Rosa Mexicano: A Culinary Autobiography with 60 Recipes by Josefina Howard, EPUB, 0670879479

July 18, 2017

Rosa Mexicano: A Culinary Autobiography with 60 Recipes by Josefina Howard

  • Print Length: 284 Pages
  • Publisher: Viking Adult
  • Publication Date: November 1, 1998
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B06WWRQN76
  • ISBN-10: 0670879479
  • ISBN-13: 978-0670879472
  • File Format: EPUB


No one knows Mexican food–or Mexico–like Josefina Howard. Her Rosa Mexicano is not only rated by Zagat’s as the top Mexican restaurant in New York, its fare is honored by Mexicans themselves. Cooks who have seen her on PBS, CNN, the Television Food Network, and Martha Stewart Living have longed to re-create her mouth-watering dishes at home. Now they can. Overflowing with Josefina’s passion for Mexican culture and cuisine, her vibrant snatches of personal memoir and social history, and her own award-winning color photographs, Rosa Mexicano is the fruit of a lifetime love affair with a country and far outshines mere cookbooks. This book, which took ten years to create, is the result of her frequent trips to Mexico–as many as four or five a year. As for the astonishing recipes, they are as colorful and diverse as the culture that gave birth to them and far surpass their popular Americanized counterparts. Unusual herbs add distinctive flavors to a host of uniquely south-of-the-border delectables: delicate soups made with zucchini blossoms, pozole (Mexican chicken soup, except it’s made with pork!), and stuffed peppers garnished with pomegranate seeds. This is the real face of one of the most misunderstood great cuisines of the world, and a tantalizing holiday gift for all cooks and ethnic culture mavens.


An Amazing Mexican Food Cookbook

Through more than 30 years, I have been able to put together quite a collection of cookbooks. Having lived in several parts of Mexico, its cuisine is my favorite and books on its cuisine make up the largest section of my collection. I do not exaggerate when I say that “Rosa Mexicano” by Josefina Howard, which I was not familiar with until I recently purchased it, has become my favorite. I definitely like the recipes. Even the ones I am familiar with and have been cooking for a long time have a new ingredient or additional step that make me want to incorporate into my own recipe next time I make it. But what I am fascinated with is her approach to Mexican food in her restaurant: wanting to serve her guests wonderful Mexican food while offering them an educational experience. This is precisely what distinguishes her cookbook from others I own – the extensive, interesting and well-researched information she includes about ingredients and techniques in Mexican cuisine. She explains the origins and past traditions regarding certain dishes as well as the changes they have gone through through the years. This book’s content is both delicious and didactic.

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