Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide: Feed Your Family. Save Your Sanity. by Sally Kuzemchak, EPUB, 0848742427

January 30, 2017


Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide: Feed Your Family. Save Your Sanity. by Sally Kuzemchak

  • Print Length: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Oxmoor House
  • Publication Date: April 22, 2014
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00HW4A41M
  • ISBN-10: 0848742427
  • ISBN-13: 978-0848742423
  • File Format: EPUB



I haven’t had this book for very long, but I can see it becoming my go-to for week-day dinner ideas. The recipes all look really delicious and manageable, and I like that there’s a picture accompanying each recipe. Many of the main dishes have a good balance of protein, veggies, and carbs, so I feel like I could just make one dish for dinner (and if it’s not that balanced, the pictures and text have suggestions for a quick and easy carb and veggie side).

This is more than a recipe book too — it also has so many tips for shopping, cooking, and managing children during meal time (both prep and eating) that it’s a short and sweet parenting guide too. The parenting advice is very practical and reasonable, and the author doesn’t pretend like there’s only one right way to raise children, which I really appreciate. This would be a good gift for parent friends.

Women are juggling more roles and more responsibilities than ever before. But somehow, some way, dinner’s still got to get on the table. Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide will help women navigate mealtime armed with strategies, tips, and recipes that are targeted to the specific issue they have with dinner-whether that’s an insane schedule, a tight budget, or extra-finicky kids. This book highlights the top 10 challenges women face with getting a home-cooked meal on the table and offers empathy and encouragement in the form of doable steps to take and strategies to try, plus more than 150 recipes to make mealtime a breeze.

Feeding kids healthy, home-cooked meals is at the top of every mom’s daily to-do list, but hectic schedules and a host of other dilemmas can sometimes keep it from being a reality. Cooking Light’s Dinnertime Survival helps moms find a way to make it happen–no matter what the challenge may be.

Some features include:

– Smart Strategies that offer fresh advice for a range of topics, such as appeasing your kids’ requests for a snack right before dinner because they’re starving to money-saving meal-planning solutions.
– Crazy Tricks that Actually Work! Sometimes it takes some out-of-the-box thinking.
– Real Moms, Real Smart tips offer kid-tested strategies and advice from moms around the country.
– More than 200 full-color photos–one with each recipe.


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