Russia’s Cuisine: Tradition and Modernity by Sergei Sinelnikov, PDF, EPUB, 5989370679

May 23, 2017


Russia’s Cuisine: Tradition and Modernity by Sergei Sinelnikov

  • Print Length: 456 pages
  • Publisher: Chernova Sergei Petrovich
  • Publication Date: October 19, 2016
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 5989370679
  • ISBN-13: 978-5989370672
  • File Format: PDF, EPUB


This book has been specially published for EXPO Milano 2015. Its purpose is to present the diversity and culinary abundance of Russian cuisine. Not only will it attract foreign readers, but it will also allow Russians to discover new regional dishes and the products of our vast country. Each chapter describes a large region, and the peoples linked to the territory. You will learn about the different ethnic groups that lived on these lands before, those that live there now, and which products, specialties and dishes have made the region famous. Of course, you will find many recipes, with some familiar from childhood, as well as rare, absolutely unique dishes from the smallest and most distant corners of Russia. The last chapter of this edition is dedicated to New Russian cuisine, and how Russian chefs search for new approaches to products and how they work out their concepts. Their path to culinary discoveries is not only done through the development of advanced technologies and the study of the latest achievements of the world’s greatest chefs, but largely through the comprehension of the richest culinary traditions of their multi-ethnic country. Special marks with elements of D.I. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table describe some Russian products containing microelements that are necessary for the human body.


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