Renee Loux Underkoffler, Living Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods (Avery Health Guides), PDF eBook 1583331719

April 12, 2018

 Renee Loux Underkoffler, Living Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods (Avery Health Guides), PDF eBook 1583331719

Eating raw isn’t just for naturalists anymore. Today, health-conscious eaters are filling their plates with the foods nature has already prepared. And these foods go well beyond the sprouts, carrots, and celery typically associated with this type of diet.

In Living Cuisine, celebrated raw chef Renée Underkoffler shows how varied, exciting, and healthy raw-foods cuisine can be. She introduces the many benefits of eating raw and offers guidelines for incorporating this healthier regimen into one’s lifestyle. She provides clear, step-by-step instructions for raw-foods processing techniques-juicing, sprouting, culturing and fermenting, dehydrating, and even blanching.

At the heart of Living Cuisine are the more than 300 tantalizing recipes inspired by a wide range of ethnic and regional foods. These beverages, soups, salads, appetizers, side dishes, sushi, entrees, and desserts are all delicious and simple to prepare. This unique resource includes thorough information necessary for a foray into raw-foods living

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My background is that I’m a great cook and I love creating and trying brilliant new recipes. I’m not a vegetarian or even a raw foodie just yet, but want to understand the full spectrum of delicious foods that life can offer. Living Cuisine is a must have book for any true food lover! I have bought several other raw books (Raw Food/Real World, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, Carol Alt’s The Raw 50, and more) and they were all good. I do recommend them as well. BUT! If you can buy ONE book, this is the one. Living Cuisine is absolutely amazing. The recipes are excellent. There is more information packed into this book than I’ve seen in ANY cookbook, and trust me, I have TONS of cookbooks of all kinds. She interestingly informs on types of food, ways of cooking, tools, techniques, and more ingredients than I’ve ever heard of. I was very impressed by the ingredient list. So many kinds of foods, with info about their flavors, origins, methods of cooking them. This includes seasonings, sweeteners, and anything that creates flavor. In fact, she goes into detail about flavor groups and how to mix and use them. I could go on. Just know that I can’t say enough about how much I love this book. Please enjoy!
Recently, I ordered another raw cookbook (which I won’t mention here) that just didn’t “do it” for me. Thinking about Living Cuisine, I realize why. The best cookbooks (or uncookbooks as the case may be) have that perfect blend of both art & spirit. My new book was missing the spirit. On the contrary, Living Cuisine is full of sensible, practical philosophy presented in a spirit of grace. I believe this is important for those Raw-Food hopefuls who want to do more in this area but don’t feel they’ll ever move “all the way.” It’s also just plain inviting for those of us who want to savor the beauties of raw food without a lot of “tssk tssk” talk. But, when it comes to savoring, this book offers more than great philosophy and incredible information… it also gives artful, mouth-watering recipes that give us a craving for what’s best. (Oh, a gorgeous chocolate pie to die for is included!) Over time, my only difficulty with LC has been the preparation time. So, I often save the recipes for summer time (when I have more time) or gourmet moments (when I want to woo my friends into healthiness). For simpler recipes I’ve relied on Rainbow Green, Live-Food Cuisine and Eating Without Heating.
What a lovely book. It’s big and very useful. Even the layout is soft and engaging. The first roughly half of the book covers an extensive description about every type of utensil you will need to make these dishes. I read that this annoyed one person, however I feel that breaking down all the different types of juicers would be of benefit to those that don’t have one. Renee also gets into lots of detail on things like good oils and salts, sprouting and even cutting techniques. With over 300 recipes I think has got to be the best value for money. It covers a wide range of topics so you are going to find plenty of foods you are going to love. Plenty of nut / seed milks and cheeses, pies, quiches – it’s got them all. Some dishes are quick and simple, while others are more complex, but oh what a taste. I found the book has just enough white space in the margins for me to jot down my notes on each dish. The only thing that could be improved is a thicker card for the cover as it is a reference book. I feel mine got doggy eared quicker than normal. Only a minor issue that can be compensated for with a bit of clear sticky covering like in school. Don’t let that put you off though the content is what you buy the book for and its got plenty of that – Good on you Renee and team.

  • Title: Living Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods (Avery Health Guides)
  • Autor: Renee Loux Underkoffler
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Avery; First Edition edition (January 5, 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1583331719
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1583331712
  • Download File Format: EPUB, PDF

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