Recettes glacées de l’école Lenôtre (French Edition) by école Lenôtre: Download, EPUB, PDF,

January 3, 2018

Recettes glacées de l'école Lenôtre (French Edition)

  • Title: Recettes glacées de l’école Lenôtre (French Edition)
  • Autor: école Lenôtre
  • Print Length: 174 pages
  • Publisher (Publication Date):
  • Language: French
  • ISBN-10: 2865470369,
  • ISBN-13: 978-2865470365,
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF

Ce livre proposé par l’École Lenôtre, les Recettes glacées
la fameuse Ecole Lenôtre nous dévoile ici ses connaissances relatives à la technologie des glaces, aux recettes de base, aux mix à crèmes glacées. Elles permettront aux professionnels et aux amateurs éclairés de terminer les repas et les réceptions par un véritable feu d’artifice, alliant les saveurs les plus subtiles à l’harmonie des formes et des couleurs.

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Lenotre’s two cookbooks — this one and a companion dealing with pastries & cakes — are classic reference works for anyone serious about making high-quality and technically perfect deserts. Both books teach the reader the techniques for preparing a variety of restaurant-quality sweets. This volume focues on ices, ice cream, and variants thereupon. You get: the basics of sugar syrups, recipies for about 20 different fruit & liquor sorbets, ditto for ice cream bases & ice creams, and so forth, expanding into complex deserts using ice creams and other frozen ingrediants. I have used this volume and its companion for years. Although I don’t often make such dishes, when I want to, I can with success. This book is a bible if you’re serious about such things. If you’re just looking for ideas for the kids or basics for making ice cream at home, though, your money would be better spent on something less pricey.

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