grandma’s Kitchen ! Me encantó la cocina de mi abuela y toda la deliciosa comida que ella hizo allí. I sent an e-mail to Patrick and he responded, he is a Really Cool Guy! And is Mexican at Heart! I recommend this book, to Everybody, it gives the Secrets to TRUE Mexican Cooking without reading a Library ! It is worth it weight in Gold ! If I was to change anything in the book I would omit the Canola Oil, and opt for Olive oil or Coconut Oil. A Lot of people don’t know about Canola oil, used as Machinery Lubricant & Insecticide. They should NOT be selling it for human consumption ! But past that I am happy I bought it ! And I even learned some stuff I forgot. Thank You Patrick for taking the time to write this Book with all of its secrets ! I will be using them in my Taqueria ~ { Patrick, I attached a Picture to make you Homesick !! )

  • Title: Mexican Craving: 9 Easy Steps to Cooking Authentic Mexican at Home
  • Autor: Patrick Calhoun
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  • Language: English
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  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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