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    Martha Stewart


    Welcome to My Kitchen

    In My Pantry

    In My Fridge

    Top of the Spots

    CHAPTER 1:


    CHAPTER 2:


    CHAPTER 3:


    CHAPTER 4:


    CHAPTER 5:


    CHAPTER 6:






    Martha Stewart

    SNOOP AND I HAVE a special bond that dates back to when he first appeared on the Martha Stewart Show in 2008. Our relationship was born from our connection to food as we whipped up some cognac mashed potatoes and green brownies! It was only natural that we would reconnect by collaborating on VH1’s Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. Working with Snoop in the kitchen has been a remarkable learning experience for me. Not only has he taught me new lingo and cultural references, he surprised me with his unique cooking techniques and recipes. I can’t wait for him to share them with the world in this fun, one of a kind cookbook!


    Welcome to My Kitchen

    Man, I must’ve been around the world and back hundreds of times during the course of damn near three decades. I spend more than half of my life on the road. And while it’s hard being away from the Cali weather and of course, the green that my home turf offers, I’ve grown quite fond of getting up and getting out to mingle with the many fans I’m lucky enough to have earned around the globe.

    From Moscow to Munich, Mississippi to Morocco, and Japan to the Motherland, it’s always so surprising to see fans across the world inspired by that West Coast way we living. Like for real, they be knowing our swag, our slang, and our whole get down—and sometimes they don’t even be knowing the language.

    But the food on the road? Well, that’s hit or miss at best. Combine that with Tha Dogg not being the most adventurous, Anthony Bourdain-type when it comes to grub, doesn’t always make for the most splendid of occasions, ya dig? That’s why when I hit certain cities, I know to hit certain spots where they got the right heat and flavors.

    I’m far from a young pup. And like a real seasoned playa, my tastes have evolved over the years. But while I’ve learned how to get down with that top-notch luxury cuisine, I’m still prone to keep it way hood with some of those LBC classics.

    One thing for sure and two things for certain, a Dogg’s gotta eat and one way or another, we make it happen. Whether that’s getting creative with some backstage vittles or remaking and remixing that one recipe I picked up on the road when I’m back at the crib in Killa Cali.

    That’s why it’s really a no brainer to throw together some of the best from my kitchen and share it with you. From breakfast goodies to late night munchies, there’s just enough out of my stash to make sure that you’re covered no matter the occasion.

    We got all that good good here ready to burn—weighed and bagged for your own kitchen. What’s always up in my fridge and pantry, a few Jamaican-inspired editions from my time in the islands, a couple of Down South soul staples, and some inside never-before-shared recipes from the Broadus fam to you. And it ain’t just about the grub. You can’t have the bites without the beats, so I got the playlists ready to rock for you and yours while you get ta whipping on that stove top.

    Trust your big homie. This is the best cookbook ever made. And now it’s in your hands. So put one in the air right quick . . . contemplate the possibilities and then figure out whatcha gonna make first!

    In My Pantry



    I can’t handle no bland chicken, so I like to throw a little lemon pepper on my wings. Shout out to my man Rick Ross—he knows what’s up with that lemon pepper! You can’t go wrong with that McCormick brand.



    Let me sprinkle you with a little game right quick. Seasoning salt is a blend of paprika, turmeric, onion, and garlic, a classic you can add to anything. In the Boss Dogg’s kitchen, the pantry wouldn’t be complete without it! Splurge a little and get you some of that Lawry’s.



    I’m down with all kind of sauces as you can see, but hot sauce has gotta be the most essential. Now everybody’s got their favorite brand, but Tha Dogg’s got a thing for Crystal. That’s Louisiana’s finest right there! A splash of that goes with anything—you can put it in a sandwich, on some chicken, on top of a pizza. Whatever you add it to, it’s gonna kick it up a notch.



    It wouldn’t be the breakfast of champions without maple syrup. Whether you got some pork on your fork or a stack of pancakes, nothing tops it all off like a stick of butter and some warm maple syrup. Let that Aunt Jemima soak in and then prepare to get your chow on.



    Traveling the world put me on to a lot of fine Asian cuisines—noodles, rices, sushi, and a whole lot more. Nothing goes better with that egg fried rice or sashimi than some soy sauce. You can go ahead and mix it with some of that wasabi, too—just keep that ratio right or your sinuses will be acting crazy!



    Ain’t nuthin’ more important to the Top Dogg than his vocal chords, and as a live performer, I gotta keep those in tip-top shape. A couple veterans in the game taught me the key to keeping your vocals right is some fresh honey and warm tea. I’ve kept the honey on deck ever since. I like that raw and unfiltered honey, ’cause I’m raw and unfiltered my damn self!



    Whether you’re mixing it up with some mayo or grilling it in a bomb tuna melt, a can of this stuff will never steer you wrong. I’m also trying to keep my diet right, especially now that I’m going hard in the yard with my gym regimen. Fish is meant to be real good for you, so I get mines from some tuna!



    I love to get down on the grill, and what barbeque is complete without ketchup? Picture that—burgers, hot dogs, sausages—and no ketchup to smother on top? Just some meat in a dry-ass bun? Nah, not in the Dogg’s household. Keep the ketchup close, and make sure it’s Heinz. Yeah, don’t cheat yourself; treat yourself.



    Homemade mac and cheese is always gonna be the ultimate, but sometimes you need the quick fix. If you ain’t prepared to wait for that made-from-scratch mac to simmer and bake, reach for that Kraft and pull out a pot. Boom, you got some cheesy goodness in a matter of minutes.



    I say they’re for the kids or my grandson when he stops by, but I enjoy one of these toasted treats once in a while. They got every flavor under the sun these days, but I say keep it original and get chocolate fudge. Sometimes you gotta stick with the classics, ya dig?

    In My Fridge



    Eggs are good any way—scrambled with some cheese, fried in a sandwich, or in one of my chronic omelets. If you got a saltshaker handy, you can even boil that thang. Now that will leave you highly satisfied.



    I done came a long way from eating that government-issued cheese, but I remember it well! I’ll still mess around and throw some Cheddar in a lot of my cooking; you’ll find my Squad Up Chili Cheese Fries (page 166) and Booted and Looted Nachos (page 168) come fully loaded with the stuff. One way or another, Bigg Snoop Dogg is all about getting that cheese!



    Remember in Friday when my man Cube ran out of milk and had to put water on his cereal? That’s never happening in my household. I keep the milk on deck since I’m always ready for a big bowl of Snoop’s Loops. Miss me with that almond or soy milk. I like mine’s ice cold—skim or 2% is just fine.



    Another condiment of choice. I’m starting to adapt to eating vegetables and salads and all that, but I’m gonna need some ranch to give all those greens some extra flavor. That creamy dressing is exactly what I need to make all that plant food a little more tasteful. As far as what kind, Hidden Valley is the way to go. Their ranch is real cool and smooth—a li’l something like yours truly.



    What comes with every deli sandwich you’ve ever seen? That pickle, Jack! Whether it’s pastrami piled high or classic roast beef, you know you gotta have that pickle on the side. The same is true when I make one of my Caribbean Queen Cubanos (page 58) at home. I like to throw that pickle on there to complete the whole thang.



    As I said, I like to helm the grill once in a while and get my Iron Chef on. Another essential component of any barbecue is this sauce. Whether you’re marinating your meat in it or just throwing a dollop on top, barbecue sauce gives you that sweet, tangy taste I can’t get enough of. The best sauce out there, you ask? Well, you’re gonna have to holler at my Uncle Reo about that. Please believe Reo’s Ribs held it down with the finest sauce in the land.



    Nah, I’m not talking about my producer partna “Mustard on the Beat,” I’m talking about that Heinz mustard, that French’s mustard, that mellow yellow. It’s another condiment you gotta have, you understand me? Mustard also sets my OG Fried Bologna (page 50) off just right. It ain’t complete without it!



    Sometimes you just gotta embrace that rap star lifestyle. I like to enjoy a glass of bubbly now and then, and when I do, I gotta have the best. That’s why I keep a bottle of Moët chilled—I stay ready to get it poppin’.



    I’ma kinda on my li’l health kick right now and drawn more to the green variety. But hey, you know there ain’t nuthin’ like OJ. You have to keep a jug of this at play at all times. You never know when you might need to mix it with some Moët or better yet . . . gin. Yeah you saw that one coming right?



    The key to all good cooking—butter, and lots of it. And I’m not talkin’ about that low-fat vegetable spread. I’m talking about that real deal Holyfield that’s churned and yellow and ready to sizzle on the pan. A stick or two is always gonna be found at Snoop’s spot.

    Top of the Spots

    These are my main get downs to get my grub on. Of course, most of these fall into my backyard—the CITY OF ANGELS. No need for Yelping when you come to MY city. But the Dogg does get out . . . and me and the BIG APPLE go way back. So I got one of those in the chamber for you as well.

    ~ 1 ~


    Shit, ever since I’ve been in Hollywood I’ve been going to Roscoe’s. I was first introduced to it when I was working with Dr. Dre on The Chronic. And Roscoe’s has always been good to me. Man, people never thought chicken and waffles could work, but they broke the code. Their food is so good and we love the way they expanded. Now everyone around the world is fiendin’ for chicken and waffles. Well, I’ve tried this pairing all over and I’ma let you know—you gotta come to one of the Roscoe’s locations in L.A. to get that real deal Holyfield. That buttery waffle and those succulent wings are so good, my man President Obama had to get him some! Now three wings and a waffle is known as the Obama Special. Can you dig that?

    ~ 2 ~

    Randy’s Donuts

    Inglewood! Always up to no good. When you see that giant donut, you know you all in the I. This iconic place is just a few blocks away from my L.A. compound so I’m always down to run and go grab a couple boxes and get the homies right before a Madden tourney. Randy’s don’t try too hard to give you all those fancy pastries; they give you the flavors you love and they do it right. So grab a maple bar, a chocolate ring, or both if it’s a cheat day. Whatever you pick up at Randy’s, you’re gonna leave sweetly satisfied.

    ~ 3 ~


    The late, great Biggie said it best . . . If you wanna flirt her, take her to Fatburger. An L.A. staple long before In-N-Out was all the rage. Whenever all the rappers used to come to L.A. for The Source Awards, you knew where to find them . . . the Fatburger by the Beverly Center. But they just might get jacked if they didn’t check in. It’s still the City of Angels and constant danger.

    ~ 4 ~

    The Serving Spoon

    This little-known food spot is really a ghetto superstar and has the best breakfast in the city! Salmon croquettes, chicken wings, grits, and, of course, those cheesy eggs. But don’t even think about trying to slide in Sunday morning after church. That thang is all of the way packed like the club be on Saturday night. But it’s worth it.

    ~ 5 ~

    The W Hotel

    New York City

    New York, New York, big city of dreams. Yeah, if you know my history then you know that the East Coast has love for Snoop Dogg. Out of any place outside of Killa Cali, I’ve hit the city that never sleeps the most over the last three decades. I know it well.

    Since a Dogg’s gonna roam, The W Hotel, smack dab in the middle of the Big Apple, is like my second home. I pretty much stay room serviced up really, but I feel like I’m set up like a real boss in the back of the dining room. I’ve got my go-to order and they always know what it is right when Tha Dogg walks through the door. Now that’s service.



    Tha Smoovie

    Not Ya Mamma’s Corn Muffins

    Stack’d Up Flap Jacks

    Cinnamon Rollin’

    Biscuits with Tha Thickness Gravy

    OG Breakfast

    Ashford and Simpson Eggs

    Billionaire’s Bacon

    Mile-High Omelet

    MORNING, SCRUBS! Time to wake yourself up, and what better way than with the most important meal of the day? When it comes to kicking the day off, I’ve always been a cereal guy. I’ve been known to keep a box of Lucky Charms or Cheerios close, and I even mentioned them in a couple of my rhymes back in the day. Don’t get it twisted though, ’cause I can do a lot more than dust off a box of Frosted Flakes. I’ve been whippin’ up some eggs since I was a youngster—in fact, I used to work the breakfast shift at McDonald’s as a kid. The supervisor would call me Young Eggs ’cause I could crack the eggshell with one hand—you better ask somebody! I still be putting that skill to good use when I’m cheffin’ in the kitchen, putting together a hearty breakfast for my grandson. This chapter has a few Dogg- approved recipes to kickstart your day, so rise and shine and let’s get cookin’ . . .

    Tha Smoovie

    You’ve probably noticed I’ve been going bodyguard-hard in the gym. Yeah, I’ve been hitting the weights, running drills, and taking care of the mind, body, and spirit. I also gotta make sure I finish a workout with my favorite smoothie—I don’t just be smokin’ green, I drink my greens, too!

    SERVES 1


    2 cups [40 g] fresh spinach 1 medium orange, peeled and quartered

    1 medium banana, sliced

    2 cups [480 ml] coconut water

    2 Tbsp protein powder (optional)

    In a blender, combine the spinach, orange, banana, coconut water, and protein powder (if using). Blend on high speed until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately.


    Mix it up with pineapple, apples, kale, or whatever you got on deck. The point is to get the fuel to get you through your day.

    Not Ya Mamma’s Corn Muffins

    I got a lot of love for the corn bread at Roscoe’s, especially with a little butter and some jelly. I even took my man Larry King to the Hollywood location one time, and had to put him up on how good that corn bread is. Don’t get it confused though—my homemade corn bread muffins are nothing to play with! I put ‘em up against anyone’s, so go ahead and taste for yourself. What makes ‘em so good? Maybe it’s that sour cream in the mix. I know what you’re thinking—“Corn bread and sour cream?” Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.



    1 cup [140 g] all-purpose flour

    2/3 cup [90 g] yellow cornmeal

    11/2 tsp baking powder

    1/2 tsp salt

    1/4 tsp baking soda

    4 Tbsp [55 g] unsalted butter, at room temperature

    1/4 cup [50 g] granulated sugar

    2 large eggs

    1/2 cup [120 ml] whole milk

    2/3 cup [160 g] sour cream, or full-fat plain yogurt

    1. Preheat the oven to 425°F [220°C], with a rack in the middle position. Butter or insert liners into a 12-cup muffin tin and set aside.

    2. In a small bowl, whisk the flour, cornmeal, baking powder, salt, and baking soda to combine.

    3. In a medium bowl, combine the butter and sugar. Using a handheld electric mixer or a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, beat on medium speed until creamy. Add the eggs and beat until golden and blended. Stir in the milk and sour cream.

    4. Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet. Gently mix or beat at low speed until just combined, being careful not to overmix (the batter should be very thick).

    5. Spoon the batter into the prepared muffin cups, filling each about three-fourths full.

    6. Place the muffin tin in the oven and bake for 16 to 18 minutes, rotating the muffin tin halfway through the baking time to ensure even cooking. The muffins are done when


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