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Simple Cooking

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  • Title: Simple Cooking
  • Autor: John Thorne
  • Publisher (Publication Date): North Point Press (November 16, 1996)
  • Language: English

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John Thorne’s classic first collection is filled with straightforward eating, home cooking, vigorous opinions, and the gracefully intelligent writing that makes him a cult favorite of people who like to think about food.

“Incisive, hilarious and occasionally nostalgic, this volume will delight many readers, reminding them why they enjoy the pleasures of food and cooking.“–Publishers Weekly

About the Author

John Thorne is a food writer and author of numerous books and essays. He lives in Northampton, MA.

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This is a very good book by a gifted writer. He once decries the fact that there is very little intellectual material in food/cook books in that many provide information, but few make you think. This book does both A collection of essays about food, recipes cooks and writers with thoughts and opinions about such things.

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