Rocco’s Healthy and Delicious: More than 200 (Mostly) Plant-Based, Rocco DiSpirito, AZW3, 0062378120

October 12, 2017

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 Rocco's Healthy and Delicious: More than 200 (Mostly) Plant-Based, Rocco DiSpirito, AZW3, 0062378120

Rocco’s Healthy & Delicious: More than 200 (Mostly) Plant-Based Recipes for Everyday Life by Rocco DiSpirito

  • Print Length: 400 Pages
  • Publisher: Harper Wave
  • Publication Date: October 17, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01N22ZO9U
  • ISBN-10: 0062378120
  • ISBN-13: 978-0062378125
  • File Format: AZW3





CHAPTER 1: Have You Heard? Healthy and Delicious Are Not Mutually Exclusive Anymore
CHAPTER 2: WTF Is (Mostly) Plant-Based?
CHAPTER 3: 10 Reasons to Go Organic

CHAPTER 4: Morning
CHAPTER 5: Smoothies & Drinks
CHAPTER 6: Soups & Salads
CHAPTER 7: Veggie Burgers
CHAPTER 8: Mains
CHAPTER 9: Bites & Snacks
CHAPTER 10: Avocado Dishes
CHAPTER 11: Sides & Sauces
CHAPTER 12: Desserts & Chocolate



I’ve dedicated my life to proving that healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive concepts. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to eat well. You can be healthy, lose weight, and still enjoy amazing food all day long.
THE PROOF is in the cookbook you’re thumbing through right now. There are more than two hundred recipes here—including plenty of satisfying meals and decadent desserts. And each one is made with healthy, great-tasting ingredients that will soon become your go-to pantry staples.
When I started working on this book, I knew one thing for certain: I didn’t want to write a traditional “diet” book, with boring diet theory, philosophy, charts, and complicated shopping lists. And from the conversations I’ve had with you, my readers, I know that’s not what you want either. Over and over people tell me that what they really want from me is more recipes to help them live a healthy life. Well, friends, here they are!
All of the recipes in this book are inspired by the dishes I make every day for my food delivery service customers. I prepare delicious meals that are delivered right to their doors, wherever they are—at work, at home, or on vacation, anywhere in the country. All of the meals I make are sourced from fresh, local, organic ingredients that are nutrient dense, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. With these recipes at your fingertips, you too can live like you have a private chef and change your health and well-being for the better.
My personal journey to eating healthier began with a scare. I was a restaurant chef for many years, trained to prepare food with lots of butter or other fat, pour delectable sauces over it, and sugar it up, all with no regard to calories, nutrients, or anything else health-related. It didn’t have to be good for you, it just had to taste good. And to make sure I was serving the very best food to my customers, I routinely sampled my creations. Over the years, that sampling added up, and my weight soared.
By 2008, my doctor told me that my cholesterol and blood pressure were creeping upward. He gave me two options: start taking medication or improve my diet and exercise. I remember thinking, Why don’t I do the harder, smarter thing? I decided to learn how to make healthier versions of my favorite foods—and commit to a real exercise routine. A year later, I was thirty pounds lighter and much healthier. That’s when I knew I was onto something, and a new, different sort of passion for cooking took hold.
At the time, there wasn’t another chef within spitting distance (save for a few very brave souls—Michel Nischan and Matthew Kenney come to mind) who embraced a healthier lifestyle, much less was willing to transform their signature cuisine into healthier cuisine. The movement for “healthy and delicious” was small, sporadic, and weak. Those of us who were interested in nutrition were considered alternative types who craved wheatgrass juice and carried water bottles. My peers thought I’d lost my mind. No one could have imagined a day when made-to-order salad joints and juice shops could be found in any city.
As I began this journey, I developed a working set of parameters: re-create comfort food, shave off fat and carbs, and make sure the result was under 350 calories per serving—without making the dishes taste like cardboard. I was okay with using conventional foods, artificial sweeteners, “low-fat” sauces, and “sugar-free” stuff made with sucralose. As long as I got the flavor right and the calories under 350, I considered it a job well done. It was a huge undertaking and very ambitious for me at the time. The result was a book called Now Eat This!, and it was an instant success.
But in the years since then, I’ve refined my definition of healthy eating. I’ve cut out refined sugars and processed foods. I don’t use artificial flavorings or sweeteners. I avoid gluten, dairy, and sugar. And I always try to source the best-quality ingredients—local and organic—whenever possible. These foods are higher in nutrients, free of pesticides and other toxic chemicals, and simply taste better. What’s more, they’re great for weight loss because their calories are used efficiently by the body, making them less likely to be stored as fat.
Today, consumers are more educated than ever before about the quality of their food. Most of you have heard about the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You know to read food labels. You know to avoid added sugars and preservatives. You know to run in the opposite direction from any and all trans fats.
A whole new language has evolved when it comes to food and wellness. Locavore, vegan, pescatarian, Paleo, ketogenic—the list goes on and on. So much is happening that requires a person like me to be vigilant, relentless, and dynamic. I’m always on the prowl for new ingredients, new techniques, new and better information to replace or refresh what I’m doing in the kitchen. The chef I was ten or twelve years ago is not the chef I am today. I am in perpetual metamorphosis!
Which brings us up to the “now.” The food in this book is—just as it says on the jacket—mostly plant-based (and completely delicious). What does that mean? It means eating as close to the source as possible. I don’t like to label the way I eat; instead, I just strive to cook with the healthiest ingredients I can find and let the results speak for themselves. That’s why you won’t find a lot of diet dogma in this book, just a few simple guidelines that will help you make better choices at the grocery store (more on that in Chapter 1). For now, I just want you to commit to one thing: eating real food that is healthy and delicious.
The recipes in this book are organized into two parts. In Part II, you’ll find conventional categories like morning, mains, sides, salads, desserts, and snacks. I wanted to make the transition into eating more whole foods as easy as possible, and most people are used to thinking about their meals within a traditional framework. But I also wanted to provide a way for you to think about and plan your meals based on ingredients: healthy and delicious (mostly) plant-based meals, and many of the recipes require little to no cooking time. From simple dishes like my Avocado Furikake and Eggplant Walnut Dip to grab-and-go snacks like my Cocoa-Nutty Trail Mix and Protein Almond Butter Balls, many of these recipes come together in as little as five to ten minutes and offer innovative ways to incorporate more nutritious foods into your day.
You don’t have to follow a set of rigid dietary rules or learn a whole new vocabulary to start making wholesome, plant-based meals. The recipes in this book are foolproof and don’t require any fancy equipment (my grandmother made some amazing food with nothing but a broken paring knife and a beat-up frying pan). So start eating more wholesome, plant-based foods. I just want you to get in your kitchen, cook, and have fun.
When you start cooking more, you’ll find that your whole life changes for the better. It’s no exaggeration. You will be a better partner and parent (I don’t know of a better way to express love than to cook for someone), you’ll save money by not eating out as much, you’ll feel happier and more energetic, and you’ll prevent a bunch of scary diseases in the process. The sooner you get behind the stove, the sooner you can start eating wonderful food that will make you and your family healthy and happy. If this chef can get healthy, anyone can!

Recipe Index


Protein Pancakes (77 calories)
Blueberry Syrup (43 calories)
Protein Crepes (86 calories)
Fruity Coco Yogurt Swirl (227 calories)
Egg and Pancake Sandwich (162 calories)
Toad-in-the-Hole (178 calories)
Shakshuka (141 calories)
Eggs Florentine (143 calories)
Eggplant and Turkey Bacon Hash (190 calories)
Turmeric, English Pea, and Onion Frittata (96 calories)
Sweet Potato, Bell Pepper, and Onion Tortilla (105 calories)
Microwave Buckwheat Bread (104 calories)
Protein Bread (100 calories)
Breakfast Reuben (148 calories)
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich (285 calories)
Kale and Egg Breakfast Sandwich (238 calories)
Fruity Almond and Chia Sandwich (248 calories)
Smoked Salmon with Herbed Cashew Cheese (154 calories)
Hibiscus Muffins (143 calories)
Cinnamon-Mulberry Crisp (122 calories)
Tropical Oatmeal (215 calories)
Vanilla-Cinnamon-Walnut Oatmeal (222 calories)
Peanut Butter–Banana Oatmeal (189 calories)
Savory Oatmeal (190 calories)
Cocoa-Raspberry Oatmeal (226 calories)
Pomegranate-Chia Overnight Oats (226 calories)
High-Protein Microwave Almond Bread (143 calories)
Apple-Cinnamon Breakfast Bars (145 calories)
Cranberry-Walnut Breakfast Bars (145 calories)
Coconut-Almond Breakfast Bars (176 calories)
Strawberry-Pistachio Breakfast Bars (169 calories)
Raspberry-Nut Breakfast Bars (206 calories)
Protein Cereal Bars (124 calories)
Protein Almond Butter Balls (147 calories)
Protein Cookies (183 calories)

Smoothies & Drinks

Beet-Raspberry Smoothie (191 calories)
Chocolate-Macadamia Smoothie (207 calories)
Strawberry-Starfruit Smoothie (165 calories)
Cilantro-Ginger Smoothie (192 calories)
Cucumber Mint Basil Smoothie (174 calories)
Pear-Spinach Smoothie (168 calories)
Strawberry-Pomegranate Green Smoothie (192 calories)
Sea Green Smoothie (222 calories)
Mojito Smoothie (152 calories)
Pea Green Smoothie (157 calories)
Chocolate-Raspberry Smoothie (186 calories)
Cashew-Mango Smoothie (252 calories)
Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie (190 calories)
Chocolate-Mint Protein Smoothie (170 calories)
Spicy Mango Margarita Smoothie (165 calories)
Pomegranate-Kale Smoothie (223 calories)
Peach-Mango Smoothie (181 calories)
Watermelon Chia Refresher (143 calories)
Cranapple Chia Drink (161 calories)
Peach and Ginger Chia Drink (166 calories)
Spirulina Green Chia Drink (194 calories)
Strawberry-Hibiscus Chia Drink (198 calories)
Beet, Red Pepper, and Apple Juice (129 calories)
Berry Lemonade Chia Drink (142 calories)
Avocado-Cucumber Smoothie (137 calories)

Soups & Salads

Cold Carrot and Curry Soup (68 calories)
Cream of Mushroom Soup (100 calories)
Raw Curry Ragout with Diced Zucchini (94 calories)
Cauliflower Soup (118 calories)
Avocado-Cucumber Soup (148 calories)
Ajo Blanco (209 calories)
Pesto White Bean Soup (148 calories)
Beef and Red Lentil Soup (362 calories)
White Bean and Bok Choy Soup (224 calories)
Veggie Chili (145 calories)
Coconut-Cilantro Chicken Soup (275 calories)
Chicken Chorizo Soup (166 calories)
Mango Radish Salad (89 calories)
Chopped Salad with Avocado Crema Dressing (132 calories)
Radicchio Citrus Salad (122 calories)
String Bean Salad (79 calories)
Kale Tabbouleh (109 calories)
Roasted Beet Salad (162 calories)
Arugula Melon Salad (78 calories)
Escarole, Walnut, and Apple Salad (134 calories)
Broccoli Fruit Salad (102 calories)
Heirloom Tomato Salad (108 calories)
Kale, Strawberry, and Balsamic Salad (135 calories)
Greek Salad (144 calories)
Holy Grail Kale Salad (187 calories)
Asparagus and Tomato Salad (50 calories)
Summer Fruit Salad (133 calories)
Sweet Potato and Okra Salad (151 calories)
Chicken Caesar Salad (228 calories)
Herb Lentil Salad (170 calories)
Shrimp Salad with Juniper and Cucumber (156 calories)
Sweet Potato Salad with Flaked Salmon (211 calories)
Peppery Green Salad with Pulled Chicken and Lime Dressing (98 calories)

Veggie Burgers

Rocco’s Protein Buns (144 calories)
Chickpea Veggie Burgers (244 calories)
Thai Veggie Burgers (298 calories)
Southwest Chili Burgers (251 calories)
Asian Veggie Burgers (247 calories)
Almond Veggie Burgers (305 calories)
Fajita Veggie Burgers (249 calories)
Cajun Veggie Burgers (232 calories)
Kiwi Veggie Burgers (348 calories)
Curry in a Hurry Burgers (258 calories)


Cucumber Noodles with Creamy Pesto (139 calories)
Cauliflower Steaks with Raw Steak Sauce (117 calories)
Cauliflower Risotto (162 calories)
Veggie Pasta Pomodoro (198 calories)
Cauliflower Fried Rice (226 calories)
Protein Pasta (128 calories)
Moroccan-Style Baked Fish with Chickpeas and Mustard Greens (226 calories)
Salmon Escabeche (211 calories)
Grape Leaf–Wrapped Monkfish with Fennel (200 calories)
Shrimp Creole (225 calories)
Bouillabaisse (232 calories)
Chicken and Mushroom Empanadas (302 calories)
Chicken Fajitas (299 calories)
Ginger Ale Chicken (371 calories)
Fried Chicken with Coleslaw and Avocado (382 calories)
Almond Ricotta and Olive Stuffed Chicken (196 calories)
Chicken Tikka Masala (207 calories)
Roasted Cornish Game Hens (240 calories)
Stuffed Zucchini (316 calories)
Italian Sloppy Joes (271 calories)
Turkey Sliders with Tomato Jam (233 calories)
Turkey, Spinach, and Red Onion Burgers (229 calories)
Roasted Turkey Breast with Gravy (185 calories)
Cranberry Sauce (34 calories)
Rosemary Pork Loin (172 calories)
Pork Chops with Pepper Sauce (181 calories)
“Meat and Two” Veg Balls with Mustard Sauce (305 calories)
Ginger-Soy Kofta and Tomato Salad (240 calories)
Espresso Meatloaf (205 calories)
Grilled Sirloin with Asparagus (290 calories)
Steak with Balsamic BBQ Sauce (171 calories)

Bites & Snacks

Raw Stuffed Mushrooms (101 calories)
Beet Tartare (71 calories)
Raw Chard Tacos (72 calories)
Bass Crudo with Tomatillos (119 calories)
Salmon Crudo with Lemon Chia (164 calories)
Tuna Poke Carpaccio (120 calories)
Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche (145 calories)
Asian-Style Ceviche (354 calories)
Ceviche with Leche de Tigre (108 calories)
Tzatziki (63 calories)
Protein Pizza Crust (62 calories)
Deviled Eggs (77 calories)
Avocado-Pimentón Dip (121 calories)
Eggplant Walnut Dip (117 calories)
Chipotle Black Bean Dip (100 calories)
Sweet Pea Hummus (97 calories)
Smoky Kale Chips (25 calories)
Nori Rolls with Mango Red Chile Sauce (49 calories)
Salt and Battery Popcorn (40 calories)
Cabbage Slaw (49 calories)
Crispy Ras El Hanout Cauliflower (130 calories)
People Puppy Chow (109 calories)
Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix (110 calories)
Almond Popcorn Trail Mix (91 calories)
Sweet and Spicy Nut Mix (112 calories)
Trail of Life Mix (128 calories)
Chunky Monkey Trail Mix (130 calories)
Bloody Mary Trail Mix (131 calories)
Thanksgiving Trail Mix (88 calories)
Cajun Pecan Trail Mix (124 calories)
Cocoa-Nutty Trail Mix (117 calories)
Black Forest Trail Mix (128 calories)
Mount Katahdin Krunch (108 calories)

Avocado Dishes

Avocado and Shrimp Salad (173 calories)
Avocado and Almond Ricotta (201 calories)
Avocado Kimchi (107 calories)
Deviled Avocado (111 calories)
Avocado Furikake (122 calories)
Avocado and Cucumber Raita (124 calories)
Avocado, Salumi, and Pickles (137 calories)
Avocado and Celery Root Salad (137 calories)
Avocado Salsa Verde (150 calories)
Avocado and Salmon Salad (171 calories)
Avocado Tomato Balsamic (123 calories)
Caprese Avocado Toast (168 calories)
Strawberry Avocado Toast (214 calories)
Corn and Chimichurri Avocado Toast (226 calories)
Dukkah Avocado Toast (220 calories)
Non-Gringo Avocado Toast (256 calories)
Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast (276 calories)

Sides & Sauces

Hard-Roasted Broccoli with Nuts and Lemon (163 calories)
Beet, Carrot, and Kale Slaw (87 calories)
Stuffed Bell Peppers (88 calories)
Roasted Corn (76 calories)
BBQ Spaghetti Squash (118 calories)
Mushroom Bruschetta (78 calories)
Roasted Mushrooms (66 calories)
Spiced Carrots (74 calories)
Raw Ratatouille (54 calories)
Snap Peas and Mushrooms (60 calories)
Chickpea Curry Sauce (87 calories)
Spicy Mustard Sauce (27 calories)
Best Damn Sauce Ever (30 calories)
Ginger-Soy Dipping Sauce (43 calories)
Rocco’s Raw Ketchup (8 calories)

Desserts & Chocolate

Fruit and Nut Krispie Treat (118 calories)
Sugar-Free Marshmallows (40 calories)
Cinnamon Rice Pudding (77 calories)
Blueberry-Almond Parfait (113 calories)
Key Lime Mousse with Chocolate Sauce (112 calories)
Banana Split Pops (91 calories)
Cherry-Almond Ice Pops (65 calories)
Hazelnut, Goji, and Coconut Cookies (94 calories)
Chocolate-Blueberry Cookies (129 calories)
No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies (153 calories)
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (133 calories)
Almond Butter–Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies (107 calories)
Oatmeal-Walnut Cookies (152 calories)
Sun-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (176 calories)
Hazelnut Spread Cookies (103 calories)
Almond-Coconut Cookies (130 calories)
Snickerdoodle Protein Balls (57 calories)
Coconut Macaroons (85 calories)
Chocolate-Almond-Coconut Balls (118 calories)
Chocolate Protein Truffles (85 calories)
Protein Cake Bites (117 calories)
Fruit with Stevia (63 calories)
Earl Grey Hemp Heart Bark (114 calories)
Coconut-Espresso Bark (122 calories)
Spicy Pistachio-Goji Bark (165 calories)
Mulberry-Walnut Bark (166 calories)
Coconut-Almond Bark (174 calories)
Almond Brittle (109 calories)


The James Beard Award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author, chef, and healthy living expert gives his fans what they have been clamoring for—a beautiful cookbook featuring more than 250 flavorful, mostly plant-based recipes for eating well every day.

Over the last decade, Americans have become increasingly aware of the health benefits of eating whole foods. But while we’re all looking to reduce our reliance on processed foods and eat fewer animal products, one thing has been missing: a cookbook that makes it easy and affordable (not to mention, delicious) to live a plant-based lifestyle.

Enter celebrity chef and health crusader Rocco Dispirito. He knows firsthand that a plant-based diet can deliver real results for weight loss and overall health, and he’s on a mission to make healthy eating accessible to everyone once and for all. In Rocco’s Healthy and Delicious, he offers more than 250 recipes featuring wholesome dishes that use fresh, local, organic ingredients.

In Rocco’s Healthy and Delicious, readers will find simple, everyday recipes for meals, snacks, desserts, smoothies and more. Start your day with Pomegranate Chia Oatmeal or a Strawberry Pistachio Breakfast Bar. Power up with a Chopped Salad with Avocado Crema or Coconut Cilantro Chicken Soup. Feast over Cauliflower Rice Risotto or Thai Curry Veggie Burgers. Indulge in Coconut Macaroons and No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies. All of these recipes are plant-based, and most importantly: delicious.

With beautiful photography, no-nonsense nutritional guidance, a pantry overview, and more, Rocco offers a real-life guide to eating real food.

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