Peranakan Heritage Cooking (Singapore Heritage Cooking) by Philip Chia, Book Download 9814346470

April 5, 2018

 Peranakan Heritage Cooking (Singapore Heritage Cooking) by Philip Chia, Book Download 9814346470

The Singapore Heritage Cookbook series documents and preserves the cultural and culinary heritage of the different ethnic groups in Singapore through recipes passed down from generation to generation. Each book is made up of two parts: An introduction that provides an overview of the history and culture of the community in Singapore and a selection of 55–65 recipes. This section will include traditional dishes, dishes that boast a distinct regional variation that makes them uniquely Singaporean as well dishes that have been adapted over time with lifestyle changes. A brief but informative headnote introduces each recipe and explains the history/significance of the dish and/or other interesting facts related to the dish or ingredients used.With its focus on the cultural and culinary heritage of the Chinese, Malay, Indians, Eurasians and Peranakans in Singapore, the Singapore Heritage Cookbook series will be the definitive reference for anyone looking to learn and understand more about the different ethnic groups in Singapore.


Amazon should allow users to vote for the removal of useless comments like the one from Stephen Foster above. 3 Stars for a book you ‘plan to buy’ and haven’t even read? Thats just ridiculous. I’ve had many opportunities to meet the author as well as sample his food. As with most Asian cooking that starts with a ‘rempah’ or spice paste, flavours will vary greatly depending on the ingredients at hand. That is why recipes such as these can serve as a guideline for improvisation by more experienced cooks. However, if one wants to just follow the recipes directly, the recipes in here are authentic with no ingredients ‘left out’ as is always the case when it comes to Asian recipes. Most Peranakans will never share their recipes with anyone but thankfully, the author unselfishly chooses to document and share his ‘secret’ recipes. My favourite recipes in this book are the babi tohay (His family recipe for pork in red rice yeast), mee siam, fish otak, chicken buah keluak, tamarind fish curry and okra salad with chilli. Each of these recipes work perfectly and taste great. I’m looking forward to other books that the author might be releasing in the future as Peranakan cooking is so diverse that this book probably covers only the ‘greatest hits’. I would recommend that lovers of Asian food add this book to their collection and please don’t leave it on the shelf….cook from it!



  • Title: Peranakan Heritage Cooking (Singapore Heritage Cooking)
  • Autor: Philip Chia
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd; 1 edition (November 1, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 9814346470
  • ISBN-13: | 978-9814346474
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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