Simply Scrumptious Recipes, Quiches and Salads by Valerie Remy-Milora, PDF eBook,

March 9, 2018

Simply Scrumptious Recipes, Quiches and Salads

Does meal preparation sometimes take you away from something you’d rather be doing?

Would you feel guilty feeding your kids a “lesser” meal because you’re just out of time to get it done?

Do you want to AVOID the hamster-wheel of running around and trying to get everything done and STILL be able to feed your family healthy, delicious, and filling meals?”

Help is on the way…

If you’re a busy mom who demands more for her family, and you’re committed to feeding your children healthy, balanced meals they will love without wasting endless hours in the kitchen… then you’re going to love our Quiches and Salads.

Simply Scrumptious Recipes, Quiches and Salads is a collection of simple, yet delicious, nutrient rich recipes the whole family will enjoy! And now these simple recipes can be yours as easy as 1,2,3.


My son is a professional chef and I’m a kitchen drudge of many years duration. This means I’ve looked at, bought, kept and thrown away dozens, if not hundreds of cookbooks. Over time, I’ve developed criteria that help me evaluate cookbooks. Does the author have imagination? That is, are ingredients used in thoughtful, imaginative ways? Are recipes and the techniques for creating them geared toward the home cook? That would be me. While I love to watch people fool around with sophisticated cooking techniques, I don’t want to learn them myself. Finally, are ingredients priced for a family budget? For many years, I cooked for a relatively big family. This means that while I like black truffle oil and cavier, this kind of stuff didn’t and doesn’t appear on my dinner table. Valerie Remy-Milora delivers on all three counts. She’s created a number of recipes that combine food in ways I haven’t considered. (Red cabbage and spinach? Tuna salad with peppers? I’m slapping my forehead. Of course.) The most sophisticated technique is using a rolling pin and she gives some fabulous alternatives to that. And, all the recipes are affordable. Finally, I’d mention that I noticed that some reviewers focused on her “healthy” point of view. I have to say, that I agree with that POV, lots of people have it and have written cookbooks incorporating it. What really distinguishes this one are the recipes. Thanks, Valerie. Fleury Sommers Granny and the Monster in My Room (Granny, Magic and Me)
I always prefer cooking for my family so that I actually know what’s on the food we eat. I buy only organic, or all-natural when organic is not available. I haven’t gone gluten-free yet, I remember making a pound cake out of a gluten-free flour and it was just awful, I haven’t tried it again. But it doesn’t mean I won’t try it again in the future. Like the author, our dinner usually becomes lunch the next day. This book doesn’t only come with recipes but vauable tips on choosing healthy, non-toxic ingredients that’s good for you. I cannot wait to start making these delicious looking quiches!
I enjoyed the author’s commitment to GMO free alternatives as well as gluten free substitutes. There are excellent tips for buying local and organic, as well as nutrition tips. I loved the variety of salad dressings in addition to the salad recipes and quiches. The photos add a great deal to the recipes, especially the Bacon Arugula preparation. I highly recommend this cookbook.

  • Title: Simply Scrumptious Recipes, Quiches and Salads
  • Autor: Valerie Remy-Milora
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  • Language: English
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