Pie: A Global History (The Edible Series) by Janet Clarkson, Download eBook 1861894252

April 9, 2018

 Pie: A Global History (The Edible Series) by Janet Clarkson, Download eBook 1861894252

Apple pie. Pumpkin pie. Shepherd’s pie. Chicken potpie. Sweet or savory, pies are beloved; everyone has a favorite. Yet despite its widespread appeal there has never been a book devoted to this humble dish—until now.

            Janet Clarkson in Pie illustrates how what was once a purely pragmatic dish of thick layers of dough has grown into an esteemed creation of culinary art. There is as much debate about how to perfect the ideal, flaky pastry crust as there is about the very definition of a pie: Must it have a top and bottom crust? Is a pasty a pie? In flavorful detail, Clarkson celebrates the pie in all its variations. She touches pon the pie’s commercial applications, nutritional value, and cultural significance; and she examines its international variations, from Britain’s pork pie and Australia and New Zealand’s endless varieties of meat pie to the Russian kurnik and good old-fashioned American apple pie.

            This delectable salute to the many pies enjoyed the world over will satisfy the appetites of all readers hungry for culinary history and curious about the many varieties of this delightful food, and it just might inspire them to don aprons and head for the stove.

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As an Australian I have eaten pies all my life. From the grand celebratory pies cooked by my Mum and other older members of my family to small English pork pies and Star-Gazy-pudding in Cornwall and of course the famous Australian Meat Pie of local sport and musical fame! I also enjoy cooking a large dinner-table pie occasionally to share on cool winter evenings with family and friends. This little book delves into the heritage and history of pies and their consumption, mainly in Europe, but also around the world in different guises. It was a fascinating journey full of interest and surprise! The author introduced me to not just the different savoury and sweet pies, but also to the technical side of pastry and gluten required to make this apparently simple food presentable, edible and functional. I just can’t imagine the grand decorated offerings and their wildly various fillings of yesteryear! Dining at a great house table must have been such an adventure on occasion! As always, I have learned more about the world and the place this remarkable animal, man, and his creative brain occupies. We really are a clever creature!!
Lots of great history about pies!
Anyone who is familiar with Clarkson’s wonderful blog, The Old Foodie ([…]) will hardly be surprised that this book is a delight. It is carefully researched and presented with warm and charming intelligence. From the earliest crust-encased meats to modern fruit pies, with stops along the way for legend and lore, this is a truly tasty volume for anyone interested in how what we eat came to be.

  • Title: Pie: A Global History (The Edible Series)
  • Autor: Janet Clarkson
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Reaktion Books; 2 edition (April 15, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1861894252
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1861894250
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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